Celo VPN Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

In this review, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Celo VPN.

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

Viajes de Celo VPN by Celo Net Pty Ltd.

It is a firm established in Australia with 18 servers in 15 countries. In the larger scheme of things, it’s insignificant.

But that’s not always unpleasant.


Small often means “personal”. Small often means “friendly”.

So don’t let that scare you off.

In this Celo VPN review, we’ll find out if “small” can be a good thing. Or if size matters in the end.

Celo VPN Overview

OVERALL RANK:#22 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY:Easy, but many limitations, including no city server locations
LOG FILES:No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:15 countries, 18 servers
SUPPORT:Email, live chat, and knowledge base
TORRENTING:Limited Torrenting 

Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

Let’s see what else they are doing right.

Despite its small stature, Celo VPN does a couple of things very well. Their logging policy is legitimate, they need a lot of protocol options, and they allow free torrenting.

Doesnt Collect Logs

Celo VPN does not collect logs of the web user’s browsing history or the use of online services.

That means they won’t log the individual sites you visit or anything you stream and download.

However, according to their Privacy Policy page and Terms of Service, they are collecting quite a bit of information.

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

Like most other VPNs, they gather your email address and payment information.

It is, however, optional to include your name. Celo VPN does not keep any of the processed data on its servers because all payments are conducted through a third party.

Supports 3 Protocols with AES-256 Encryption

OpenVPN, IKEv2, SSTP, and L2TP / IPSec are the four protocols supported by Celo VPN.

In the vast majority of circumstances, you’ll want to use OpenVPN. Otherwise, IPSec is frequently used by default on iOS devices.

Celo VPN also uses industry-standard 256-bit encryption.

This is a cutting-edge encryption protocol. As a result, you will have nothing to be concerned about.

Allow Torrenting

Celo VPN won’t offer many servers out of the box.

However, the good news is that they will all allow you to torrent all of them.

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

They voluntarily provide comprehensive tutorials for popular clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent, and more.

I tried Celo VPN with uTorrent and it worked as something of a charm. Setup was quick and there have been no major connection issues or lags.

Celo VPN works with Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android. The Support section has detailed instructions for a way to stay up-to-date with each platform.

Celo VPN also works with most routers and therefore the Tor browser. Plus, they cover both Apple TV and game consoles permanently.

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

However, there is a downside.

Since Celo VPN works on OpenVPN by default, there is actually no app to install on your smartphone and tablet.

Instead, you should try to go through complicated settings with the OpenVPN application and then manually connect to the servers. But the knowledge domain has step-by-step instructions, so it shouldn’t fail.

You can use an equivalent Celo VPN account on up to 5 devices at the same time.

Offers Many Features

The only difference with Celo VPN plans is the registration period.

Otherwise, all of their plans come fully loaded with amazing features.

For example, each package will provide:

  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Free SOCKS5 & Shadowsocks Proxy
  • OpenVPN (TCP/UDP)
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • SSTP (Windows OS Only)
  • IKEv2
  • Up To 5 Connections Simultaneously
  • IPv6 Support
  • Ad/Malware Blocker
  • Obfuscated SSH Tunnel Port Forward.

Works with Tor

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

Tor can be a security-oriented internet browser and stands for The Onion Router. It is commonly used to access the Dark Web (where online addresses end in .onion), also to anonymize your web activity. Tor does so by running its web traffic through what is called “Tor Relays”, which are servers that thousands of volunteers travel across the planet. It redirects your web traffic so much that it is impossible to report where the point of origin is.

The good news is that the Tor browser is completely compatible with Celo VPN. Let’s hear it for increasing your online anonymity and security.

No Leaks Found

Hiding your real location is almost the first basis for a VPN.

There should be no clue left for governments or websites to find out that you are using a proxy server.

If your VPN says you’re in Toronto, but online says you’re actually in “New York,” your connection may have leaked.

DNS leaks undermine the whole sense of a VPN service in the first place. That’s why we run various tests to make sure your connection is leak-proof.

Fortunately, Celo VPN did not leak our IP / DNS addresses.

