When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Supplies (2024)

Hey there, fellow bargain hunters! As someone who appreciates a good deal, I understand the struggle of navigating the world of makeup, where affordable drugstore gems coexist with luxurious high-end options. Determining When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup can be a tough decision!

Fear not, for I have embarked on a beauty journey, testing products across various price ranges, and I’m here to spill the beans on what’s worth the extra dough and what you can save on. Let’s dive right in!

What we mean by “When to Splurge vs. When to Save”

What we mean by "When to Splurge vs. When to Save" - Review-Itis
When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Supplies (2024)

When it comes to Splurging, there are certain products that can make a world of difference:

One area worth investing in is a high-quality foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly and offers long-lasting coverage. A well-formulated foundation can transform your complexion and provide a flawless base for the rest of your makeup. Additionally, investing in a high-end eyeshadow palette can be a game-changer. The superior pigmentation, blendability, and longevity of these palettes can elevate your eye looks to a whole new level of artistry.

Now, let’s talk about Saving:

While there are certain products where it’s worth loosening the purse strings, there are also fantastic affordable options that rival their pricier counterparts. Lipsticks, for example, are an area where you can definitely save without sacrificing quality. Drugstore brands offer an impressive range of shades, finishes, and comfortable formulas that can rival their high-end counterparts. Similarly, mascara is another product category where you can find fantastic options at a fraction of the cost. Don’t be afraid to explore the drugstore aisles for mascaras that deliver on length, volume, and longevity without emptying your wallet.

Here Are Out When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Recommendations

Splurge on Foundations

Splurge on Foundations - Review-Itis
When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Supplies (2024)

When it comes to foundation, it’s important to consider your skin type and tone before making a purchase. If you happen to be blessed with perfect skin and an average skin tone, you can certainly get away with opting for a more budget-friendly foundation without too many concerns. However, if you have specific needs such as sensitive or blemished skin or a very fair or dark complexion, investing in a quality foundation becomes crucial.

Here’s the deal: drugstore foundations often fall short when it comes to offering a wide range of shades and formulas compared to their luxurious counterparts. Take, for instance, Covergirl’s “TruBlend” liquid foundation, which boasts only 21 shades, while MAC’s “Studio Fix” line offers a whopping 40. If you’re seeking a foundation that matches your skin tone, it’s worth splurging on a product that provides a broader color range and caters to your needs.

Save on Blushes

Save on Blushes - Review-Itis
When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Supplies (2024)

When it comes to blush, let’s be real—spending a fortune is hardly necessary unless you’re absolutely convinced that Nars’ infamous “Orgasm” shade is the perfect fit for your face. (We all know the allure of that name, don’t we?)

Unless you’re aiming for a bold and dramatic coral or orchid, look on your cheeks, most regular pink blushes will deliver the rosy glow you desire without breaking the bank. So, save your hard-earned cash and opt for an affordable option that does the job just as well.

Now, when it comes to texture, here’s a pro tip: go for a cream blush. Cream formulas are a dream to blend and offer higher pigmentation compared to their powder counterparts. With Maybelline’s “Dream Bouncy Blush” coming in at around $8, it’s a fantastic choice that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. So, embrace the pink and achieve that perfect, natural flush with a budget-friendly cream blush that won’t disappoint.

Splurges on Bronzers

Splurges on Bronzers - Review-Itis
When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Supplies (2024)

Bronzer, my fellow beauty enthusiasts, is one product where splurging can make a real difference. Unlike the basic ones you might find at your local Target, expensive bronzers often boast finely ground pigments that elevate your look to new heights. Let’s face it, a bronzer that appears orange, sparkly, or ruddy can be a real deal-breaker. That’s why investing in a higher-end option with finely milled pigments is key to achieving the best results.

When shopping for a bronzer, aim for a subtle shimmer rather than noticeable sparkles, and ensure it’s just one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. This rule holds particularly true for those with fair skin. Opt for a bronzer with peach undertones to avoid that dreaded orangey hue. For a radiant glow that won’t leave you looking like you just smeared dirt on your face, try Too Faced’s “Snow Bunny” bronzer at $30. It strikes the perfect balance, providing a beautiful glow without any unwanted effects.

Save on Powder

Save on Powder - Review-Itis
When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Supplies (2024)

You see, most powders are translucent in nature, so fretting over matching the color to your skin tone becomes a non-issue.

