VPS vs Dedicated Hosting (2024)

So your website has outgrown shared hosting, or you want to line up a reseller operation, and you’re currently trying to choose between a VPS or a dedicated server. Both can give you dedicated resources and higher performance than shared hosting, but there are a few key variations to think about.

VPS vs. Dedicated Hosting: Overview

VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting
VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting

Most of the dedicated servers offer higher performance than a VPS. They also sometimes give you a lot of control over your server settings, although some VPS hosts allow you to change individual resources.

But the value of that management, performance, and room for growth is high, and the value is one of the biggest variances between VPS and dedicated servers. While you’ll get some VPS plans for less than $10 a month, most dedicated servers start at more than $100.

So the most important things to be confident about when choosing between a VPS and a dedicated server are: what are your resource and performance needs, and what is your budget?

Read on for my detailed comparison of VPS and Dedicated Hosting, decide what’s right for you, and establish which providers create our list of the most effective VPS and Dedicated Servers on the market.


VPS HostingDedicated Hosting
ResourcesGuaranteed resources on a shared serverDedicated resources on your server
ScalabilitySometimes sold in tiers or slices, and sometimes completely customizable depending on the vendor, can often customize on demandMost hosts offer servers with set resources, but you can sometimes customize them by adding more RAM, larger drives, etc
PerformanceBetter loading speed and reliability than regular shared hostingBetter potential performance than VPS, depending on configuration
ControlYou can usually choose your operating system and software to some extentYou usually have total control over every aspect of your server, from hardware to software
SecurityNot as secure as dedicated hosting as you still share resources, but still potentially very good securityExcellent security, as long as your server is configured and maintained properly
PricingCosts more than shared hosting, but cheaper than a dedicated server; wide range of pricing optionsThe most expensive hosting option as it includes dedicated hardware
Recommended vendorKamatera is an ultra-customizable VPS provider with per-second pricing and a free trialInterServer offers low prices on dedicated servers and includes a generous 150 TB of data transfer

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

The Case for VPS Hosting

VPS gives you many of the benefits of a host server at a much lower cost. It’s the perfect next step if you’ve outgrown shared hosting or want guaranteed resources, but don’t have the permission of a fiery server or need intensive resources.

How Does VPS Hosting Work?

How Does VPS Hosting Work
How Does VPS Hosting Work

A common associate degree you’ll notice is that VPS is like negotiating an apartment: you have your area and utilities (water, electricity, etc.), yet it’s part of a shared building. With VPS you get a part of a shared server with guaranteed resources. it will customize your virtual server to fit your needs (up to a point), as well as upgrade the associate degree housing to your style.

A traditional VPS splits a physical server into multiple individual virtual servers. Cloud VPS works the same, however, the difference is that instead of having a personal portion of a physical server, you get guaranteed resources on a pool of shared servers. This allows for redundancies that help keep your website up and running while providing traffic surges.

You need technical data to manage a VPS yourself. Some hosts provide managed VPS hosting, however, you will still need to try to do some of the legwork to join and maintain your security and install system software, updates, and patches.

What Are the Advantages (and Drawbacks) of VPS Hosting?


  • Guaranteed resources
  • More setup management than shared hosting, typically
  • More upgradeable than shared hosting (with cloud VPS)
  • Better performance than shared hosting
  • More reliable than shared hosting
  • Address dedicated to information science (depending on the host)
  • Less expensive than a burning server


  • Technical skills needed, if not managed
  • More expensive than shared hosting
  • Shared server(s)
  • Possibly less secure than a burning server

Is VPS Hosting Right for You?

VPS Hosting Services
VPS Hosting

Beyond just hosting your medium to the high-traffic website, here are a few things you might want to consider a VPS for:

  • You have a busy eCommerce store. If customer transactions square what your world builds, you’ll love the performance and accountability that VPS offers. It provides enough guaranteed resources for medium to high-traffic online retailers, and once your sales and promotions attract more website visitors than traditional ones, Cloud VPS plans can automatically scale to accommodate increased traffic.
  • You want to run a recreation server. Whether you’re trying to line up a server for you and your friends to play Minecraft on; If not, or you want to decriminalize a game server with ads, membership fees, or product sales, VPS hosting might be a good way to try. . The overhead value is a smaller amount than a server obsessed, however, with multiple hosts, you will still be able to rescale your resources to accommodate additional players as your game catches on.

