Best SEO Web Hosting Providers in (2024) – Ranked!

This article will highlight the Best SEO Web Hosting Providers, explaining what each provider is best at.

Seeing that you have clicked on this text, we assume that you have thought about what SEO is. Except for those who don’t know, it means Program Optimization. It is the method of improving the visibility of your website on Google, which may somehow disappear.

Why is SEO important? Just think, you will have the world’s most amazing e-commerce website or store, but that won’t matter one bit if no one can find it.

Your hosting provider can affect your SEO. There are a variety of features that a hosting provider offers to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

We’ve done our research to find the simplest SEO hosting providers for you. and what are they …

  1. HostGator – Best for uptime and speed.
  2. GoDaddy Hosting – Best for Server Location and Additional Features.
  3. SiteGround – Best for SSL.
  4. InMotion – Best for Backups.
  5. A2 Hosting – Best for Help and Support.

This article will reevaluate each area of ​​SEO, explaining which hosting provider best fits each category. Can you determine the simplest hosting providers for SEO?

Enough talking; let’s get started!

Top 5 Best SEO Web Hosting Providers.
(How to Rank Higher on Google)

There are a few important SEO areas to consider when choosing a hosting provider. We will briefly reevaluate everything below …


This is how long the hosting provider stays up and running. In other words, it’s how long it works. Google may penalize you if your site experiences downtime and cannot be accessed.


Internet users do not like to wait 400 milliseconds for an Internet site to load. High hosting speeds improve your rankings because they also improve the user experience, and Google wants everyone to have an honest moment, right?

Server Location

This is tied to the speed of hosting, so the proximity to your server will affect the loading speed of your website. The more servers, the faster the website load times and the better the program rankings.


This is the security certificate for your website. Google doesn’t like websites that seem untrustworthy, so investing in strong SSL will improve your program’s rankings.


If your site suddenly loses all its data (from an epidemic or hacker, etc.), there is nothing that search engines can rank for. Therefore, thinking about a hosting provider’s backup offers is very important to save many of you from disaster.

Help & Support

Comprehensive and efficient customer support helps your website run smoothly. Almost like uptime and backups, fixing your web hosting problems quickly keeps your site ranking well in search engines.

1. HostGator

Best for Uptime

💲 Price: USD $2.75/mo

💾 Disk Space: 10 GB

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

The longer your website stays up and running, the foundation for a successful website. Google doesn’t like faulty websites because it wants people to find better quality websites more easily.

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Very easy to use.
✅ Cheap billing prices.
⛔ Not suitable for complex websites.
⛔ Limited help center.

Based on our research, HostGator has the simplest uptime of 99.99%. It offers shared, VPS, WordPress, cloud, and dedicated hosting plans, making it something for every type of site.

All new users can enjoy a “Hatchling Plan” of $2.75/month for shared hosting.

Hostgator Pricing

When choosing the simplest hosting provider for SEO, there is definitely a requirement for speed. Having faster load times is important to the user experience, as it keeps visitors on your website, which can eventually improve your site’s ranking.

When it comes to speed and uptime, HostGator eats the competition. It’s the fastest hosting speed, so users won’t leave your site due to slow loading times.

HostGator presents a plan for each type of site. And it’s hard to beat the price, with plans starting at just $2.75 per month.

2. GoDaddy

Best for Server Location

💲 Price: $2.99/month

💾 Disk Space: 30 GB

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Unlimited disk space.
✅ Free Office 365 with Shared Hosting.
⛔ Relatively expensive pricing plans.
⛔ Unlimited offers require careful reading of
the small print.

In terms of server location, the more locations, the higher. Your server situation directly impacts your website performance because the further away the server is, the slower your site will load. This affects the rating of your program, thanks to a bad user experience.

Do you use cloud hosting? Then don’t worry. The servers are only used for shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting (the cloud uses satellites in space).

GoDaddy, the host with the most important (locations), then wins this category. There are seven of them, which suggests that your website is not far from a GoDaddy server.

However, GoDaddy is comparatively more expensive than its competitors, and shared hosting costs between $2.99/mo & $18.99/mo.

GoDaddy WordPress

Since SEO is such a sophisticated method, there are various factors and features which will help your website rank higher. For instance, GoDaddy features a “Search Engine Visibility.” It scans your GoDaddy website and makes recommendations to enhance its Google ranking.

At a price of only $3.99/month, it’s a really cheap hand. GoDaddy also offers free Microsoft Office 365 email and free domains on most plans, so you will see why GoDaddy ranked first in our research for extra features.

GoDaddy has frequent discounts available, with shared hosting plans starting at just $2.99/month if you check in for 3 years.

3. SiteGround

Best for SSL

💲 Price: $3.99/month

💾 Disk Space: 10 GB

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

Your secure socket layer is that your website protection should rank higher in search engines. It encrypts the knowledge sent between the server and the user’s browser. Google doesn’t like untrustworthy sites, as having announced SSL would affect rankings in 2014.

