Astrill VPN Review in (2024): Features, Plans & More!

Astrill, a VPN service developed by Astrill Systems Corp and headquartered in Seychelles since its launch in 2009, holds significance for VPN users due to the absence of data retention laws within its jurisdiction. This lack of data retention laws ensures that Astrill does not have legal obligations to store or monitor user data, enhancing privacy and anonymity for its users.

However, it is important to note that the absence of data retention laws is not the sole reason for publishing this Astrill review. The intention behind this review is to provide a comprehensive and well-informed overview of Astrill VPN, encompassing both its positive and negative aspects.

This review aims to address essential questions for potential users, such as whether Astrill VPN is a reliable choice for maintaining anonymity while using public Wi-Fi networks and safeguarding personal data. Furthermore, it delves into the effectiveness of Astrill VPN in hiding one’s IP address.

Let us explore these aspects to determine whether Astrill VPN is indeed a suitable solution for maintaining online privacy and security.

Quick Background Info Regarding Astrill VPN

The Astrill website boasts an appealing design that effectively highlights the features of their service, making it easily comprehensible for visitors.

Upon initial observation, it becomes apparent that signing up for their service is a seamless process, particularly for new users. All that is required is to provide your email address, and you’re ready to begin. In fact, Astrill confidently asserts that you can start using their VPN within a mere 3 minutes, emphasizing the speed and efficiency of their setup process.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

In general, the website seems credible and trustworthy.

Nevertheless, it is important to approach the user reviews on Astrill’s site with caution as they may exhibit a biased nature. This observation arises from the fact that our review of the company, despite being conducted several months ago, has not been published on their site.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

However, it is worth noting that the referenced video was created in 2014, which implies that Astrill may have made significant improvements and advancements in their service since then. To ascertain the current state of Astrill, let’s delve further and explore the latest updates and developments.

Overview of Astrill VPN Review

OVERALL RANK:#3 out of 78 VPNs
LOG FILES:No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:94 countries, 3000+ servers
SUPPORT:24/7 Live Chat
TORRENTING:P2P  Torrenting Allowed
NETFLIX:Unblocks Netflix USA
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

Very Expensive Pricing, $15.00/mo

Astrill presents a remarkable offer of a free 7-day trial on all their plans, which is undeniably impressive.

Furthermore, the great news is that Astrill ensures uniformity in terms of features across all their packages. Each plan grants users access to every server, unlimited bandwidth, and all other available features, ensuring a consistent and comprehensive experience. However, it’s important to note that the packages differ in terms of the duration of access provided. Here’s a brief breakdown of the varying timeframes included in each package.

The one-month plan will set you back $30.00 per month.

This particular plan is an ideal choice for users seeking to try out Astrill without committing to a long-term subscription. It allows individuals to explore the features and benefits of Astrill without any extensive obligations or commitments.

The six-month package is $12.50 per month.

Opting for this package allows you to save 26% compared to the three-month plan. With a total cost of $69.90, it presents a cost-effective choice for users looking to maximize their savings.

The one year package is $15.00 per month.

By choosing the one-year package, you can enjoy Astrill’s services for a full year at a total cost of $180.00. This option provides an impressive 47% discount, making it the optimal choice for users who plan to utilize Astrill VPN in the long run. If you have a clear intention to use Astrill for an extended period, this package offers the best value for your investment.

Take a look at the company’s pricing plans as depicted on their website:

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

Astrill provides a generous 7-day money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, they offer a wide array of payment options, including but not limited to:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • PayPal
  • PerfectMoney
  • Bank wire transfer
  • WechatPay
  • BitCoin

Overall, Astrill’s pricing may not be the most affordable option available in the market. In fact, it is relatively expensive, surpassing even the cost of ExpressVPN, a renowned VPN service recognized for its high quality and reputation.