What You Need

  • You need internal email and electronic communication. Using a VPS to line up a personal email and electronic communication server for your business could be a smart alternative to computer code as a service (SaaS) options if you want additional privacy at a likely lower price. Even the associate degree entry-level VPS plan gives you the resources to handle personal email and electronic communication, and it will still work on your web hosting server at the same time.
  • You are managing a huge project. Licensing costs for project management computer code can be expensive, self-hosting associate degree on a VPS victim and an app like Jira Cloud or GitLab will save you money. A VPS will offer you a wiki area for the storage of reference materials, training guides, and more.
  • You are a remote exchange trader. VPS can be a good option for forex traders because it is faster than shared hosting and offers an additional reliable period, which is crucial when you have to be online 24/7. There are square measure VPS servers that focus on forex trading, but any VPS is better than shared hosting.

6 Best VPS Hosting Services – We’ve Tested Them All

There are tons of services available that offer VPS hosting, but after much testing and scrutiny, these measure up to the ones that I and my colleagues considered the best:



Kamatera gives you the best manageability and measurability of any VPS host, with nearly 1,200 server configurations offered. There are thirteen international knowledge centers and they delivered fast page load speeds and a great period in our tests. Kamatera’s entry-level unmanaged setup has the lowest starting value of any host on this list, but upgrading to managed hosting is expensive.

  • Instant measurability. It will increase or decrease individual resources such as processor, RAM, storage, load balancers, and firewalls with the push of a button to meet server demands, even for high-traffic sites.
  • Pay per second. While some VPS servers charge for resource usage by the hour or month, Kamatera charges by the second, so you always get what you spend.
  • 30-day free trial. The only host on this list with a free trial is Kamatera. You will test their 100 percent secure VPS service for thirty days, without obligation.



InterServer is competitively priced and has data centers in Los Angeles and New Jersey, making it a great option if your audience is in the United States. It offers UNIX and Windows plans and is compatible with all major admin panels. If you use Webuzo or purchase cPanel or Plesk, repairing a WordPress website is about as easy as a shared hosting auto-installer.

  • VPS slices. InterServer sells its resources by “slice“. each slice includes a processor core, 2GB of RAM, 30GB of SSD storage, and 2TB of data measurement. you’ll simply add slices as your resource desires grow, taking care of sixteen slices in total.
  • Managed support. If you buy four or more slices, you’ll get free managed support. which has made it easy to diagnose service failures, troubleshoot your dashboard, and install security patches.
  • Self-healing hardware. Although not really “self-healing” as the name suggests, this technology



What you get with Hostinger VPS is a solid performance, enough resources for medium-traffic websites, and low costs. However, the plans are not controlled. So while Hostinger’s VPS control panel makes it pretty easy to use, you want to be a school expert and comfortable operating with root access to your server.

  • Wide international presence. Of all the hosts on our list, Hostinger has data centers on all major continents and is the only one with a data center in South America.
  • MinecraftVPS. You can find a Minecraft server with other VPS hosts, but Hostinger is the only host on this list with pre-configured VPS plans for Minecraft.
  • 30-day warranty. Not many VPS hosts offer a money-back guarantee, but Hostinger gives you thirty days to decide if their service is right for you. In that case, we will fully reimburse your payment.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hostings
A2 Hostings

You can get low-cost managed or unmanaged VPS from A2 Hosting, with generous features on entry-level plans, along with triple the storage (150GB) of the other host on our list. You’ll have to be forced to buy a higher-tier configuration if you want the simplest performance and options. however, even then, A2 Hosting is missing some basics like automatic backups.

  • Turbo servers. On A2 Hosting’s higher-priced plans, you get more advanced AMD EPYC servers with NVMe SSD storage, offering faster browsing and writing speeds than regular SSD storage.
  • Free cPanel. If you purchase a managed VPS hosting plan, A2 Hosting offers you cPanel to make managing your website a breeze. you have to buy cPanel with most of the different VPS hosts.
  • Money-back guarantees at any time. You’ll be able to get a full refund within thirty days, but what sets A2 Hosting’s guarantee apart is that it will provide you with a prorated refund even after thirty days. therefore, linguistic communication for a long time is not dangerous

Liquid Web

Liquid Web
Liquid Web

Liquid Net offers managed VPS hosting, and their plans give you some of the best value for cash on the market. Liquid Web plans incorporate more features and security options than other hosts’ VPS plans and offer solid performance backed by a 100 percent network lifetime guarantee. Its data centers measure square meters based mainly in the US and Dutch capital.

