RoseHosting Review (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

Looking for the most effective cloud and managed-to-host solutions? Let’s Dive into a Detailed RoseHosting Review.

Get RoseHosting if you’re looking for a great Linux-only host. Their blazing-fast servers are ideal for building responsive websites. During this Rosehosting review, we’ll show you how it performed in our tests.

RoseHosting Reviews

Windows and macOS measure two popular operating systems. Most of the world’s computers run on these systems. The web, on the other hand, can be an entirely different story. The LINUX system is used by more than sixty-five percent of all websites.

Its charm comes from the actual fact that it is an ASCII text file and is free. As a result, a wide variety of developers and companies were attracted to the program.

We prefer to introduce RoseHosting right away. It runs its entire infrastructure on a LINUX system. He was absolutely one of the terrifyingly first to try!

We’re going to make a case for a bunch of them.

RoseHosting General Info & Overview:

SLA AgreementYes, 99.99%
DDoS ProtectionYes
Customer SupportYes, 24/7
Free SSL CertificatesLet’s Encrypt
Domain RegistrationYes
Free Weekly BackupsYes
Applications InstallerYesSoftaculous
Powerful Server HardwareYes
PricingThe minimum value ($7.15/Month)

RoseHosting Pros & Cons

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Fast gigabit network.
✅ Fully managed LINUX system hosting.
✅ Free website migration service.
✅ Includes Unlimited Email Accounts.
✅ WordPress hosting support.
⛔ Basic startup tools.
⛔ Expensive hosting plans.
⛔ US-based servers only.

What Is RoseHosting?

The Iraqi National Congress, which Rose hosts, has been in existence for almost two decades. LINUX system VPS hosting was quickly created out there. Taking the risk of entering unknown territory seems to have paid off. It currently serves more than 337,000 buyers in 98 countries.

The organization offers absolutely managed plans at an affordable price. Shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting are all measure examples of this. Customers like the sheer variety of options in each package, as RoseHosting reviews show. NVMe storage, app installers, and weekly backups are just a few examples.

To compete with the best on the market, you’ll want that. As a result, this merchandiser must go higher and farther to provoke customers. Consider using free migration services to help you make a quick transition from a terrible host. Users also get specialized resources and exceptional customer service 24/7!

RoseHosting Infrastructure and Network

RoseHosting Review Infrastructure and Network

Its Iraqi National Congress. has only 1 information center in St. Louis, Missouri. It runs on high-performance LINUX system servers with LiteSpeed ​​technology. For primary redundancy, each is connected to interconnected switches and routers. Gigabit speed web property is provided everywhere thanks to a multi-network fiber optic cable.

To keep the systems operational, the company takes a variety of steps. In the case of a power loss, it does this by including backup generators and batteries. In order to provide the most efficient operating environment possible, state-of-the-art cooling hardware has been installed. Any possible difficulties are kept in check via automatic monitoring.

All of this may be for nothing unless you have a rewarding service level agreement (SLA). Within the hosting business, this may typically be a traditional protocol. Rose Hosting guarantees the network, data center, and hardware period 99.99% to one hundred percent. If there is a 0.01% time period, you will be eligible for a full month’s credit.

RoseHosting Features

RoseHosting Features and Review

RoseHosting deliveries can be a good balance of options on all plans.

Website Builder

We came across SitePad, the company’s website builder, while working on this RoseHosting. He allows you to create professional-looking websites without having to learn to code. The first thing you get is the ability to set up over 500 pre-designed templates. These square measures apply to a good variety of industries, blogs, businesses, and e-commerce, among others. They are all modifiable, making them easy to customize.

There is much more than that.

There are over a hundred widgets within the app to add content to your websites. Images, text, embeds, icons, and a host of square measurements are all included. You receive a grid editor that allows you to place the weather in the correct order. Styles measure square, all fluid and responsive. No matter its style, it can be displayed correctly in any browser. You can control this by mistreating the device beater in the menu bar.

Search engine optimization is another topic of discussion (SEO). Will use it to improve the rating of your RoseHosting blog. This website builder is much more versatile than other website builders with limited options. He allows you to modify the SEO material on each page of your website. It is useful for adding keywords, meta descriptions, and contacts.

Advanced users are not forgotten. There is the possibility for an associate degree to add custom HTML/CSS. This tool is good for fixing the interface of your website. You have no restrictions on the customizations you will create. Just be careful you have an associate degree, or your website may get hacked.

Powerful Servers

RoseHosting uses virtual LINUX system servers with Intel processors. These CPUs square the head of computing performance. We are talking about multi-core processors with very fast clock speeds. In a blink of an eye, your server will be ready to process thousands of transactions.

SSD and NVMe storage are available. This last possibility supports up to 64,000 square measures and input/output queues. Older hard drives pale in comparison at 200,000 percent. That’s right; you navigate it correctly. As a result of this, the storage and retrieval of information will be very fast.