Features, Compatibility, and Servers

Astrill ensures unlimited bandwidth for all their plans, offering a seamless browsing experience regardless of the chosen package. Notably, their “features” page prominently highlights their privacy technology as the first and foremost aspect, emphasizing its significance to the service they provide.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

Astrill is available on all major platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac (not 100% sure if on older Mac versions)
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • TOR
  • and Android platforms.

Astrill permits up to 5 simultaneous connections per account, which is notably advantageous when compared to various other VPN services. This feature provides users with increased flexibility and convenience, allowing them to connect multiple devices concurrently under a single account.

Astrill VPN has a network of 365 servers in 64 countries.

While Astrill’s server count may not reach the extensive numbers offered by ExpressVPN, it surpasses the modest 36 servers provided by Avira VPN by a significant margin. Moreover, Astrill has consistently expanded its server network over the years, indicating a commitment to enhancing their service. Since the start of 2014, they have more than doubled their server count.

Astrill’s list of servers is impressively extensive, featuring connections in numerous popular cities worldwide. This comprehensive coverage ensures that users can access their desired locations with ease.

  • United States
  • China
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • etc…

Astrill includes an internet kill switch option in most of their plans, which serves as a valuable safeguard for your data in case of unexpected connection dropouts. This feature ensures that your entire browsing session remains protected from potential eavesdroppers.

Furthermore, Astrill allows unlimited and unrestricted torrenting, a crucial aspect as it helps shield your downloaded content from prying eyes, specifically your Internet Service Provider (ISP). By using a VPN, you can prevent your ISP from throttling your connection due to extensive file downloads, thus preserving your browsing speed.

VPNs also play a vital role in shielding you from malicious actors within the same torrenting network. This added layer of protection ensures that you are not vulnerable to potential threats while engaging in torrenting activities.

Additionally, Astrill is compatible with DD-WRT routers, providing a workaround for the typically limited device connection allowance. However, it is worth noting that instead of offering a Setup Wizard like many other VPN providers, Astrill sells routers pre-installed with their service. While this approach may be a bit inconvenient for some users, it is essential to consider the available alternatives and the benefits provided by Astrill VPN.

Pros of Using Astrill +

With a solid existence of at least eight years, Astrill has established a longstanding presence in the VPN market. Given its track record, I had set my expectations high for what I would experience. Now, let’s delve into a concise overview of my favorite features provided by Astrill.

1. SSL 256-bit encryption & tons of protocol options

When it comes to VPN software, privacy is of paramount importance, overshadowing all other considerations. Without robust encryption or stringent logging policies, other features become inconsequential.

Fortunately, Astrill prioritizes privacy by offering SSL 256-bit encryption across all their plans. This level of encryption ensures military-grade protection, even during the initial stages of trying out Astrill via a free trial. It’s worth noting that some VPNs, like Zenmate, only provide 128-bit encryption, highlighting the superior security measures implemented by Astrill.

Additionally, Astrill boasts one of the most extensive lists of available protocols we have encountered. This impressive range of protocols caters to diverse user preferences and specific needs. Take a moment to explore the following selection of protocols offered by Astrill:

  • OpenWeb
  • StealthVPN
  • OpenVPN
  • Cisco IPSec
  • IKEv2/IPsec
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • SSTP
  • PPTP

This is highly advantageous for virtually any potential use case, offering versatility and flexibility.

The initial two protocols, OpenWeb and StealthVPN, are proprietary creations exclusive to Astrill. OpenWeb’s standout feature lies in its ability to assist users in evading deep packet inspection (DPI), which minimizes the likelihood of ISP throttling and detection by streaming services like Netflix.

On the other hand, StealthVPN was specifically developed to aid users in bypassing automated firewall systems, enabling smoother access to restricted content.

In summary, Astrill’s wide range of protocol options ensures that there is something suitable for everyone, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you seek enhanced privacy, seamless streaming, or overcoming firewalls, Astrill offers a protocol to address your requirements.