  • Free automatic backups. With VPS hosting, you should always be forced to pay more for backups. Not with Liquidnet. Even its entry-level configuration includes 100 GB of free automatic backups.
  • First-level support. I tried it first and then my colleague from the UN agency tried their service – Liquid Net has some of the best VPS support in the industry. It offers qualified personal help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and guarantees to respond to your decision in less than a second.
  • Accessible extra services. While Liquid Web’s plans are already pretty comprehensive, you can pay to include remote offsite backups, more cloud storage, and managed firewalls.



Just like Liquid net, FastComet VPS offers managed to host. Its plans are more expensive than Liquid Web’s, but it has a broader international reach, with data centers in Asia and Australia, as well as the Americas and Europe. It offers only four plans and you can’t throttle resources separately, so it’s not as versatile as some VPS hosts.

  • FastGuard security. Not all VPSes offer intrinsic security options. FastGuard is included with all FastComet VPS plans and gives you security tools like free SSL, firewalls, and protection against brute force or DDoS attacks, and a variety of malware.
  • Rocket Booster Optimization. FastComet’s out-of-the-box enhancements are designed to improve performance but for the ultimate boost, you can pay extra for faster LiteSpeed ​​technology and advanced caching.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee. Seven days is not a long time to decide if FastComet is for you, but at least it offers some kind of money-back guarantee. Not all VPS servers do.


KamateraInterServerHostingerA2 HostingLiquid WebFastComet
Starting price$4.00$6.00$1.99$6.59$15.00$38.95
Operating systemLinux, WindowsLinux, WindowsLinuxLinuxLinux, WindowsLinux
SSD storage20GB30GB20GB150GB40GB50GB
Dedicated IP ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔(costs extra)
Managed service✔  (costs extra) ✔ (with 4 or more slices) ✔ (managed plans available) ✔ ✔
Automatic backups✔ (costs extra) ✔(costs extra)
Number of data centers13264311
Data center locations North America, Europe, Asia, Middle EastUSUS, Europe, Southeast Asia, South AmericaUS, Europe, Southeast AsiaUS, EuropeNorth America, Europe, Asia, Australia

The Case for Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are expensive, but they give you full control over your physical server and deliver glorious potential performance.

How Does Dedicated Hosting Work?

Dedicated Web Hosting
Dedicated Web Hosting

Going back to the common analogy, if a VPS is like negotiating a hosting, a host server is like having a house: you don’t share it with anyone and you can do what you want with it.

A dedicated server allows you to build your hosting infrastructure from the bottom up. Several hosts provide server images with the standard operating system and hosting code, but most offer full customization. At times, you will be able to change the amount of RAM, storage, and amount of data allocated.

Like VPS, most dedicated server plans are unmanaged, so you have to take care of all the setup and maintenance yourself. They need the most important technical knowledge of any type of hosting. however, many hosts provide managed plans or managed services add-ons.

What Are the Advantages (and Drawbacks) of Dedicated Hosting?


  • no shared resources
  • Total management over your configuration
  • More upgradeable than shared hosting (with cloud VPS)
  • Private and secure, if designed correctly
  • Excellent performance potential, if designed correctly


  • Requires the main technical data
  • High prices

Is Dedicated Hosting Right for You?

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

Beyond just hosting a high-traffic website, here are a few things measured where you might want to contemplate a blazing server:

  • You work with sensible knowledge. a burning server provides additional privacy and security than a VPS. It enables you to encrypt knowledge, limit and manage access, and install security measures as you see fit, or pro re nata for compliance in your business. And since those servers are not shared, there is less risk of your knowledge being leaked.
  • You want to host a mobile application. If your mobile app needs faster execution speeds, additional memory, or increased accountability, you’ll need a dedicated server. Dedicated servers will meet higher resource demands than most VPSs, and you’ll be able to put redundancies on-site to keep your application running 100 percent of the time.
  • You want to host a recreation server. A kind of dedicated mobile application server, a passionate game server will offer excellent and uninterrupted performance.
  • You need a backup server. Let’s face it: things happen natural disasters, power outages, idiots with computers sitting in your mother’s basement trying to steal her knowledge. A burning server will provide you with a secure offsite backup for cases where you want to revive your knowledge to keep the wheels of your organization turning.
  • You host and stream video. Video rendering and transcoding are resource intensive, which is precisely what a fiery server will provide. you can also get additional control over options and you can add your server specifically to support the use of video.

