Best UK Web Hosting Providers in (2024) – Ranked!

Find the Best UK Web Hosting Providers to optimize your site’s and set them on the path to success, choose the best host available in the UK and make your business thrive!

Web hosting is a huge business, so big that we tend to area units able to examine and compare specific service providers from certain regions with high demand.

There is a huge appetite in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for businesses and individuals to normally have a presence on the internet, especially at the associate degree age where word of mouth will only get you so far.

The large service area unit is currently generally shared via social media. While there is no honest website builder to help you build a site to showcase your services and/or products, there is no thank you very much for reaching out. To interested potential customers.

Your website is only as powerful as the web hosting you receive. That’s why a website needs a high-quality web hosting service that meets your specific needs in your region, even if you need a good style.

Your website’s success largely depends on your web host’s performance. Therefore, we have removed our top-quality web hosting service providers in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Top 9 Best UK Web Hosting Providers

1. SiteGround ★★★★✰

UK’s fastest hosting provider


  • + Consistent speed
  • + Proven uptime
  • + Datacenters in four continents


  • – Steep renewal price
  • – Limited storage


SiteGround‘s superiority comes from its commitment to speed, time, and support, making it the fastest host in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The company’s server area unit is designed on Google Cloud that realizes its super-fast, secure network without interruptions by Let’s Encode SSL. Although SiteGround might not be the most affordable web host, the advantages they offer make their plans worth every penny.

Other SiteGround options include simple website management of popular content management systems (CMS) like Joomla and WordPress, domain management convenience that lets you manage both your domain and website, and WordPress installation. for all plans. They also provide 24/7 support, 20GB SSD storage, and have super fast speed registered in London.

SiteGround Web Hosting Price

Higher plans with SiteGround provide higher levels of options, including a wider range of server resources that you can use in conjunction with your website along with crumb integration, a staging tool to review your website before publishing, and WordPress dynamic caching, among others, all designed to get your website up to its optimum performance. To top it off, SiteGround hosts your website from its servers on 3 continents, with hub locations in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore. Which makes targeting your audience much easier.

Read our SiteGround review for additional details on why it is the best web hosting service provider in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland overall.

2. Hostinger ★★★★✰

Guaranteed performance and speed


  • + 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • + Custom dashboard
  • + Superfast hosting


  • – Lacks daily backups
  • – No phone support


Hostinger offers ideal web hosting solutions for beginners, private websites, small businesses, and revenue-generating businesses in numerous plans and ratings. With Hostinger’s proven success in website speed and performance, the company has truly claimed its place among the busiest web hosting providers in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Hostinger dominates the world with its six data centers on four continents, and this guarantees global speed, so no matter where your target market is, your website is covered. The 99.9% guarantee period is not an associate degree hoax, as Hostinger takes this very seriously, which is honestly the benchmark of their success. You can expect blazing-fast website speed with the lowest latency, not to mention server liability.

Hostinger UK Pricing

Hostinger’s data center area unit has been set up in the US, EU, Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the Dutch East Indies, which explains the speed it delivers where your target market might be as well. Its own cache manager also allows for faster load time, so you can ensure your customer doesn’t leave your website while browsing. If you are running a WordPress website, that is the additional reason why you should opt for Hostinger because it is optimized for WordPress, which increases its performance. Customization is also quite simple, with its custom dashboard that is easy to use.

3. Scala Hosting ★★★✫✰

Secure and developer-friendly hosting


  • + 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • + Custom dashboard
  • + Superfast hosting


  • – Lacks daily backups
  • – No phone support


Scala Hosting is one of the most reliable hosting providers with a consistently high server speed. The performance of their VPS servers is also very remarkable and competitive. To ensure this, their 99.9% uptime guarantee offers offset account credits in the event of more downtime than expected. Scala Hosting also offers a complete and powerful SPanel, Scala Hosting, unlike cPanel, is created more user-friendly for developers for easy navigation.

Some of Scala Hosting’s areas of strength unite its focus on security and outstanding performance. Its own SPanel locks installation files for security, limiting hackers’ access to the server to transfer malware. Traffic spikes don’t become a problem either, as your site speed can remain intact with your spectacular signup time.

Scala Hosting Pricing

Support is also not unchecked, and Scala Hosting offers 24/7 chat support to make sure you get all the help you want at any time. Scala Hosting’s plans offer a competitive rating, though renewal fees will be quite steep. These plans include unlimited data measurements, unlimited databases, guaranteed resources, a free domain and free SSL, SSD battery-powered servers, SShield cyber security, and much more.

Other options from Scala Hosting include daily backups that are done remotely by the area unit, a 1-click installer, free website migration, and thus the eleven years of progress that Scala Hosting has in its hands, currently powering 700,000 websites from over 120 countries.