Whether you choose an affordable option or splurge on a pricier alternative, the effectiveness remains largely the same. So why spend more when you can achieve the desired results without draining your wallet? Take NYX Studio finishing powder, for example. Priced at a mere $10, this super-fine powder does an outstanding job of keeping your makeup intact for hours. It’s proof that you can achieve a flawless, long-lasting finish without emptying your pockets.

So, my fellow makeup enthusiasts, remember that when it comes to setting powders, save your hard-earned money and go for the affordable options that deliver just as well.

Splurge on Eyeshadow

Splurge on Eyeshadow - Review-Itis
When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Supplies (2024)

When it comes to eye shadows, my friends, investing in the pricier options can make all the difference. You see, not only do expensive eye shadows offer a wider range of captivating colors, but they also boast superior blendability and remarkable staying power.

Sure, if you’re aiming to rock that trendy aqua blue eye shadow for a one-time occasion, an inexpensive option might do the trick. However, if you desire eye shadows that you can wear daily or effortlessly blend into a flawless smoky eye, it’s worth splurging a little more. The quality and performance of high-end eye shadows will leave you with a seamless application and a look that lasts all day.

Save on Eyeliner

Save on Eyeliner - Review-Itis
When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Supplies (2024)

Let me share my preference for eyeliner: Maybelline’s “Lasting Drama” gel eyeliner. Trust me when I say, nothing compares to the perfection this gem delivers. With its smooth application, unwavering staying power, and effortless creation of flawless winged eyeliner, people will think you’ve spent hours perfecting your look when it only took a minute.

And the cherry on top, my friends, is that this beauty usually doesn’t cost more than $7. Yes, you heard me right! There’s absolutely no reason to break the bank when the affordable option is as exceptional as this one. So, go ahead and achieve the winged eyeliner dreams you’ve always had without the hefty price tag. Maybelline’s “Lasting Drama” gel eyeliner is here to make your eyes pop without breaking your budget.

Save or Splurge on Masacara

Save or Splurge on Masacara - Review-Itis
When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Supplies (2024)

The world of mascara, where the choice can make or break your lash game. If you’re content with enhancing your naturally long lashes, my friends, fear not! Cheaper mascaras will serve you just fine. However, if you crave those eye-catching, voluminous lashes that demand attention and refuse to flake, it’s time to reach into your pockets and splurge on a more high-quality option.

Let me introduce you to the life-changing wonder known as Benefit’s “They’re Real!” mascara. Sure, the full-size tube might come with a hefty price tag of $23, but fear not, for there’s a smarter way to indulge. Opt for the smaller $10 tube, my friends, for, in the long run, it’s the wiser choice. Remember, mascara should bid its farewell every few months, so go ahead and treat yourself without breaking the bank.

Save on Lipstick

Save on Lipstick - Review-Itis
When to Splurge vs. When to Save on Makeup Supplies (2024)

If you have that one signature shade you adore and want to rock it every single day, my friends, feel free to splurge on an expensive option like Chanel or MAC. Treat yourself, for you deserve to indulge in a little luxury.

However, when it comes to lipstick in general, it’s a realm where you can save some hard-earned cash—especially if you love to play with colors. Don’t fret about the price tag, as long as it’s not ridiculously cheap, for even affordable lipsticks won’t dry out your precious lips. You might think that buying an expensive lipstick guarantees longer-lasting wear, but let me tell you a little secret: any lipstick can have incredible staying power if you know the right tricks.

Here’s a game-changer for you: after applying your chosen lipstick, give it a gentle blot with a tissue, then layer it with a touch of translucent powder (yes, the very same one you use to set your foundation). And apply another coat of lipstick, give it another gentle blot, and voila! Your lips are now ready to withstand the test of time. With this tried-and-true technique, your lipstick will last all night, my friends.


In the exciting world of makeup, the eternal question of when to splurge and when to save on your beloved beauty supplies always lingers. After delving into the depths of this topic, we’ve discovered some valuable insights that will help you make the most informed decisions. Remember, my fellow makeup enthusiasts, when it comes to foundation, it’s wise to invest in a quality product, especially if you have specific skin concerns.

On the other hand, blush and setting powder are areas where you can save some bucks without sacrificing quality or performance. Lastly, while eyeshadows and eyeliners can be a splurge for everyday use or intricate looks, you’ll find fantastic options within budget-friendly ranges that can cater to your artistic desires. So go forth, my friends, armed with this newfound wisdom, and create makeup magic without breaking the bank!

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