  • https://ipleak.net/ –  (none found)
  • https://www.perfect-privacy.com/check-ip – (none found)
  • https://ipx.ac/run – (none found)
  • https://browserleaks.com/webrtc (none found)
  • https://www.perfect-privacy.com/dns-leaktest/ – (none found)
  • https://dnsleak.com – (none found)

No IP leaks:

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

No DNS leaks:

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

We also run the VPN installation files through VirusTotal to make sure they are perfectly clean before infecting your device. Unfortunately, we found 2 viruses.

However, you don’t need to worry because if you see 3 or more viruses, you need to worry.

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis


There were a couple of bumps along the way when connecting to the Celo VPN servers.

Not terrible, but not the smoothest experience either.

However, there were many other problems that we saw that ended up being much worse.

The most important issues we had with the service are detailed in-depth below.

Difficult to set

Celo VPN is usually easy to use.

Except for five numbers. (Which are five too many questions).

First, you will notice that no native application is actually provided. which means you will need to configure OpenVPN with your settings.

Hit one.

Second, it is a bummer to actually find this information.

So I will avoid the hassle:

Here is the link to the page with all the OpenVPN downloads. presumably, you will first need to log in along with your customer information. So please confirm that your account is A-OK.

Now, download the version you want. Once installed, open it and you will get the login window.

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

Drop the list of servers and choose which country you would like.

Once again, curiously, the countries are not written in their entirety.

For example, “NL” stands for the Netherlands, “we” for the United States, “UK” for the United Kingdom, and so forth. If you become lost, use Google as your guide.

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

If you’ve only read the other VPN review, you’ll realise that there’s something lacking here.

Most other services, even the tiniest ones, will tell you where each server is located, down to the town.

Celo VPN, on the other hand, does not do so. They just provide you with the country code.

That’s a bit fishy, ​​to be honest.

Celo VPN could be telling the truth for what we all know. However, unfortunately, most VPNs are on their servers.

They will not be located where you think they are. that could be a problem in this case because Celo VPN already has a low number of initial servers.

You may have to fight other users for limited resources on a saturated server. If you are forced to connect to a server in the middle of the world, the top result (slow speeds) is still equivalent.

Next, you will enter your username and password. then it will ask for permission to connect to the server. Say “Yes” and you are connected.

Last problem arises here:

If you want to connect to a special server, you will have to disconnect from the current one.

Only then will you be able to choose a replacement from the drop-down list.

Keep in mind:

If you are on a Windows device, confirm that your kill switch is on before disconnecting. Otherwise, your actual location will be called outdoors temporarily while it bounces to a different server.

Member Of The Five Eyes

Celo VPN is based in Australia.

Beautiful country, as well as the people that live there. However, Australia is a founding member of the multi-decade-old Five Eyes arrangement.

This is where five countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) agreed to openly share the intelligence collected under the name “World Peace”.

But that also applies to whatever data your government agencies are ready to collect. Which, according to basically any report you read, can be a lot of things.

For that reason alone, you need to be careful before signing up for Celo VPN.

Think carefully about your reasons for getting a VPN in the first place. Because you would possibly live to regret it when your data could be shared with half the developed world.

Speeds are Average

VPNs must be secure. But they should even be fast.

Any extra layer of encryption you add will naturally hamper your connection.

However, you shouldn’t be forced to affect dial-up speeds just to remain anonymous.

After leak and malware testing, we ran each VPN through a series of speed tests to make sure you’re not forced to travel back to the Stone Age of the web.

Overall, Celo VPN worked well. They ranked 24th out of 78 VPNs we’ve tested so far.

First, we conduct a speed test with no other connections. My initial download and upload speeds were 90.90 Mbps and 34.38 Mbps, respectively.

Next, we connect to different VPN servers and test again.

This is what we saw on the US server:

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

U.S. Server (Arizona)

  • Ping: 170 ms
  • Download: 41.65 Mbps (54.2% slower)
  • Upload: 8.53 Mbps (75.2% slower)

That’s not good. possibly also return to homing pigeons.