5 Best Dedicated Hosting Services – Tried and Tested

Not all providers offer dedicated servers, however, we tend to test the ones that do and these are the simplest dedicated server hosts out there:



InterServer’s startup costs are low, and each dedicated server comes with a generous set of options and resources, plus managed support. while you still want the flexibility to run your server, or hire someone else, the World Health Organization will try that for you.

You can choose from a dozen base server configurations with varying varieties and numbers of mainframes and mainframe cores. then you can customize your software, storage, bandwidth, and more to suit your wishes. Some plans have a set amount of RAM, except in some you will be able to customize your memory as well. you will be able to provision your server in four hours.

  • 150TB of information measurement. Each InterServer dedicated server comes with 150 TB of data measurement. That’s a huge amount, much more than the other host on this list. You can upgrade to an unmetered 10Gbps data rate, but it’s expensive.
  • Free DDoS protection. All of InterServer’s dedicated servers come with no-cost DDoS defense. And if AN attack occurs, it will determine the supply and destination and keep an eye on it for you.
  • NVMe storage is offered. Most dedicated server hosts provide SATA HDD or SSD storage. InterServer is one of many hosts that give you the most advanced NVMe storage option that is faster and uses less power.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web Dedicated Server
Liquid Web Dedicated Server

Liquid Net has some of the best upfront costs in the dedicated server market. however, what you are paying for is a fully managed server with high-performance configurations and some of the most effective support on the market.

There are three square meter plans to be installed at each of Liquid Web’s three data center locations (two in the North American country, one in Amsterdam). If you choose a data center in a North American country, you’ll buy a cheap package that has hosting and other features, like plenty of back-ups and DDoS protection.

In an almost entry-level setup, you can customize every aspect of your server and add things like a dashboard, security, and lots of information measurement. However, if you want more resources or options than the established plans, you will need to create a custom configuration.

  • Backup disk. In addition to your primary storage, each Liquid Net array gives you a backup drive for additional cabinet space. the quality backup drive uses SATA HDD storage instead of faster SSD storage, but this shouldn’t matter much in practice.
  • 100% guarantee of the period. Liquid net guarantees 100% uninterrupted power and network access or will credit you ten times your period. so if your service is down for ONE hour, you will get a credit price of ten hours.
  • IPMI access. An Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) allows you to use a network association to remotely access your server without any security risk. It’s ideal if you want to manage your server off-site or on business trips or vacations.


Hostwind Dedicated Server
Hostwind Dedicated Server

A Hostwinds dedicated server will handle high-traffic sites, however, it is a mid-range possibility in terms of resources, performance, features, and price. It costs more than InterServer and therefore the hardware in some of their plans is a bit more advanced. However, you can customize any settings to vary your operating system and add much or more storage, RAM, and data measurement.

Like several hosts on this list, Hostwinds provides fully managed support and even has a server watchdog to help set up and fix server issues for you. Its information centers are located in the North American country and the Netherlands, making it a solid alternative if your audience is in North America or Europe.

  • 8 directions of information sciences. While Hostwinds doesn’t take exciting data science directions for free, it does sell them in blocks of eight for a very low price. And you will buy up to 128.
  • RAID technology. If you add storage drives, you’ll add RAID (0 to 60) to form redundancies to help prevent data loss and improve performance.
  • Nightly backups. While you do have to pay extra for these, it will keep Hostwinds’ automatic nightly backups indefinitely, so you can restore from any day if needed. various hosts have a limit for how long they will keep backups.


FastComet Dedicated Server
FastComet Dedicated Server

FastComet offers six sets of dedicated server plans and therefore the only advantage of the ratio is to change your entire setup. this will get expensive, especially if you’re paying for resources you don’t use.

But while there is less flexibility, FastComet gives you top-tier performance, and its advertised high-end system offers ample resources, with sixteen CPU cores, 32GB of RAM, 640GB of SSD storage, and 7TB of data capacity. There are unannounced square footage plans with higher specs yet. As a result of FastComet’s set plans, you’ll be able to provision a server in minutes.

