Menlo Security Antivirus Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

Menlo Security Antivirus Review In (2024) offers a replacement approach to protect users from web-based threats by preventing them from touching the device.

It behaves as a proxy, or intermediary, between the web and a PC, sending all online queries to the isolation platform, which successively executes the requested actions.

Menlo offers several attractive solutions to increase online security.

Web Browser Protection
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Starting Price

Overview: Menlo Security Antivirus Review

Menlo Security Antivirus Pros & Cons


  • Web browser isolation
  • Fast and smooth
  • Global cloud service
  • Customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


  • Problematic downloads
  • Limit the introduction of new software.
  • Confined to the online browser
  • Privacy concerns
  • No lab results
  • There are no established plan prices.

How to Set It Up & Uninstall

Setting up MenIo is simple, especially since you don’t need to install any new software.

It is cloud-based, so all you would like to try is to enter your credentials once you purchase the plan of your choice. To align it, do the following:

  • Open your browser and access the Internet options.
  • Visit the LAN settings.
  • Check the “Automatic Configuration Script” option.
  • Visit the “Local intranet” area under Security.
  • Uncheck all three options.
  • Restart your browser.


The set of functionalities offered by this security company is impressive in some respects, while it is totally lacking in others. Beat it all. This solution is about to be great for online security but otherwise falls short of the mark.

Features Menlo Security Review-Itis
Features Menlo Security


Money-back GuaranteeYes, a Warranty in Case of a Mistake
Free Version
Parental Controls
Email Protection✔️
VPN Services
Smartphone Optimizer
USD Virus Scans
Automated Virus Scans
Game Mode
Safe Browser✔️
Passive Mode

Threat Protection

Adware Prevention✔️


Menlo prevents threats from entering your device, so it does not offer scanning options.


PlanPriceNumber of DevicesTop Features
Cloud App
N/AN/AData loss prevention, control, and management for cloud applications
Cloud DLPN/AN/AControl in the cloud and protection of personally identifiable information.
Secure G SuiteN/AN/AEmail and link isolation
Secure Office 365N/AN/ACloud proxy on email and SaaS suites
Secure InternetN/AN/AIsolation Core Cloud 
Global Cloud ProxyN/AN/ACloud-based network


Menlo is reasonably priced and offers a generous free trial and guarantee if they fail their customers. In that sense, they do not offer discount options.

Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security Menlo Security Review-Itis
  • Privacy – Email protection and dedication to online safety ensure privacy.
  • Security – This suite will protect you from any malware coming from the web, although not otherwise.

Performance & Protection

Isolation platforms like this offer fantastic protection against all web-based attacks, although they don’t protect devices in other ways.

Malware ProtectionNo malware will pass through MenIo’s isolation platform.
Ransomware DetectionRansomware web pages are automatically isolated to help protect credentials.
Phishing DetectionWith its specialization in safe browsing, this program automatically detects phishing websites.
Spyware DetectionWhenever spyware comes from websites, MenIo can easily detect it.
Firewall ProtectionMenIo doesn’t offer a fanatic firewall.

Lab Test Results

Unfortunately, independent research labs have yet to verify MenIo.

Ease of Use & Interface

The user interface and user experience with MenIo are almost indistinguishable from using browsers without this protection service. Performance is smooth, you continue to see your native browser windows, and all extensions are supported.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer service is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing you with live chat as well as an email address where you will send your inquiries.

You can also visit their support portal full of useful information about merchandise, including documentation, articles, and frequently asked questions.


MenIo can be a security isolation platform that protects end-users from attacks coming from the web. It does this by isolating all browser activity and only letting trusted and proven results pass.

Their approach to web security is top-notch, although running represents a limited security solution, basing their actions on the web only and running from the cloud. While reliable, you might be more satisfied with more traditional anti-malware software like McAfee or a comprehensive protection suite like the one offered by Norton or Trend Micro.

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