Then the EU server:

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

EU Server (Paris)

  • Ping: 38 ms
  • Download: 69.05 Mbps (24% slower)
  • Upload: 28.36 Mbps (17.5% slower)

Ok, ugh. That wasn’t so bad.

It seems their European servers are not terrible. But be careful with the Americans.

This brings us to our next issue.

Limited Server Network

Has 18 servers in 15 countries.

That’s bad for a couple of reasons.

First, you’ll remember that we don’t actually know which cities these servers are in when they go online.

The second problem compounds this. many people connecting to a couple of servers almost guarantee slow performance. (See US server above).

Why not just switch servers? Yes, good idea!

Except for one thing.

If you are forced to connect to a server that is several time zones away, because there are not enough servers closer to you, you will run into an equivalent problem.

Generally speaking, your performance will be better when you are physically closer to the server.

So taking a short trip around the world whenever you want to make a connection is another recipe for disaster.

Kill Switch on Windows 7 & 10

Celo VPN forces you to disconnect before changing servers.

That is not necessarily the top of the planet if you have a kill switch.

Think of it as an insurance plan. It’s there once you need it to make sure your actual location and browsing session is not shared with the planet.

But the thing is, Celo VPN’s kill switch only works with Windows 7 and 10.

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

Yes. That’s how it is.

Without mac or iOS. And neither does Windows 8.

The other problem is that there is no change to the OpenVPN software for Windows users. you have to make adjustments to the Windows system itself, which can intimidate tons of people.

Customer service claims that doing it at the “operating system level” is much easier and desktop kill switches “tend not to work all the time.”

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

Netflix Doesn’t Work

We understand.

You want to broadcast what you want, where you want. Without a huge Bad Studio telling you what you will or won’t see.

There is only one problem.

Netflix has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. now they will identify popular VPN servers and shut down thousands of people in one go.

We tested Celo VPN to determine if they were ready to escape the reach of Hollywood.

But sadly, they didn’t even come close.

Zero of the five servers I tried worked.

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

I’d go as far as to search for a specific show, hit the Play button, then …… nothing. you could tell me I used to be an evil person with a proxy server and send me on my way.

This despite the fact that customer service insists that they do have “some” Netflix servers. they just can’t or don’t want to tell me which one of them.

I don’t get mad.

Neither should you.

Customer Support is Bad

Customer Support is often contacted via email, social media, and live chat. There is also a Support section that you will inspect before emailing them.

Sounds promising right?

So I sent three questions to Customer Service:

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

Cost, Plans & Payment Methods

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

Celo VPN has monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans. everything is fully loaded with features. therefore, the only difference is the amount of the prepayment and the duration of the contract.

You can buy Celo VPN via credit or debit, PayPal, or Payza (a Canadian online payment platform).

Celo VPN Review By Review - itis
Celo VPN Review By Review – itis

Now for some really exciting news. They take virtually TWENTY different coins, including Bitcoin.

Cash, on the other hand, is not supported.

Otherwise, you may take advantage of a two-day free trial to test the service. There’s also a 10-day money-back guarantee from the time you buy it.

There will be no refund if you wait longer than 10 days.

There are also a couple of other potential issues within the Terms of Service that can affect your refund.

The first is that refunds will be granted backed by the USD exchange rate at the time of the refund, not the date of the first purchase. In other words, the particular amount you revisit could be a little more or, but you paid initially.

The type of payment you use is very significant. If the money cannot be refunded to you for whatever reason, they will provide you a product service instead.

Do You Recommend Celo VPN?


I mean, look what you get.

Great prices, an easy-to-use desktop app, torrent support, strong encryption, and no logging.

Of course, Australia’s membership in the Five Eyes deal is concerning from a privacy and security standpoint. But as long as you are not looking for ISIS and Google Maps training manuals for the optimal route to Syria, then I assume that the standard user does not have an inordinate amount of stress.

However, the downsides are too great at the end of the day.

Your site and user experience are frustrating. Speeds are only average, you can’t use Netflix, the kill switch isn’t really practical. Also, there have been various DNS leaks and malware issues.

In general, I recommend starting at the top of our list of the top ten VPNs.

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