  • Better CPUs. AMD EPYC processors are included in all FastComet plans. These processors are faster and much more powerful than the Intel processors used by most hosts.
  • Fully managed servers. Some dedicated server hosts only provide managed support to help with certain aspects of your server. FastComet manages every facet of your server, so you will specialize in developing and managing your website or project.
  • The best alternative for Australia. No alternative host on our list contains a hub in Australia, so if you have an Australian audience, FastComet is the best choice for high performance.

A2 Hosting

A2 Dedicated Hosting

A2 Hosting offers managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. You get root access with unmanaged plans, and it’s offered with managed plans, but you don’t necessarily need it because A2 Hosting can manage your entire server for you.

You can usually get smart discounts with A2 Hosting, so even their entry-level plans are worth it considering they give you a lot more storage than other hosts on our list (2 x 1TB SSD) and other similar resources. it will tweak individual features and add options, or upgrade plans, to push higher performance and hardware.

  • NVMe storage options. With their top-tier “Turbo” plans (anything apart from their entry-level server), you get NVMe storage instead of SSD, which could result in computing speeds that A2 Hosting rates as “3x faster.”
  • The commitment of 99.9% of the period. If your website is down for approximately 0.1% of the total time in a single month due to an internal network or media issue, A2 Hosting may credit you with five hits of your monthly fee for each hour of the weather.
  • United States Information Center. A2 Hosting has data centers in Europe and Asia for its other types of hosting, but its dedicated server data center is in Michigan, making it ideal for audiences in the Americas. although a CDN will help you reach a worldwide audience.


InterServerLiquid WebHostwindsFastCometA2 Hosting
Starting Price$135$199$115$107$199
Operating SystemLinux, WindowsLinux, WindowsLinux, WindowsLinuxLinux
CPU Cores44424
Core TypeIntel Xeon E3 1230Intel Xeon 1230 v6Intel Xeon E3 1270 v2AMD EPYC 7501Intel Xeon E-2224
Storage2TB SATA2 x 240GB SSD1TB HDD80GB SSD2 x 1TB SSD
Managed Service✔ (managed plans available)
Automatic Backups ✔(costs extra)✔(costs extra)✔(costs extra)
Number of Data Centers233111
Data Center LocationsUSUS, EuropeUS, EuropeNorth America, Europe, Asia, AustraliaUS

The VPS or Dedicated Server for You

Knowing whether or not to settle for a VPS or a dedicated server from a certain provider comes down to your budget and desires.

If you are hosting a medium to high traffic project and want guaranteed resources and solid performance on a budget, a VPS is what you need. If you have a deeper note case, a passionate server can offer you more privacy and additional management and has the potential for higher performance.

Kamatera is the VPS with the best value for money on the market. You’ll fall for an affordable price, but it’s more like a passionate server, with its high-end performance, flexibility, and measurability. And it’s the only host that will let you test drive before you arrive.

You can get the cheapest VPS from Hostinger, however, it is the only host on our list that does not provide managed support.

InterServer offers you the simplest and lowest priced dedicated servers, plus it offers low-cost VPS with managed support once you reach four “slices” of resources.

A FastComet dedicated server is built with superior technology for superior performance. It is also the highest VPS and dedicated server hosting option for Australia.

If you want the simplest managed support, Liquid net has been awarded best-in-class support by Customer Guru, my colleagues, and myself. on the other hand, by simply being helpful and nice, you will be managing all aspects of your server, thus specializing in your website.


Which is better, VPS or dedicated hosting?

Depends. It fits very well with your budget and wishes. If your budget is limited, keep company with a VPS. It won’t offer you the same level of resources or performance as a passion server, but it costs a lot less and could be a huge improvement over shared hosting.

Is VPS hosting better than shared hosting?

Once again, it depends. If you are hosting a simple weblog or alternative basic website with moderate traffic, shared hosting will most likely suffice. however, it does not offer a minimum level of resources, whereas a VPS offers you guaranteed resources, usually with additional flexibility. VPS hosting costs a bit more, but there are low-cost options out there.

What is the best VPS hosting provider?

While I prefer InterServer to offer you low-cost managed VPS if you get a minimum of four “slices”, Kamatera is our top VPS hosting provider. It scored extremely well in our tests and is by far the most versatile and upgradeable VPS on the market.

I would like a passionate server?

If budget is not an issue and you want superior performance, privacy, and extensive resources. , opt for a passionate server. It’s the gold standard of hosting, but it requires advanced technical knowledge.

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