AzireVPN Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

AzireVPN may be a unique Sweden-based VPN provider that uses WireGuard instead of OpenVPN. But does this mean that they are more secure (and faster) than other VPN providers?

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

AzireVPN was developed by Netbouncer AB, a Swedish firm (2012).

At the time of scripting this review, they need 22 servers in five different countries.

They claim to have your privacy in mind and point out strong protocols that supposedly keep your online life safe and secure.

But do they?

That’s what we’re going to determine today during this AzireVPN review.

We put them through our 13-step review process to answer and find out if they’ll live up to those lofty expectations.

AzireVPN Overview

OVERALL RANK:#67 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY:Easy to set up and use
LOG FILES:No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:5 countries, 18 servers
SUPPORT:Responsive customer support
NETFLIX:Available in Stockholm, Sweden only

AzireVPN Review By Review – itis


AzireVPN started out strong.

Its no-logging policy is detailed and protected by a “blind operator mode”, which adds another layer of security to an already impressive program.

They are using the simplest VPN protocols and encryption the industry has to offer, including a more modern service that may become the new norm.

Also, Azire works with torrent services and manages to disrupt through Netflix’s VPN ban.

Let’s examine all those positive characteristics one at a time.

No Activity Logging

They say that none of your activity are recorded. On your website, make it extremely apparent.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

That is a huge claim, protected by detailed points. It should be noted that many VPN companies claim that they don’t log your activity, but once you take a closer look at their terms of service and privacy policy, they actually do.

Interestingly, AzireVPN doesn’t have a privacy policy on their site, but I did look at their terms of service.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

They reiterate their policy again, word for word, proving that what is listed on most sites is their official registration stance. There are no hidden terms or backwards language. Amazing.

Its anti-registration stance is backed by a blind operator system. That eliminates the ability for a standard system administrator to question any endpoints or permitted IP information employed by the WireGuard protocol.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

AzireVPN even limits the abilities of its own operators to protect your information. That’s a powerful measure that not many companies are willing to demand.

Good Protocols & Encryption

All the anonymity in the world means nothing without a strong VPN tunneling protocol and high-level encryption to protect your information online.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a VPN service includes its protocol and encryption options. And AzireVPN has several of the simplest.

Its default protocol is OpenVPN. Many often regard it as the industry standard. It is open-source, which means it is constantly maintained by a full security community (compared to a couple of engineers in one company).

This continually keeps OpenVPN on the cutting edge, constantly updated, patched, and vetted.

Azire also uses AES-256 encryption, which is currently the world’s leading secure encryption standard for VPN products.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

I love the proportion of information AzireVPN provides in its protocols. They are clearly satisfied with what they offer, and they should be.

A new tunneling protocol they are promoting is WireGuard.

This VPN protocol is not supported on all platforms and works only on Linux, Mac, Android, and some limited routers. It uses a formally verified construction of the key exchange, and Azire claims that they believe it is superior to OpenVPN.

They cite higher speed and less code as factors that make WireGuard more secure.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

Last but not least, Azire offers a SOCKS5 proxy service, which generally avoids geoblocks placed in content while maintaining a connection to an equivalent tunnel server in another location.

All in all, your information is extremely safe with AzireVPN with many incredible options.

1/4 Servers Work with Netflix

It’s incredibly rare once you can find a VPN that works with Netflix.

This is because the world’s most popular streaming service declared war on virtual private networks and proxy servers a couple of years ago.

But not all is lost.

Some VPNs have the power to get through Netflix blocking software, allowing you to experience geo-blocked content regardless of where you are.

AzireVPN is one of them, and we’re delighted to tell you that it’s one of them. We examined four of their servers and discovered that one of them (Stockholm, Sweden) continues to enable Netflix streaming.

Torrenting is Allowed

Safe torrenting is one of the best gifts a VPN can offer.

The ability to download large files piece by piece, connecting with other users’ systems is very beneficial. But it also carries great danger.

Sometimes users connecting together with your computer have malicious intentions.

This is why a VPN makes the torrenting process so much more secure. By keeping your private information out of the reach of criminals, you have all the benefits of torrenting without any of the risks.

Despite this, tons of VPNs ban torrenting or severely limit it on their servers. AzireVPN is not one of them. Allows unrestricted torrenting on all servers.

In fact, it made our list of the simplest VPNs for torrenting.

Good Customer Service

All customer care issues are handled using a contact form on AzireVPN’s website’s support page.

They are often found by clicking the support tab at the top of the page and then scrolling through all the thanks to the bottom.

They have some frequently asked questions before the form in an effort to resolve your concerns before you have to send an email.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

I asked a simple question about your encryption and whether or not you could use TOR on your network. I received a solution just a couple of hours later, which is a powerful reaction time for a contact form. (We have had to attend DAYS just to urge simple answers from other providers in the past.)

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

This was not a form or a copy-and-paste response.

In fact, someone took the time to read my message and send me a thoughtful and polite response, with links where I could get more information.

This was an amazing support experience.

Easy to Set Up & Use

I had a really positive experience with the practical test of this VPN. Installation was a breeze and my web browsing experience was pretty perfect.

First, I downloaded the proper VPN client from their website.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

The setup wizard was pretty straightforward and straightforward, and installation was seamless in the blink of an eye. The entire experience from download to installation took just under a moment.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

Once it was installed, AzireVPN immediately turned on, giving me a symbol on the screen. I entered my login information and then got started.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

The connection was nice and easy, and I was ready to surf in my spare time. I connected to a Canadian server, which was a choice I made before logging in.

I was shocked to check that there is no VPN panel while you are connected. Nor could he change servers at will. You may need to log out and then log back in if you wanted to try.

To disconnect, I had to right-click on the icon on my toolbar and choose to disconnect.


