SaferVPN Review in (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

You’ve come here with the intention of discovering the current performance of this application in 2019, and I’m here to provide you with an extensive review of SaferVPN that addresses all your inquiries.

In this comprehensive SaferVPN review, I will delve into various aspects of their service, including speed, customer support, security, and features. Additionally, I will offer insights into the company’s background and operations.

Moreover, I will touch upon the compatibility of SaferVPN with Torrenting and Netflix, ensuring all your concerns are addressed.

SaferVPN main features (last confirmed February 2019):

  • Servers700+ servers in 34 countries
  • CompatibilityWin, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, TOR, Routers, SmartTV & Consoles
  • Encryption256-bit AES
  • ProtocolsOpenVPN, IKEv2 (by default), IPSec, SSTP and PPTP
  • Kill-SwitchYes
  • Browser extensionYes
  • Max. connections5

Overview of SaferVPN Review

USABILITY:Simple and easy to use
LOCATIONS:34 countries, 700+ servers
SUPPORT:Effective customer support
NETFLIX:Unblocks Netflix USA streaming
ENCRYPTION/PROTOCOL:256-bit AES encryption; OpenVPN,
IKEv2 (by default), IPSec, SSTP and PPTP

SaferVPN Pros

1. Great Download Speeds

SaferVPN delivers exceptional speed…

To substantiate this claim, let me present my findings when SaferVPN was not in use:

SaferVPN Review By Review - itis
SaferVPN Review By Review – itis

During my usage of SaferVPN, I was able to achieve an outstanding speed of 79.23 Mbps on a European server, positioning SaferVPN as the 5th fastest VPN (out of over 70) ever reviewed on this platform.

To validate the accuracy of this review, I conducted a speed test on Here are the results:

SaferVPN Review By Review - itis
SaferVPN Review By Review – itis

US Server (New York)

  • Ping: 120ms
  • Download: 57.47 Mbps
  • Upload: 23.09 Mbps

EU Server (Amsterdam)

  • Ping: 43ms
  • Download: 79.23 Mbps
  • Upload: 27.78 Mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 323ms
  • Download: 1.28 Mbps
  • Upload: 0.37 Mbps

UK Server (London)

  • Ping: 46ms
  • Download: 64.38 Mbps
  • Upload: 39.40 Mbps

Please note that speed test results should be considered as a reference, as they depend on various factors and may vary from person to person. However, having tested over 70+ VPNs for this site, we have established a baseline for comparison against every VPN.

Now that you’ve witnessed the impressive speeds, many of you might be bracing yourselves for a disappointing revelation…

Because with download speeds as remarkable as these, it’s hard to believe that SaferVPN can provide their services at an affordable price, isn’t it?

Well, you’re mistaken.

2. Seamless Installation & Use  

Pardon my pickiness, but I strongly dislike VPN providers that require users to restart their devices following the installation of their VPN client.

Fortunately, SaferVPN not only eliminates the need for a restart but also stands out as one of the most user-friendly and straightforward VPNs I’ve ever evaluated.

Within a mere three minutes of purchasing their services, SaferVPN was successfully installed, launched, and actively safeguarding my Windows device.

SaferVPN Review By Review - itis
SaferVPN Review By Review – itis

SaferVPN boasts an incredibly intuitive user interface, making it a breeze to navigate their service. With just a simple click of a button, you can effortlessly protect your device.

Furthermore, SaferVPN simplifies the process of locating and optimizing your settings, allowing you to swiftly configure your connection to align perfectly with your specific objectives.

SaferVPN Review By Review - itis
SaferVPN Review By Review – itis

While SaferVPN may not offer the extensive array of features compared to some other providers I’ve reviewed, their software excels in terms of an intuitive design and a user-friendly interface, making the overall experience a delightful one.

3. Effective Customer Service (But using BOTS?)

While SaferVPN may not reach the level of customer support provided by renowned companies like ExpressVPN, I must admit that their support team exceeded my expectations.

Throughout the duration of this review, I submitted several inquiries at different times, including both genuine questions and ones designed to assess the effectiveness of their support team.

To my satisfaction, each time I received prompt responses addressing my queries, allowing me to proceed within minutes.

Here’s an example of one such interaction, where I sought guidance on optimizing SaferVPN for torrenting (which will be discussed in the “Cons” section).

SaferVPN Review By Review - itis
SaferVPN Review By Review – itis
SaferVPN Review By Review - itis
SaferVPN Review By Review – itis

The entire conversation took place within a swift 90 seconds, reflecting my overall customer service experience.