The company’s gigabit network speeds are often praised in RoseHosting reviews. Allows you to connect to and from your server quickly. While performance is excellent, the amount of information available is limited. All users measure the square given a monthly volume restriction by the seller.

If it runs out, you’ll need to switch to a more expensive setup. If you don’t, your website will go offline until the end of the month.

Applications Installer

For our RoseHosting, we tend to be ready to check the installation of the application. It is powered by Softaculous, which has over 430 scripts to install. WordPress, Magento, and Joomla are some of the most popular. It only takes one click to install your most popular app.

This resolution also includes a variety of tools to improve productivity. The good news is that it applies to a good variety of sectors. You name it: eCommerce, streaming video, project management, and gaming. Applications square measure is available to use and ASCII text file. Although there is a learning curve to overcome, it is worth the effort.

Unlimited Resources

Having unmetered resources is helpful once you run resource-intensive websites and programs. RoseHosting allows you to make an endless range of email hosting review accounts, mailing lists, FTP accounts, and many more services. To tell you the truth, that’s pretty basic. It does not distinguish the host from the rest of the sector. It would be great if they provided attached storage and information measurements in the same way.

No Overselling

Don’t be fooled by the low prices advertised by different hosts. The caliber of services may surprise you. Your goal is to sell as many plans as possible.

RoseHosting does not participate in such unscrupulous practices. All of their server plans provide dedicated resources. Users in shared levels measure squares within the same ship.

Ease of Use

It’s the easy urge to get started with RoseHosting. It is compatible with cPanel, the world’s preferred control panel. Learning the ropes won’t take long if you’ve never used it. You will have access to a demo version on the Internet for trial features. Forums, cognitive content, and customer support measure many of the software’s excellent support options.

One of the things we tend to admire because of how simple it is. The panel is easy to use. Domain management, file management, server monitoring, and other options are available. The app is known for offering a stress-free website management environment.

Webmasters face a tough problem when they transfer their sites from one host to another. Free migration services are available at RoseHosting. Once you’ve joined, you’ll file a support request to urge it to be completed.


First, you get a free Let’s Write SSL certificate. It encrypts the information sent and received from your website.

A premium SSL is needed for companies that handle sensitive data. RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Comodo, and Thwaite are among the companies represented. Banks, e-commerce sites, and care establishments may like these. Despite the fact that it costs more than $300, it comes with a guarantee. You will be eligible for compensation if you suffer a loss as a result of monetary fraud.

For filtering problematic traffic, RoseHosting employs an associate-grade enterprise firewall. It will do a wonderful defensive job against DDoS attacks, viruses, and spam. From the start, the settings are manually measured for you. If you want to make any changes, ask for help from support.

Weekly backups are provided by RoseHosting at no charge. Your information is kept securely at a location outside of the associate degree. If all other security measures fail, it will allow you to quickly access the Internet.

RoseHosting Uptime

RoseHosting server plans have a terribly high period. We used to be ready to figure this out by making a small WordPress test website. To look, we have a tendency to implement the Jetpack plugin. We tend not to discover the defect until the third week. Our website experienced a brief outage that lasted about 3 minutes. For the rest of the month, it did not happen again.

Almost every RoseHosting review praises the glorious service of the provider. Aside from that, the company guarantees an associate degree SLA of ninety-nine, 99 percent. You’ll get up to 100 percent credit in the event of a ruinous outage.

RoseHosting Speed

We’ve all had horrible experiences with websites that take longer to load. It just takes a few seconds for him to bounce back and look for something else to try to do.

That will not be the case with RoseHosting.

We perform the following tests:

  • Whistle
  • Time to First Computer Memory Unit (TTFB)
  • First Content Paint (FCP)

To determine network ping, we often use It is very common to check the latency period of a server. From 18 different sites around the world, we tend to get an average of seventy milliseconds.

TTFB was the next section. This metric evaluates how quickly the network server responds to user requests. GTMetrix was helpful, giving the United States of America a score of 95ms.

Lastly, FCP controls how quickly images and text load on an online page. We have a tendency to be captivated by the host. It gave the United States of America four hundred milliseconds.

RoseHosting Services

RoseHosting plans measure as follows:

Web Hosting

The cheapest possibility is web hosting. It is ideal for newbies and sporadic bloggers. Clients share prices by sharing a server during this setup.

However, the information measure is prohibited. Your website will go down if its resources run out. It prevents people from misusing the systems. It’s also a polite way of letting you know that you need to upgrade.

Receive up to 300GB of data transfer associated with 10GB of storage on an SSD. RoseHosting provides you with a wide range of email, subdomains, and FTP accounts in terms of productivity tools. LiteSpeed ​​web server is used. This ensures that you get blazing-fast speeds in minimal grade times.