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Automated daily free backups.
✅ Automatic WordPress updates.
⛔ Not the foremost profitable hosting provider out there.
⛔ Limited disk space.

SiteGround was one of the leading providers in providing free SSL to all or or any of their websites and has always been a number one advocate for internet security.

SiteGround focuses on WordPress websites and offers WordPress hosting at the least levels of the plan. However, it’s actually one of the leading adaptive hosting providers on the market. It doesn’t provide VPS hosting, but its WordPress hosting costs between only $3.99/mo & $10.69/month.


4. InMotion Hosting

Best for Backups

💲 Price: USD $2.29/mo

💾 SSD Storage: 100 GB

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

When data is lost, rankings are lost also. What’s the rationale for this? Since search engines prefer websites that are safe and stable to be more accessible online. In other words, they do not want people searching the web for websites that would be hacked or leak personal information.

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ The essential package offers unlimited disk space and a free SSL certificate.
✅ Exclusive WBE “Lite” Shared Hosting Plan ($2.29/month).
⛔ There are not any Windows servers.

InMotion is one of the only hosting providers on the market and wins this category because it offers free backups as standard and has specialized customer support to assist you if you lose data.

Our research found that InMotion is best for shared and VPS hosting, but it also provides WordPress, dedicated, and reseller hosting, with prices starting at $3.49/month.

InMotion Shared Hosting

5. A2 hosting

Best for Help and Support

💲 Price: USD $2.99/mo

💾 SSD Storage: 100 GB

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

You will keep your site running smoothly if your hosting company offers outstanding assistance and support. This is exactly what search engines are looking for a clean, smooth, and stable website.

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ As long as you get your refund.
✅ Windows servers are available in shared hosting.
⛔ Fairly low uptime score of 99.95%.

A2 Hosting ranked first in our help and support research. The appropriately named “Guru Crew” provides personalized assistance, offering a customized support experience. A2 Hosting also offers phone support, live chat, and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 300 and 65 days a year.

It’s also not there only for good customer service. Covers all kinds of accommodation and offers a money-back guarantee at any time. This is often an enormous advantage, supplying you with flexibility if you modify your mind in the future.

A2 Hosting provides unmanaged VPS hosting starting at just $2.99/month, while managed starts at $39.99/month.

A2 Hosting

Are there other hosting providers for SEO?

There are many hosting providers on the market that are good at SEO. Simply because it didn’t win a category doesn’t suggest it offers poor SEO features. So what else is out there?

After HostGator, Bluehost is the second fastest hosting service. This suggests that search engines would favor your website over slower rivals. Furthermore, Bluehost is our main overall hosting company and provides outstanding WordPress hosting.

1 & 1 IONOS is another good hosting service, with all plans including free SSL certificates and backups. Additionally, Dreamhost provides enough space for storage and boasts a 99.95% uptime, which is above average and hence beneficial to SEO.

How does one choose a hosting provider for SEO?

When choosing a hosting provider for SEO, there are a couple of important things to believe. We’ve put together some helpful tips to assist you discover the only provider for you more easily. These are:

  • Is the provider’s speed and uptime impressive? Read customer feedback to urge a more practical idea.
  • Consider your security choices. Are backups and SSL certificates included with all plans, or do they are available at a cost?
  • What is the entire number of server locations that you have? The upper it’s, the higher your machine will perform; therefore, the closer it’s to a server, the higher it’ll perform.
  • Investigate the vendors’ assistance and repair offers. The quicker you overcome web hosting issues, the lower your ranking will suffer.


Now we’ll show you seven items to consider when selecting an SEO hosting company. You’ll also be able to say which provider is the best in each group. Uptime, server location, backups, SSL, and other essential areas are included in these categories.

Remember to look at the provider’s speed and uptime when selecting a provider. It’s unlikely to be effective with 100% uptime, so go for one that has 99.9% or higher.

Consider encryption and backups to keep your website secure and search engines satisfied.

And lastly, confirm that you will have access to full 24/7 customer support to fix your problems quickly and maintain your search engine rankings.

You now recognize how choosing the right hosting provider can really improve your website’s ranking in search engines.


What is the best hosting provider for SEO?

HostGator offers the most powerful SEO features available. It’s the fastest speed and uptime of any provider we’ve tested (99.99%), which is crucial to improving your site’s ranking, and it offers SSL and backups on all plans.

How does a hosting provider affect SEO?

A hosting provider can affect SEO in some way. Top brands will have the features to help improve your site rankings, such as high loading speeds, excellent uptime, free website security, and much of server locations. These are all things that search engines want to see on a website.

Which hosting provider has the best help and support?

A2 Hosting is the best for customer support, with its “Guru Crew” offering help 24/7, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. You also have an excellent knowledge domain, so you will find solutions quickly and easily, which is important to maintain your ranking on Google.

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