While their support team may not possess the highest level of expertise compared to others I’ve encountered, they efficiently resolved my concerns within minutes.

However, it’s worth noting that during various points in this SaferVPN review, there were instances where it seemed like automated software was used to respond to my support inquiries.

While I cannot confirm this suspicion, it is my belief that SaferVPN employs bots to handle common queries submitted through their chat feature. This assumption is supported by the correspondence above.

The question I posed did not necessitate the request for my email address, particularly since it is likely a question they receive numerous times daily. This immediate request made me question whether I was conversing with a robot rather than an actual agent.

This recurring trend manifested in numerous other support inquiries, leading to a slight inconvenience. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize the overall excellence of their customer support and the amiable nature of their team. Regardless of the potential involvement of bots, SaferVPN deserves commendation for their remarkable customer service.

4. Kill Switch & 5 Simultaneous Connections 

As previously mentioned, SaferVPN does not strive to provide an extensive range of features.

In all honesty, I find this to be a positive aspect.

After using their VPN for a considerable period, it is evident that SaferVPN has allocated the majority of their resources towards optimizing their servers, establishing an efficient support team, and offering their services at an affordable price.

SaferVPN excels in a few key areas where many of their competitors merely meet the mark.

While some users may feel let down by the apparent absence of extravagant features, I believe that SaferVPN encompasses all the essential functionalities that truly matter. Notably, they offer a reliable kill switch feature and a generous limit of simultaneous connections across five devices.

These valuable additions enhance an already outstanding service, and I’m pleased to report that SaferVPN’s kill switch operates precisely as advertised, effectively disconnecting you in the event of an internet connection loss to prevent any potential IP leakage.

(Note: A kill switch is a feature that instantly disconnects you when your internet connection drops, preventing any potential IP leaks.)

5. Jurisdiction = Israel

With its headquarters situated in Tel Aviv, Israel, one might assume that SaferVPN faces an uphill battle from the start.

Given the increasing turmoil and political complexities in the region, potential VPN users may harbor reservations about entrusting their privacy to a company located at the heart of such turbulence.

I must admit that I, too, felt a sense of unease when I initially discovered their location.

However, upon conducting some research, I stumbled upon a surprising realization that Israel might actually be one of the most favorable jurisdictions for a VPN service. This is primarily due to their stringent privacy laws that greatly limit the government’s legal authority to track and monitor ordinary citizens.

While it’s not the most ideal situation for a VPN provider to operate in a country so closely associated with the “Five Eyes” information sharing partnership, you can find solace in the fact that both the law and SaferVPN’s privacy policy (which we’ll discuss later) are aligned to protect your interests.

6. Works with Netflix (at least some servers)

During my attempt to connect to Netflix, I found that SaferVPN demonstrated effectiveness.

However, it’s important to note that not all of their servers were successful, with an estimated 30% of them functioning. This limitation is understandable, considering Netflix’s ongoing efforts to combat VPN usage and enforce their geo-restrictions by blocking VPN provider IP addresses.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • “US streaming” server option worked nicely for me – quick and easy
  • US East server didn’t connect to Netflix at all
  • Canadian server was blocked by Netflix
  • Netherlands server worked nicely
  • UK server was blocked by Netflix
SaferVPN Review By Review - itis
SaferVPN Review By Review – itis
SaferVPN Review By Review - itis
SaferVPN Review By Review – itis

SaferVPN Cons

While SaferVPN undeniably offers several commendable features, it’s essential to recognize that their services may not cater to everyone’s needs. Therefore, before hastily clicking the “Buy Now” button, let’s take a moment to examine some of the drawbacks or limitations of utilizing SaferVPN’s services.

1. Torrenting is VERY Limited 

Personally, my primary concern with SaferVPN’s services revolves around their approach to P2P transfers and torrenting.

Considering the extensive range of servers they possess, one would expect them to invest some effort into optimizing a handful of servers specifically for these purposes.

However, SaferVPN only offers a single server, their Netherlands server, out of their vast collection of 700 servers, that supports P2P transfers and torrenting.

If your intention is to utilize their services primarily for torrenting, I must advise against it. There are far superior VPN options available for this specific use case (here are 7 best options).

While this particular drawback is not a deal-breaker, it is an issue that I believe SaferVPN should address with more attention and seriousness.

2. The “No Logging” Policy Could Be More Strict 

One aspect that consistently troubles me about VPN companies is the potential for misleading logging policies.

It’s disheartening to discover that some companies advertise a “Zero Logs” policy while, in reality, they accumulate significant amounts of data through their privacy policies.

