HostGator vs A2 Hosting Comparison For (2024) – 1 Winner!

HostGator vs A2 Hosting Comparison: A2 Hosting and HostGator are among the most reliable high-quality web hosting services on the market. Both measure well-known names in the industry, however, there are some variations in their testing options and plans.

While A2 Hosting is very performance-oriented, HostGator is meant to be simple to use. While they each have their variations and similarities, they are bright on the one hand: they host your website. however, which one do you have to choose?

I’ve compared each vendor’s evaluation, usability, performance, security, and customer support to work out each vendor’s strengths and uncover the weakest. Well, as long as there’s no fuss, let’s see if one comes out on top.

HostGatorA2 Hosting
Price FromFrom $2.75/monthFrom $2.99/month
Free DomainYesNo
Payment TypesCredit/debit card, PayPal, check, cash orders, wire transfersCredit/debit card, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfers, and checks or cash orders
Hosting TypesShared hosting plans, WordPress, VPS, cloud, reseller, and dedicated serverShared, Managed, VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated WordPress Hosting
Control PanelNative user interface +cPanelWHMCS +cPanel
Average Speed525ms597ms
Monitored Uptime>99.99%99.99%
Uptime Guarantee99.9%99.9%
Server LocationsThe USAMichigan (USA), Arizona (USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Singapore (Singapore)
SecuritySSL certificates, server-level firewalls, two-factor authenticationFree SSL, DDoS protection, server-level firewall, 24/7 server enforcement, server hardening, virus scanning, brute force defense, and 2-factor authentication
Support24/7 live chat, 24/7 phone support, content24/7 live chat, ticketing, and phone
Website MigrationA free WordPress/cPanel migration and migration between serversFree site migration
ExtrasEmail accountsStaging and email accounts
Money-back Guarantee45 daysAny-time

A2 Hosting vs HostGator: General info

Both A2 Hosting and HostGator measure reasonable and popular hosting solutions. While A2 Hosting may be a security and performance-oriented hosting provider, HostGator is generally called a stripped-down yet comprehensive hosting provider.

Let’s take a look at how these two compare side by side. However, if you want to know which one is healthier, skip to the final recommendations at the top.

A2 Hosting vs HostGator: Pricing Comparison

When it comes to cost, HostGator can be a more cost-effective option, with costs ranging from $2.75/mo to $5.25/mo for their shared hosting plans. At the same time, A2 Hosting starts at the same $2.99/mo mark but goes up to $12.99/mo.

Along with shared hosting, both providers jointly have:

Shared Hosting✔️✔️
WordPress Hosting✔️✔️
Cloud Hosting✔️
VPS Hosting✔️✔️
Reseller Hosting✔️✔️
Dedicated Hosting✔️✔️
Visit A2 HostingVisit HostGator

While each provider has various hosting options, the main focus of this A2 Hosting vs HostGator comparison is shared hosting.

Now, before you compare booth hosts side by side, you need to acknowledge that A2 Hosting does not accept a free domain with any of their plans. However, you will purchase a custom domain from the provider ($14.95 to $79.95 per year). In contrast, all HostGator shared plans include a free domain.

Speaking of the most profitable plans of HostGator and A2 Hosting, they both allow you to host a website and come with a free SSL certificate.

Regardless of the similarities, here are the differences:

  • A2 Hosting Startup ($2.99/mo) includes 100GB of storage, unlimited emails, a double firewall, brute force defense, a virus scanner, and advanced DDOS protection.
  • HostGator’s offspring ($2.75/mo) includes unlimited storage and email accounts, plus unmetered data metrics, free name registration, and a server-level firewall.

A2 Hosting offers generous security measures and plenty of disk space, even with its basic configuration. however, if you’re looking for unlimited disk space, free domain, SSL, and unlimited data measurement, HostGator may be a step up.

However, keep in mind that the most profitable does not essentially mean the most effective. So what configuration do you have to choose?

A2 Hosting offers four shared internet hosting packages with costs ranging from $2.99/month to $12.99/month.