4. A2 hosting ★★★

Focus on your site’s success through speed


  • + 99.9% Server uptime guarantee
  • + Unlimited bandwidth
  • + 20x Faster loading 


  • – 20x Faster loading only comes with the Turbo plan
  • – Fee for migration


A2 Hosting is committed to boosting your SEO; thus, your conversion rate grows even higher. A2 Hosting optimizes security settings for software system platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and OpenCart to make your audience’s user experience unforgettable. The support of your Guru crew will keep you attended 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The groundbreaking twenty times faster-loading speed comes with a premium level setting (turbo), but it’s worth every penny because it upgrades your website and improves the experience for your potential customers, leading to sky-high conversion rates. A2 Hosting not only offers reasonable plans, but they also certify that each plan provides you with dedicated servers that they manage while maintaining speed and security, and thus the overall experience is optimized and zip unmarked.

A2 hosting UK Pricing

However, A2 Hosting makes sure all your requirements are met whether your website is just starting out or not. Otherwise, you have a website dedicated to speed and performance. A2 Hosting will protect your information with the Sucuri Protection Suite, Sucuri Account Firewall, and Sucuri website monitoring. Upgrading with A2 Hosting is easy and comes with affordable rates and migration.

Other A2 Hosting options include unlimited data transfer, free SSL, twenty-five email addresses, free Cloudflare CDN, and eCommerce options. If you are not satisfied with A2 Hosting services, you can rate more to get your refund, but that is just the icing on the cake. A2 Hosting’s excellent server speeds will virtually guarantee that you won’t need your refund and that they have years of service to keep a copy of this claim.

5. GoDaddy ★★★★✰

Website building is as easy as 1, 2, 3


  • + Great user interface
  • + Unlimited disk space
  • + Unlimited bandwidth


  • – Otherwise, slow response via live chat
  • – Discounted prices come with a long-term commitment


No website owner has not detected GoDaddy. The company’s comprehensive plans provide unmetered data storage and measurement, a free domain, 24/7 support, 1GB data storage, easy-to-use cPanel, 24-hour security monitoring, and other options that certify that your website has everything it takes to succeed. GoDaddy offers different shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting services for Windows and Linux.

GoDaddy’s plans cater to basic sites, small business websites, and sophisticated high-traffic sites alike. Managing your website and domain in a single cPanel has become not only potential but easier, making GoDaddy a simple choice for developers.

GoDaddy UK Pricing

GoDaddy believes that earning their customers’ trust is just as important as website speed and that they start by giving you a trusted .co.UK or com domain and an identical email address. GoDaddy’s industry-leading load times and 99.9% uptime guarantee also ensure that your website is always available to provide your users with a good experience, keeping your branding on-site at all times.

GoDaddy also offers tools for malware protection, unlimited malware removals, CDN performance acceleration, excellent response times, and robust cPanel software, all optimized to ensure that your GoDaddy experience remains as powerful as the first time. Whether you need a platform to start building a reputation or have an established associate degree and are eager to continue glorious services, GoDaddy has got you covered.

6. UK2 hosting ★★★✫✰

Everything you need to get online


  • + Good variety of plans
  • + 30-day money-back guarantee


  • – Phone support comes with a fee


Web hosting is a language UK2 hosting speaks well, and that’s why there’s a comprehensive plan for any hosting need. Each arrangement can offer you unlimited data measurements, disk space and mailboxes, an SSL certificate, cPanel passionate dashboard, unlimited subdomains, external domains, and much more, mainly most of the options you want from an honest hosting service.

UK2 Hosting Pricing

With UK2 hosting, your blazing-fast website will contribute to your success and greatly change your game. WordPress is just a click away. The dashboard allows you to manage everything from an easy and simple-to-use cPanel platform, an SSL certificate that comes free with some plans, unlimited network hosting, and eCommerce hosting to hosting costs. Low-cost network and 28 information center locations to confirm that your website is at its optimum speed. UK2 Hosting has cloud locations in Europe, the USA, and the geographic area (Singapore), so you will be able to reach your acceptable audiences without impacting your site speed.

UK2 hosting offers 24/7 support via live chat and easy table tickets to help you feel secure should any difficulties arise, although their phone support charges are quite hefty costs, so you will be able to stick to live chat and make the table easier. They even have a “Service Heartbeat” page where you can see the scheduled or unplanned server time period to keep track of everything.

7. HostGator ★★★★✰

Hosting giant with tons of features


  • + Loads of storage
  • + Superfast hosting
  • + Unlimited bandwidth


  • – Hidden fees and tricky prices
  • – Uptime needs improvement


The HostGator name will put them on any list. However, HostGator will uphold the standards set in 2012. HostGator offers Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, a Virtual Non-Public Server (VPS), Cloud Hosting, Domain Names, a passionate server, and your website builder.

HostGator WordPress Pricing

Their hosting plans can offer you unlimited information and data measurements, weekly backups, 24-hour support, and low renewal fees. If you’re mistreating Perl, Python, and Ruby On Rails, you’re in good hands with HostGator. HostGator uses SSD for hosting, which helps to comparatively improve their server speed. The only issue that HostGator will improve on is its 99.94% uptime, but considering its unique features along with 24/7 support, that’s not a bad thing for keeping your website up and running and meeting your customers’ requirements. Clients in any respect the times.