While SaferVPN doesn’t precisely fit into that category, they do retain a bit more data than I personally find comfortable.

Here is a summary of SaferVPN’s logging policy as outlined in their privacy policy.

SaferVPN Review By Review - itis
SaferVPN Review By Review – itis

As evident from the details, SaferVPN’s logging policy falls short of the promised “Zero Logs” standard. While it is less than ideal, I personally did not find their logging policy to be overly concerning.

Would I prefer to utilize a VPN that refrains from logging any of my information? Absolutely.

However, does SaferVPN’s logging policy completely deter me from using their services? Not at all.

3. SaferVPN Doesn’t Work in China

When asked to think of a country where a VPN is essential, China often comes to mind. Given its strict government and oppressive censorship laws, visiting China without a fully functional VPN is highly discouraged.

Unfortunately, several third-party sources indicate that SaferVPN’s applications no longer function while within Chinese territory. This poses a significant challenge for the company.

Expats and travelers around the world rely on reputable VPN providers like SaferVPN to bypass content restrictions and ensure their online safety. The fact that SaferVPN’s services are no longer effective in China deals a severe blow to their potential customer base.

If you have no plans to travel to China in the near future, you can disregard this point, proceed with purchasing SaferVPN, and continue using it without concerns. However, if you do intend to visit China, you may need to opt for a more premium service like ExpressVPN (read the review here).

(Please note that I personally could not directly test this since I have not recently visited China. If you have had a different experience using SaferVPN within the so-called People’s Republic, please share your insights in the comments below.)

SaferVPN Pricing, Plans & Features

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that SaferVPN offers their services at an exceptionally budget-friendly and affordable price point.

To put it in perspective, their prices are below $3 per month, which is truly remarkable.

However, it’s important to note that these prices require a commitment to pay upfront for either a 2-year or 3-year plan.

Regardless of the package you choose, all of them provide the same features and services. The only distinction lies in the duration of service you are signing up for.

Here’s how it all breaks down.

Monthly: $11.99

1 Years: $47.69

For those who may recall my previous review of SaferVPN, they had a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 24-hour free trial. However, I’m pleased to share that they have made significant improvements by extending their refund policy to a generous 30-day period.

Upon examining their privacy policy and terms of service, I found that SaferVPN stands apart from many competitors by not having any unexpected conditions or limitations tied to their 30-day refund policy. Irrespective of the number of connections made or the amount of data downloaded, you can request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

SaferVPN also provides users with various payment options, including Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin (for anonymous payment), and Paymentwall. This means that if privacy is a concern, you can make your purchase entirely anonymously.

Do We Recommend SaferVPN?

To be honest, SaferVPN is not a standout option, but it’s not entirely unfavorable either.

In the extensive list of 70+ VPNs reviewed on this site, SaferVPN currently ranks 41st overall and 5th in terms of speed. However, there are some notable drawbacks that make it difficult to recommend wholeheartedly.

SaferVPN delivers swift and reliable speeds, an intuitive interface, and commendable customer service, all at an affordable price point. While it’s worth noting their minor shortcomings in Torrenting capabilities and logging policy, my personal encounter with SaferVPN proved to be satisfactory overall.

That being said, there are other VPN providers that we recommend, such as NordVPN, which offer similar features and are more Torrent-friendly. So, you might find better options by exploring those alternatives.


After thoroughly examining SaferVPN’s features, pricing, and overall performance, it’s clear that there are both positive and negative aspects to consider.

Starting with the pros, SaferVPN offers impressive download speeds, ensuring a smooth browsing experience. The installation and user interface are seamless, making it easy for anyone to use. Additionally, their customer service, while effective, raises some concerns about the use of bots. The inclusion of a kill switch and support for 5 simultaneous connections are also noteworthy advantages.

On the other hand, SaferVPN has a significant limitation when it comes to torrenting, with only one server available for this purpose. Their “no logging” policy could be more stringent, leaving room for improvement in terms of privacy protection. It’s important to note that SaferVPN does not work within China, which may impact potential users planning to travel or reside in the region.

Considering SaferVPN’s pricing, plans, and features, it offers an affordable option, particularly when opting for longer-term commitments. However, it’s important to carefully assess whether the limitations and drawbacks mentioned above align with your specific needs and priorities.

While SaferVPN has its strengths, there are alternative VPN providers that offer better solutions for torrenting, stricter logging policies, and compatibility with restricted regions. It’s recommended to explore those options before making a final decision.

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