If you are looking for a complete package with glorious server speed, take a look at Turbo Boost settings. For just $6.99/month you will be able to host unlimited websites on performance-enhanced Turbo servers. What’s more, the package includes unlimited NVMe SSD storage and free automatic backups.

Best Value

To get the best value for your money, you can choose the 3-year subscription configuration of Turbo Boost, where you pay $251.64 upfront. The renewal value will be around $754.92 for the next cycle.

HostGator offers three shared hosting plans priced between $2.75/month and $5.25/month.

When it comes to the best price, HostGator recommends their Baby configuration. and that I must agree. For just $0.75/month more than Hatchling’s worth, you can’t host as many sites as you want.

Best Value

To get the best deal for the lowest value, choose the infant configuration with a 3-year subscription. Direct payment can be as low as $126, while renewal can increase to $358.20 for the next three years.

One issue to be aware of, however, is that the two hosts measure completely differently when looking at their money-back guarantees. Therefore, A2 Hosting is confident in its services that in addition to a regular 30-day money-back guarantee policy, it offers an anytime money-back guarantee for unused services. At the same time, HostGator also comes with a fairly extended 45-day money-back guarantee.

All in all, looking at the price alone, HostGator will offer cheaper costs. The host includes all the basics, a kind of free domain, SSL, and generous server resources, free of charge..

Hosting Management: Ease Of Use

Both HostGator and A2 Hosting are pretty easy to use and use cPanel to manage websites. However, HostGator takes the lead in this round. It is a result of the clean native computer program that provides short links to cPanel options like domains and the Softaculous application installer.

When it comes to administration, A2 Hosting uses a combination of a simplified WHMCS panel and a cPanel. Currently talking about the account management panel, is a normal design, but it may seem outdated to some users. However, it’s mostly used for requesting and accessing cPanel so that you won’t spend too much time there.

As for cPanel, it’s easy. they are all quality options like domain names, files, databases, and security tools. More so, it will simply track your resource usage here as well.

This is what cPanel looks like:

This is what cPanel looks like Review-Itis
This is what cPanel looks like

More so, here you can also simply track your resource usage. Most importantly, this may be where you’ll find the Softaculous 1-Click App Installer, which may be required to install WordPress or another CMS of your choice.

Now speaking of HostGator, in terms of simple usage, it’s simple. The provider comes with a clean and useful native desktop program, as well as a cPanel integration for additional advanced settings.

The native software is used for every request and administration of the website, as it contains all the key shortcuts to cPanel. These cover domain, SSL, and email management, as well as a 1-click WordPress installation. In a nutshell, you will be able to create your website without even leaving this interface. However, if you want to manage all aspects of your website, the cPanel is also there to help you.

The cPanel allows you to add/remove domain names, activate SSL, install any content management system (CMS) via the Softaculous application installer, manage website backups, restore data, and access the file manager. In addition, you will be able to monitor resource usage and optimize space.

HostGator vs A2 Hosting Comparison Review-Itis
HostGator vs A2 Hosting Comparison

Appearance-wise, HostGator’s cPanel comes with a custom skin that makes it look sleeker and more modern than A2 Hosting’s cPanel interface.

In the end, both webs hosting providers are quite easy to use and are available with cPanel integrations. However, HostGator leads with its intuitive style and quite an additional simple panel.

A2 Hosting vs HostGator Performance

Performance-wise, HostGator and A2 Hosting aren’t that dissimilar from one another. Although both of them boast an impressive 99.99 percent uptime, HostGator may be a more responsive and quick choice overall.

Uptime and Response Time

The first test aims to judge how reliable each host is in terms of the period. The combos were tested for about two months, and throughout the entire period, they proved to be extremely reliable, with HostGator taking a small peak.

In two months, A2 Hosting had four outages, which was equivalent to seven minutes. This still has LEDs for a truly spectacular 99.99% uptime.

Considering the host only offers a usual 99.9% uptime guarantee, I consider this a huge win.

Uptime and Response Time Review-Itis
Uptime and Response Time

Looking at response times, A2 Hosting averages 597ms. While this is nothing to worry about, the time may be just short of the 600ms market average.

