4 Great Apps To Help You Stay Focused While Competing With A Friend! (2024)

Here’re 4 great apps to help you stay focused while competing with a friend, to know about them, you just need to explore this article…

When you’re a kid, almost everything you do is often driven by healthy competition, whether you’re on the playground or in the classroom. As you get older and therefore the stakes increase, competing becomes a bit more tedious. But it would be just what your exercise routine needs.

Using a wearable gadget to add a competitive or game-like aspect to exercise boosted the number of time participants spent exercising, according to a JAMA general medical research published in September 2019.

According to Caley Crawford, certified personal trainer and head of education at the townhouse, the easiest competition in a fitness setting is competing with yourself or as a team.

With that in mind, here are a few applications that will bring some healthy rivalry back into your exercises.

Apps To Help You Stay Focused While Competing With A Friend

Apps To Help You Stay Focused While Competing With A Friend Review-Itis
Apps To Help You Stay Focused While Competing With A Friend

1. Activity (For Apple Watch)

Activity (For Apple Watch) Review-Itis
Activity (For Apple Watch)

Sure, you’re undoubtedly aware that the Apple Watch Activity app keeps track of your data and sends you notifications when you reach specific milestones. But did you realize that you’ll be able to connect with your pals and convert your info into a game? Jesse Alexander, a Senior Lead Instructor at CycleBar, says he competes with a colleague so that they can hold each other accountable. Each week, the winner receives social media bragging rights.

To share the activity, open the Activity app on your iPhone and tap the Share tab. Invite up to 40 friends (they must also have an Apple Watch).

Once connected, challenge others to complete activity objectives, including closing all three rings, completing workouts, or earning achievements. It is a great thank you to join each other and motivate your friends to meet your goals.

2. Strava

Strava Review-Itis

Strava promotes itself as the social network of athletes, and reasons constantly. The app takes data from your smartwatch, phone, personal GPS unit, fitness tracker, and other devices and places it in your “Strava feed” where you will share photos, continue your friends’ activities, compete, and cheer on each other. to others.

You can also obtain new routes and locate locations with more traffic for safety or more secluded areas for solo conquests using the app.

3. Stepbet

Stepbet Review-Itis

Waybetter.com/Stepbet (iOs and Google Play)

Commit to taking more steps with Stepbet and then put your money where your mouth is – this app combines gamification with social support and behavioral economics.

All of our games require players to bet real money on themselves at the start, says Ally Wertz, vice president of digital marketing at WayBetter, Stepbet’s parent company. We keep the cash in the jackpot during the sport and divide it among all the winners who will then get their bet back and usually get a 25 to 75 percent profit as a gift for maintaining their healthy behaviors.

4. Fitocracy

Fitocracy Review-Itis

Fitocracy.com (iOs and Google Play)

At its foundation, Phytocracy is gamification. It was originally created by a group of gamers who had the great concept of measuring and rewarding fitness achievements as though they were playing a computer game.

Enter your exercises, reps, sets, and weights in the app, or add exercises from your database. The application saves your data and tracks your progress.

The best part for competitive folks is its MMORPG features (that’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, for those who don’t play!). The app tracks milestones and achievements, allowing you to level up, earn badges, and accept “missions” (challenges to complete multiple activities within a particular period).

You may make new friends by establishing an in-app profile, or you can join your real-life friends and family to compete online. For certain one-on-one events, you’ll even challenge your pals to a Duel.

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