The Worst Mistakes I Made When Learning to Apply Makeup (2024)

The Worst Mistakes Made When Learning to Apply Makeup, When I was young, I loved makeup, but I always found that I used almost everything. I know you’ve noticed that your makeup line is getting cakey, and let Pine Tree State tell you: mine did. I used products that were too dark, too light, too pink, and all too thick.

The Worst Mistakes Made When Learning to Apply Makeup

When I look at photos, I often wonder why my mom let Pine Tree State walk out the door the way I did. I’m sure I told her I knew what she was doing, but YouTube wasn’t teaching the Pine Tree State exactly what it needed to know.

The Mistakes Made When Learning to Apply Makeup

Mistake 1: Applying Way Too Much Foundation

The Worst Mistakes Made When Learning to Apply Makeup

Most people think more is better, but less is more, especially if you’re using a powder to line your foundation or go for a more matte look. When I first started doing makeup, I used an extremely dark foundation shade, which made my skin look orange. I also used a thick foundation, like Von D Stimulant Drug, which {means|is a lot|is a lot} too thick and too matte for someone with dry, younger skin like Pine Tree State. So once you’re looking for a liquid foundation, let someone match the color for you. Once the color matches yours, step out into natural daylight to see if it fades into your skin as you imagine.

Mistake 2: Using the Wrong Concealer Shade Under the Eyes

The Worst Mistakes Made When Learning to Apply Makeup

Most people are guilty of this, and honestly, I still do it normally (Oops! Don’t count me out!). I used to put a reminder concealer under my eyes to “lighten”, but it was like five shades too light.

A general rule of thumb, also based on opinion, is that you should only go a shade or two lighter under the eyes for concealment and a brightening effect. If you go too light in weight, the distinction on your face from concealer to foundation to bronzer/contour will be too contrasty, giving you a more extraordinary look. Of course, if that’s how you prefer your makeup, then you’re doing it, sis! I know you’re awesome either way.

Mistake 3: Confusing Contour for Bronzer, and Vice Versa

The Worst Mistakes Made When Learning to Apply Makeup

Contour is an ash-gray shade associated with shading your face. Bronzer is meant to mimic wherever daylight strikes and warm your face. I used to constantly use bronzer as a contour, and it was always just a blur. My face received no benefit from it.

I’ll let you in on a secret, though: the only time I contour is when I’m going somewhere nice. Most days, I just apply a little bit of bronzer and warm my face, but only put it on the places where the sun would hit if I was standing outside.

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