Moving to HostGator, in very, very little over two months, the host experienced only three outages, resulting in five minutes of total duration. This has LEDs for near-perfect >99.99% uptime.

The results of the term are appreciated even more when it is known that the official guarantee of the term guarantees 99.9%.

HostGator vs A2 Hosting Comparison Review-Itis
HostGator vs A2 Hosting Comparison

Now specializing in response times, HostGator showed an average time of 525ms. Like A2 Hosting, HostGator may be very little preparing for the 600ms market average. However, it influenced in being a little faster than the previous one.

All things well thought out, each provider undisputed reliable period results. However, HostGator took the lead with its slightly higher time frame and faster reaction time.

Website Speed

The second test compares the speed at which each provider’s website loads. And it appears that HostGator will win the title once more.

To effectively compare the 2, here are most of the measurements I took into consideration:

  • Largest Content Paint (LCP): This is the time it takes for most of the positioning. Since Google takes this into account once it ranks sites on the search results page, aim for a time of less than two.5 seconds.
  • Full Charge Time: Indicates the time in which the placement and each of the components was fully charged. For the simplest user experience, aim for a time less than three seconds.

To ensure the same testing conditions, each host is hosted and tested from the US.

As for A2 Hosting, the provider showed a very fast LCP of 1.3s, which leaves a lot of maneuvering until you hit the unwanted 2.5s.3

Website Speed Review-Itis
Website Speed

In terms of full load time, it was behind, at just 1.4s. He didn’t even halfway through the suggested easy pose of three seconds.

One thing to remember is to select the server that is nearest to your audience for the quickest page load. A2 Hosting provides data centers across Asia and Europe in addition to the US.

If you currently shift your focus to HostGator, it’s an undisputed AN LCP of one.1s, that’s not even half of the unwanted two.5.

HostGator vs A2 Hosting Comparison Review-Itis
HostGator vs A2 Hosting Comparison

Loaded time was a detailed track, being 1.2s. in a short time like that.

However, when it comes to server locations, HostGator has its data centers only in the US. However, if you use CloudFare CDN (content delivery network), it caches your website to a worldwide network of servers.

In short, when it comes to loading times, both providers went hand in hand, but HostGator managed to come out on top a bit.

All things considered, each provider’s square measure is reliable in terms of the period. However, HostGator proved to be a bit faster than the two, showing a higher timeframe and faster load times.

Website Security

When it comes to security, A2 Hosting takes the lead and comes with a very comprehensive set of security tools. At the same time, HostGator’s offerings are measured on many basics.

Here they measure the tools each host incorporates into even their entry-level plans:

  • Free SSL Certificates,
  • Server-level firewalls,
  • 2-factor authentication.

While this is often all you can get with HostGator {free|free|free|free|free}, A2 Hosting goes all out and throws in plenty of security tools. , free.

  • A2 Hosting offers a sophisticated Let’s Encode SSL certificate for free with all their plans, while HostGator charges an additional $39.99/year for this.
  • All A2 Hosting plans (except Startup) include automatic daily backups. To order automatic backups with HostGator, you’ll need to pay an additional $23.95 a year.
  • A2 Hosting includes DDoS protection, brute force defense, virus scanning, automatic repair, and a Patchman security tool. Requesting a remotely similar donation with HostGator can cost you an additional $1.99/month for the first year and can come back to a daily value of $5.99/month.

In short, A2 Hosting takes the crown in terms of security. The provider comes with a very comprehensive set of basic and advanced security measures, making it one of the most secure web hosting solutions.

Customer Support

In terms of customer support, both A2 Hosting and HostGator offer via live chat and phone 24/7. In addition, A2 Hosting also offers services through the ticketing system. Regardless, each host also has a deep mental object.

Whenever I see the standard of the hosting provider’s customer support team, I value using the live chat option more, as it is the fastest method.

Speaking about A2 Hosting, I connected with a partner agent almost directly. The agent was quick to help Maine with my problems. Within five minutes, the matter was resolved and I was on my merry way. However, A2 Hosting’s most popular support channel is ticketing, which means your queries may be redirected to the ticketing system. which may take longer.