From HostGator WordPress hosting dedicated to speed and security to VPS hosting with dedicated management and scalable resources, and even dedicated hosting for full management and administration, not to mention bottom-line performance, HostGator offers simply the fix. Perfect. HostGator guarantees to provide the most effective hosting solutions for private and business websites alike and help you achieve your website goals no matter what. Honestly, HostGator will deliver.

8. 34SP

Manchester-based hosting for your website


  • + Nice support team
  • + 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • + Affordable hosting plans


  • – The support team isn’t 24/7
  • – Minimum of 2 years for registration


Getting rid of the big names for the locals will not be a good plan; however, once you get to the perks of getting a local hosting provider, it is, therefore, not bad for your health in the least. 34SP is a Manchester-based hosting provider that offers many domain hosting options. So whether you’re a beginner trying to build a website and find it hosted or you have multiple sites running multiple accounts, there’s an idea for you.

34SP Hosting Pricing

34SP prides itself on offering honest, clear, reliable, fast, and secure hosting service, mainly everything you need for a solid website. A website builder package, professional hosting, WordPress hosting, universal hosting, and reseller hosting are all available. Professional hosting is your most suitable option if you want a shared hosting account with a software system that can work. WordPress hosting is their most profitable and most promoted arrangement, working online completely for WordPress sites.

These plans include fast SSD storage, free website migration, automatic daily backups, and WP plugins for WordPress plans. Their UK-based support offers the best there is, and since you’re on the ground, you won’t have to worry about time zones. That is, in fact, considering that their support team is not available 24/7, that can be a very small event considering the advantages they offer to prepare for that.

9. HostPapa ★★★✫

Consistency is key


  • + Affordable plans for new businesses
  • + Optimized VPN
  • + Starter plan allows 2 websites


  • – No dedicated servers
  • – 1 Year subscription requirement


HostPapa‘s consistent performance earns it a spot on this list. It comes with reasonable plans, so even if you have a business that is just starting out, they have a reasonable plan available to you. HostPapa has robust servers to keep your website afloat if you have a fairly powerful website.

Its competitive costs do not compromise your hosting speed. HostPapa still makes a name for itself in providing wonderful uptime and fast loading speeds. Customer support also scores terribly high for HostPapa with their 24/7 bilingual support.

HostPapa UK Pricing

HostPapa offers a free name, tools that are easy to use and keep you fully managed, and fast, reliable storage and apps along with your hosting service. It also comes pre-installed with WordPress and Jetpack if you are more comfortable with this platform for your website. HostPapa also makes website migration and domain transfer easy if you’re running a website in different locations. And therefore, the best part is that the transfer and migration square measure each free.

HostPapa is jointly owned and invests in the best technology to provide you with the best hosting services you need to help your website reach its full potential. HostPapa is reliable and fast and offers excellent customer support to help you every step of the way.


How to select the best UK web hosting service for you?

In order to choose the best web hosting service that suits your needs, there are eight key factors that you need to consider that will help you land the best hosting service, not only within the UK but also globally.

1. Speed ​​– The speed of your website is very important to keep your customers on your page. Every aspect of your site’s style will have an effect on how fast your website loads, from photos, videos, text, and other forms of graphics. Your host can ensure your website meets these demands; otherwise, you may lose valuable sales.
2. Server Locations – Considering the location of your hosting servers, your online page can load faster due to low latency. It usually makes sense to have a server in the country or continent of your target market.
3. Period: If your website is down frequently, customers leave your website. The higher the involvement of your hosting provider, the better your chances of keeping your audience browsing through your website. The servers need to stay up and running, and then your hosting provider will stay at most.
4. Latency – Your server latency determines the speed of your entire website and can ultimately have an effect on user interaction.
Disk Space – The key part of hosting your website, disk space refers to the storage of your site content (images, videos, text, code, etc.). The amount of disk space your website has and its speed will have a huge impact on the quality of your site and, ultimately, the experience of your visitors.
5. Pricing – Much like all the different aspects of the website, a hosting service’s high or low prices will generally be directly proportional to its options and, therefore, the quality of its services.
6. Computer program – The practicality of your website depends largely on the convenience of the interface it offers to the user. This establishes the link between your viewer and your website.
7. Support – A reliable web host suggests everything you need for your website. In the event of surprising partner downtime, 24/7 in-market support is vital.

How We Tend To Look For The Best UK Web Hosting Service Provider?

For the United States of America to provide a finding on the best Uk web hosting services in the market, we tend to break down everything by language and service victimization. We have a list of key options we hope to receive first before we have a tendency to look, but the hosting provider runs from 2 weeks to 1 month.

We highlight strong points, warn you about potential issues, and then weigh what we’ve found in our detailed reviews and product roundups.

Some options include the variety of products each hosting provider offers, what free options and add-ons you get, the {value} and whether or not it’s profitable, and their overall performance and liability.

Additionally, we tend to sign up if the Internet host includes a well-maintained, professionally-provided, and fully up-to-date web presence. If news pages, blogs, and associated social media accounts haven’t been updated in a while, that doesn’t recommend a corporation that is actively working to improve its services.

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