While there are tons of greats to enjoy when it comes to AzireVPN, there are also a few things that make me wonder.

For one thing, we found IP leaks in one of our tests, which can be a big problem.

Their server park and device list are extremely small, they are out in a very short time, and despite their no-logging policy, they are in the middle of a serious surveillance alliance.

Have a look .

Swedish Jurisdiction (Inside 14 Eyes Alliance)

We loved Azire’s no-registration policy.

It is a sincere breath of fresh air.


It is slightly undone due to the company’s Swedish jurisdiction.

Sweden may be part of the 14-Eyes Surveillance Alliance, an espionage agreement between 14 countries, including Sweden and thus the US Member countries join their operational efforts. So if one government collects information about you, everyone has it.

So even though Azire won’t record it, it is possible that he will hand over personal information if the Swedish government puts pressure on him. Then Sweden, the USA and 12 other nations would have information about you and your activity.

It is not ideal.

IP Leaks Detected

If a VPN is leaking your IP address, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Hiding your IP is literally the ONLY thing a VPN has to do. It is the whole raison d’être of the product.

That’s why once we find IP leaks, our opinion on a VPN turns sour.

And, unfortunately, that is exactly what happened with AzireVPN.

These leaks can be available in two ways: DNS and WebRTC leaks.

A DNS leak occurs when errors cause your VPN tunnel to bypass. When this happens, your IP is totally exposed.

WebRTC leaks are caused by APIs within browsers that are intended to help ease the burden on developers in creating real-time communication applications. While serving a beneficial purpose, these APIs can create problems with the security of a VPN, causing your real IP to be revealed.

Because of the importance and threat that IP leaks pose, we put all systems we tested through six tests. Azire missed one of the six.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

Showing our Estonian IP (but it must be UK IP).

  • – Approved
  • – Approved
  • – Approved
  • Approved
  • – Failed
  • – Approved

We also check your installation software to make sure there were no Malware or other viruses alongside it. We are pleased to report that it happened with great success.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

Slow Server Speeds

A VPN slows down the internet.

Each one will.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that your entire system has to come to a halt. Once you review some of the fastest VPNs we’ve seen, you’ll see that they only slow you down a bit.

Other VPNs are less effective in this regard.

We test the speed of each VPN that we review in the same way. We measure the loss of a server within the EU and another within the US.

The speeds at the beginning of the EU server weren’t terrible, but still, less than we wanted to see.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

EU Speed Test

  • Ping: 36 ms
  • Download: 47.47 Mbps (51% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 39.72 Mbps (25% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

The US speed test fared much worse, with upload speeds dropping by an alarming percentage.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

US Speed Test

  • Ping: 153 ms
  • Download: 27.76 Mbps (71% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 8.21 Mbps (84.5% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

Out of the 78 VPNs we’ve reviewed, we rank AzireVPN 40th in terms of speed. that almost puts them inside the lower third.

Few Device Compatibility

Because modern VPNs are used for tons of streaming, it’s important to make sure they’re compatible with smart devices that will work with a TV.

Unfortunately, AzireVPN does not work with devices like FireTV, Roku, AppleTV, or game systems like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Azire runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, routers running OpenWrt and LuCi, OpenWRT, DD-WRT, and pfSense.

While that’s an honest lineup, the shortage of smart devices and game consoles makes this a scam on my behalf.

Few Servers, Limited Kill Switchs

Some of the simplest VPNs in the world have thousands of servers located in almost every major city in the world.

AzireVPN has five countries and 22 servers.


AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

These servers are only found in North America and Europe. No representation from Africa, Asia, or Australia.

This lack of options is basically a disservice to users.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

It has a powerful list of features. Unlimited bandwidth and support for IPv6 and P2P traffic is usually an honest thing to do.

But too few servers is perhaps the reason we saw such slow server speeds (and you almost certainly will too).

So they only offer a kill switch for Android. Which can be a bummer!

These useful little features are a defensive security measure that most legitimate VPNs start with out of the box. If there are leaks in your session, the kill switch trips and starts you from the system.

Leaks are so dangerous because you will never know when they are happening. And since we found leaks present in the AzireVPN system, it could restore my confidence if there was a kill switch.

However, I was not so lucky, unless I am using Android.

Pricings, Plans, & Payment Methods

AzireVPN has a premium plan that incorporates all the features of the program.

They include all five simultaneous connections and unlimited server switches.

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

Converting these costs away from euros, we see that a month of service will cost $ 12.44 at the time of this update (May 2023).

Three months will cost $ 8.33 per month. One full year will cost $ 6.22 per month.

It’s not an unpleasant price, but there are much cheaper VPNs that have a much larger server park and more features.

Fortunately, there are many payment options available (including anonymous payments):

AzireVPN Review By Review - itis
AzireVPN Review By Review – itis

You can pay with a serious MasterCard (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or via PayPal. They even accept eight different types of cryptocurrencies. This is very useful when trying to keep anonymity.

According to Azire’s Terms of Service, most consumers are entitled to a full 7-day money-back guarantee. Keep in mind, however, that this refund does not apply to month-long packages or Bitcoin transactions. So keep that in mind if you’re considering any of the possibilities.

Do We Recommend AzireVPN?

Unfortunately not me.

And I emphasize the word “unfortunately” because I really wanted to recommend it.

The company is efficient and informative. Their customer service was excellent and I love their anti-registration policy. the website is very helpful; one of the simplest I have seen.

It just wasn’t enough.

It is too expensive and slow with such a limited server park. Leaks are always hard to urge on my part. Especially without a kill switch for many devices.

However, it really was a perfect user experience. The application works fine. If they could tackle these troublesome issues, it could definitely drag them into the future.

We rank AzireVPN 67th out of 78 VPNs we have reviewed.

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