As for HostGator, the truth was quite similar. The affiliation took seconds, plus the agent was nice and quick on his feet. I have unused many queries and in less than ten minutes, I got all the answers.

However, keep in mind that with live chat, the human issue has a big impact on the support standard. This means that your experience can vary greatly depending on the agent you will be connecting with.

If communication with a living person is not the most popular, both providers even have very detailed and informative databases. Here you will be able to notice anything from settings to many advanced issues.

Together, HostGator and A2 Hosting may need their execs and cons in terms of support. However, since A2 Hosting prefers ticketing over live chat support, HostGator proves to be just a small indefinite amount quicker to help.

A2 Hosting vs HostGator: Final Recommendations

All in all, both HostGator and A2 Hosting are incredibly simple and cheap hosting solutions. At the same time, A2 Hosting is phenomenal when it comes to security, while HostGator is a bit more beginner-friendly and quick to help.

Price★★★☆☆★★★★☆HostGator is more affordable than A2 Hosting, with hosting plans starting at $2.75/mo, while A2 Hosting’s plans start at $2.99/mo.
Ease of Use★★★★☆★★★★★HostGator offers a simple panel and software, while A2 Hosting comes with a regular WHMCS + cPanel combination.
Performance★★★★★★★★★★HostGator was much more reliable and much faster than A2 Hosting. Prime period and site load time were > 99.99% and 1.2s, compared to 99.99% and 1.4s for A2 Hosting.
Security★★★★★★★★☆☆While HostGator provides normal, reliable security measures like free SSL and firewall, A2 Hosting is miles ahead with a double firewall, advanced SSL certificate, automatic backups, and more.
Customer Support★★★☆☆★★★★☆A2 Hosting offers excellent phone and lives chat support, but HostGator is much cheaper and faster while offering the same features.

In the A2 Hosting vs HostGator discussion, HostGator emerges as the clear winner. HostGator knocks it out of the park by giving you cheap, feature-rich plans, easy controls, and inexpensive customer support.

However, this does not mean that A2 Hosting is not an acceptable candidate. If you are looking for an extremely secure hosting solution, A2 Hosting could be an extremely appropriate candidate.

Alternatives to A2 Hosting and HostGator

While A2 Hosting and HostGator are great options, they don’t fit your desires. If that’s the case, there are plenty of great hosting solutions on the market, with Hostinger and Bluehost being some of the most popular.


Hostinger is famous for its low-cost shared web hosting plans starting at $2.59/month. Even assuming the price is incredibly cheap, the host is fully loaded in terms of speed-enhancing features like LiteSpeed ​​network server, multiple data center locations, and inherent caching.

Furthermore, the host has a cheap customer support and an easy interface.


Bluehost is another extremely affordable and easy-to-use hosting service for beginners, with costs starting at $2.95/month. The provider also comes with all the essential features, like a free domain partner with an SSL certificate, to get a website up and running quickly.

Furthermore, Bluehost values ​​ease of use and are available with a well-organized native software + user-preferred cPanel.

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Is HostGator Better Than A2 Hosting?

Yes, HostGator is healthier than A2 Hosting thanks to its slightly more profitable costs, sensible performance, and simple usage. although A2 Hosting offers a more robust security package.

Which One Is More Affordable: HostGator or A2 Hosting?

HostGator offers more affordable shared hosting plans starting at $2.75/mo, while the A2 Hosting trial starts at $2.99/mo.

HostGator vs A2 Hosting for WordPress Hosting – Which is Better?

HostGator is more convenient for WordPress as it offers you a one-click WordPress installation. You can launch templates and plugins together easily.

Do both HostGator and A2 Hosting Offer Money-back Guarantees?

Yes, HostGator and A2 Hosting go together with money-back guarantees. A2 Hosting offers you an associate-grade money-back guarantee at any time, while HostGator includes a 45-day money-back policy.

Is HostGator Faster Than A2 Hosting?

Yes, HostGator is the faster option, with faster full load time and LCP than A2 Hosting.

Do I Get a Free Domain with Both HostGator and A2 Hosting?

No, you will not get free domains if you select A2 Hosting, while HostGator includes a free domain with all of their shared hosting plans.

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