Linux VPS Hosting

RoseHosting Linux VPS

Users who need more management should select RoseHosting VPS. The answer is meant to produce enough resources for power users to host the giants. Customers can access up to 120GB of NVMe storage and 8TB of measured data. That’s enough to handle 1,000,000 or more monthly guests.

The package includes an obsessive information processing address to help protect your web server. This prevents you from revealing your address to spammers. As a result, it works in your favor in terms of SEO. You can jointly access a server hosting multiple domains with ease.

Rosehosting WordPress

RoseHosting Managed WordPress

Using RoseHosting for WordPress ensures that superior websites are hosted effortlessly. It’s a huge list of options that you’ll like to abuse. Up to 120 GB of NVMe storage, full root access, and free migration service area drive, all included.

The good thing about WordPress is that it is platform-independent. It provides more than fifty thousand free templates and plugins to create any website. You will be able to use a variety of web builders together to build impressive websites. This covers Elementor, Beaver, Visual Music, and other similar apps.

The monthly information measure starts at 2 TB and goes up to 8 TB. To provide numerous guests, that’s a lot of knowledge. The cPanel panel, on the other hand, costs an additional $5 per month. However, SSL is attached at no additional charge.


RoseHosting Odoo Hosting

RoseHosting Odoo hosting offers a wide variety of solutions for organizations to keep busy. It is one of the most widely used enterprise resource design (ERP) software package programs. Many applications for human resources, production, and finance area unit are available on the platform.

We came across a variety of feature-rich web applications while researching RoseHosting. One of them may be a drag-and-drop builder with over 500 themes to choose from. It also has a feature that allows you to align blogs, forums, and e-learning systems.

Regarding eCommerce, you get employee management, billing, and disbursement capabilities. A helpline is available to help shoppers as if that wasn’t enough. It is a ticketing system as well as a live chat feature for better service delivery.

Cloud Dedicated Servers

RoseHosting Dedicated Servers

You can get pretty simple hosting with dedicated servers. You will be able to collaborate with developers to build upstream applications and websites. Virtualization allows you to divide an Internet server into several virtual servers. Mobile apps, social media, games, and video streaming area units are all supported.

RoseHosting Cloud VPS provides plenty of resources to handle even the most rigorous setups. Multi-core Xeon processors, 24+ GB RAM, 500 GB NVMe storage, and other notable feature area drives are included. What is the most effective part?

It is the only one that measures information without restrictions. However, it will cost you almost $1,200 monthly.

RoseHosting Customer Support

RoseHosting could also be happy with its customer service team.

RoseHosting Support

We were able to communicate with the associate degree agent via chat. Support workers are often out there. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly the person we spoke to resolved all of our queries.

The information base is incredibly glorious. There are many topics in the problem-solving area unit. Before contacting the customer service team. You will almost get an answer to most of your problems.

Try the ticketing system if you have a ballast that needs detailed clarification. We also tend to put it to the test, and it took about ninety minutes for the specialists to respond to our queries.

In general, RoseHosting praises the warmth and enthusiasm of the support team to help in any scenario.

RoseHosting Pricing

RoseHosting Reviews Plans

Below the area unit are RoseHosting’s rating schemes.

Web hostingUsers get free cPanel, unlimited FTP accounts, and a Softaculous installer.$7.15/Month
WordPressUnlimited apps/websites, weekly backups, and premium support are all included.$7.99/Month
VPS hostingIt comes with root access, firewall hardening, and an obsessive information processing address. Get 10% OFF Yearly Billing.$39.59/Month
RoseHosting OdooYou’ll get fully managed services, NVMe storage, and over 4TB of data measurement.$43.99/month
Dedicated serversIncludes Xeon-powered servers, 24+ GB of RAM, and unlimited data metering.$299.00/Month

The company only offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. It is a fraction of the duration of normal business.

Do We Recommend RoseHosting?

RoseHosting is one of the most reliable web hosting providers out there. The company offers a wide range of services, including those that its competitors have yet to offer, such as NVMe hosting.

Is RoseHosting Worth it

Furthermore, the company is one of the most well-known web hosting providers, having been in business since 2001 and providing its buyers with over 380,000 virtual personal servers.

On the other hand, the company markets itself as a high-end web host with many extra services.

Together, this suggests that the company’s rating is higher than the industry average. As a result, RoseHosting is a better fit for businesses and individuals willing to pay a higher rate for a high-quality web hosting service.


The RoseHosting company offers a diverse portfolio of products, including shared hosting, WordPress, and VPS. The value may be a bit on the dear side.


You get access to a plethora of productivity-enhancing tools. To test the waters, you’ll be able to use the 7-day money-back guarantee. There are plenty of options worth trying, as you’ll see in our RoseHosting review.

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