2. They don’t slow down your Internet connection

Astrill asserts that their speeds are exceptionally fast, a claim commonly made by many other VPN providers. To verify this statement, I personally conducted speed tests, sparing you the effort.

Below, you will find the results of my speed tests conducted on Astrill’s US and EU servers.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

US Server

  • Ping: 182 ms
  • Download: 78.65 Mbps
  • Upload: 18.99 Mbps

EU Server

  • Ping: 44 ms
  • Download: 69.08 Mbps
  • Upload: 53.30 Mbps

These speeds are quite impressive! The download speeds exhibit remarkable consistency throughout the test.

While the upload speed for US servers could benefit from some enhancement, it is important to note that these results surpass those of several other VPNs available in the market. Overall, Astrill’s performance in terms of speed is commendable, particularly when considering the reliability and consistency of their download speeds.

3. Smooth usability

Downloading and installing Astrill is a straightforward process. The website automatically detects your operating system and presents a download button accordingly, eliminating any guesswork.

Moreover, the Astrill installation wizard is user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring a seamless setup experience. Once you have successfully downloaded Astrill onto your device, the interface takes on the following appearance:

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

To log in, simply enter your email and password into the designated fields.

After logging in, you have the freedom to choose between different tunneling protocols such as OpenVPN, OpenWeb, or StealthVPN. Select the protocol that best suits your preferences and needs.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

Upon launching the application, you will immediately notice a prominent on/off button, accompanied by relevant information about the currently connected server.

To switch to a different server, simply access the drop-down menu and select your desired server from the available options. This straightforward process allows you to swiftly change your server configuration according to your preferences.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

Astrill empowers users with the ability to enable essential leak protection features, including DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, and WebRTC IP leak protection.

Upon downloading Astrill, both DNS and IPv6 leak protection are automatically activated, ensuring your online activities remain secure and safeguarded against potential leaks. With these protective measures in place, you can confidently browse the internet, reassured that your sensitive information is shielded from any unintended exposure.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

One notable aspect that stood out to me is the dated appearance of the client interface, to be candid.

While all the essential elements are present, the usability and visual aesthetics could benefit from improvement. It may not be the most user-friendly or visually appealing interface available.

Taking everything into consideration, I would rate Astrill’s usability at a moderate 5 out of 10.

4. Free trial + money-back guarantee

Astrill stands out among VPN apps by providing both a free trial and a money-back guarantee, a combination rarely found in the industry. Typically, VPN services offer either a free trial or a money-back guarantee, but Astrill offers the best of both worlds.

This means that you can now test Astrill’s services for a few days before committing to a subscription. Once you decide to sign up, you still have a few additional days to evaluate the service and determine whether it meets your expectations. This dual approach offers users a valuable opportunity to experience and assess Astrill’s capabilities before making a final decision.

5. Unblocks Netflix

Although the company does not explicitly mention Netflix, Astrill offers a feature that allows users to “unblock” their favorite websites. In our testing, we discovered that Astrill successfully connected to Netflix using three servers in different countries, effectively bypassing Netflix’s geo-restrictions. This indicates that Astrill possesses the capability to access and stream content on Netflix, demonstrating its effectiveness in circumventing geographical limitations imposed by the platform.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

Astrill servers unblocking Netflix:

  • United States: Chicago
  • United Kingdom: London
  • Netherlands

Astrill servers blocked by Netflix:

  • United States: New York
  • Canada

Cons of using Astrill –

1. Some possible logging

At first glance, Astrill’s website appears to assert a no-data-logs policy. However, upon closer examination of their privacy policy, it becomes apparent that they do collect certain data, including cookies and other personal information.

This disparity between the website’s claims and the actual practices outlined in the privacy policy raises concerns about the transparency and accuracy of Astrill’s data handling practices.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

What’s concerning is that Astrill claims not to engage in the selling, renting, or trading of personal information with third parties. However, they do acknowledge in their privacy policy that the collected data is used for personalizing user experiences, such as online shopping and interactive communications. This statement raises suspicions of potential ad targeting practices, reminiscent of certain free VPN services.

The ambiguity and lack of clarity in Astrill’s privacy policy make it difficult to interpret their data collection practices, which is a significant drawback for many users. When using a VPN, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the specific data being recorded and the reasons behind its collection.

I completely understand your concern, as it is essential to have transparency and assurance when it comes to data privacy and security while using a VPN. Clear and comprehensive privacy policies are crucial for users to make informed decisions and trust the service provider they choose to protect their sensitive information.

2. Astrill VPN pricing is above average

In comparison to some of the VPN services I’ve reviewed, which offer monthly rates as low as two or three dollars for a full year, Astrill falls significantly short. Their current one-year pricing stands at $8.33 per month.

This pricing is double the cost of alternative options like ZoogVPN and VPN Unlimited, making Astrill comparatively expensive. Even the three-month option is priced at around $10 per month, which is considerably higher than many other alternatives.

It’s important to note that several other VPN services offer month-to-month options at double-digit pricing. Therefore, if you decide to commit to Astrill, you should be certain about your long-term usage as it comes with a higher price tag.

3. No 24/7 Live Chat

I was thrilled to discover that Astrill provides a live chat feature, which sets it apart from numerous other VPN services that solely rely on ticketing systems. With ticketing systems, it often takes a whole day or longer to receive a response to even the simplest queries.

To offer you a comprehensive review, I decided to personally test Astrill’s live chat service and evaluate its effectiveness.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

To initiate the conversation, you simply need to provide your name, email, and message. It’s a straightforward process that allows you to get started quickly and easily.

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

Additionally, you have the option to select the specific department that your question pertains to. This helps ensure that your query is directed to the appropriate team.

Here is the question I submitted:

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

Upon clicking the send button, you will receive the following message.

Following a seemingly prolonged duration, another notification appeared:

Astrill VPN Review By Review - itis
Astrill VPN Review By Review – itis

Curiosity led me to explore the “leave a message” option to gauge the response time through that channel. Surprisingly, I received a helpful email within a few hours.

While such response time may be deemed acceptable for a ticketing or email-based support system, it falls short of the expectations associated with “live” chat.

In all honesty, it was a disappointing experience. It would be more advisable to submit a message and await a response, rather than waiting in the live chat window for an uncertain duration.

Do I Recommend Astrill?

By no means is Astrill a subpar VPN. Based on my tests and evaluation, I would rate it around 7 out of 10.

However, if I were compelled to select just one VPN provider, I wouldn’t choose Astrill. I apologize for any disappointment caused by this statement.

There were certainly positive aspects, such as impressive connection speeds. Nonetheless, there were also certain drawbacks that I couldn’t overlook. Specifically, the customer support exhibited slow responsiveness, the device connections were too limited, and the privacy policy’s language left something to be desired.

That is why, prior to recommending Astrill, I would suggest considering alternatives like NordVPN, Surfshark, or IPVanish.


The Astrill VPN review highlights both positive and negative aspects of the service. Astrill VPN offers impressive features such as SSL 256-bit encryption, a variety of protocol options, and the ability to unblock Netflix. It also provides a smooth user experience, doesn’t slow down internet connections, and offers a free trial with a money-back guarantee. However, there are some drawbacks to consider, including the possibility of logging, above-average pricing at $15.00 per month, and the absence of 24/7 live chat support.

Considering these factors, whether or not to recommend Astrill VPN depends on individual preferences and priorities. If advanced security features, fast speeds, and access to streaming platforms like Netflix are crucial for you, Astrill VPN may be worth considering despite its higher pricing. However, if logging concerns or round-the-clock customer support are important to you, there may be other VPN options better suited to your needs. Ultimately, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons discussed in this review before making a decision.

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