Sophos Antivirus Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

Sophos has been developing an antivirus suite for many years. So I was curious if it was still really smart in. In particular, I needed to check its free version against the paid packages and decide if it was worth it or not. gets better.

My team and I ran Sophos through a series of tests on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. In short, Sophos has excellent malware detection rates on both the free and paid plans. I am pleasantly surprised by the free version. While it will lack advanced ransomware protection and a couple of different security measures. It provides pretty smart protection against most varieties of cyber threats at zero value.

Sophos paid packages were fine, but I don’t think {prices|values} justify the extra cost. you’ll simply be able to get better value for money from the leading antivirus brands in the industry. For example, even the most affordable Norton 360 setup includes a 60-day money-back guarantee, a secret manager, parental controls, and a VPN. That said, you may not want (or need) more security for your devices. If so, you’ll find that Sophos’ free fix is ​​good enough for basic malware protection.

Sophos Antivirus Review: In a Rush? Here’s a 1-Minute Summary

  • Fast and effective virus scans: Sophos caught 100% of temporary threats, but I found a big hit on my mainframe while it was running.
  • Additional options are lightweight and customizable: The options are robust and easy to use, but there aren’t as many options as other antivirus programs.
  • The desktop apps are easy to use but inconsistent: the Windows version offers many options that aren’t waterproof, while the robot mobile app is much more comprehensive than iOS.
  • The support website is comprehensive and easy to navigate, but live chat and email support are only available to paid customers.
  • No account required for the free rate: Sophos offers great security measures at no cost, but the premium rate can be a bit pricey compared to similar services.


Sophos made an impact on the US state with its high-quality security, especially since most of its anti-malware features are available on its free plan. While it had a huge impact on system performance. I thrilled with its quick virus scanning and effective protection over periods. I was also pleased with its success rate in interfering with harmful downloads and fraudulent websites. With test scores like you’ll find from top-rated security services like Norton. That said, new malware threats downloaded every day. while Sophos performed well in the tests, my results may differ from yours.

Virus Scan — Scans Are Fast but Have Limited Options

Unlike other antivirus packages, Sophos only comes with a single scan option: There’s no quick scan and zero customization options (even in the middle pane). This left the US state curious as to exactly what Sophos had inspected on my Windows computer. Particularly considering the initial scan took just over ten minutes to complete. Compared to Norton’s twelve-minute full system scan, this is usually pretty quick.

Virus Scan Review-Itis
Virus Scan

The details were restricted, with no information on the number of files that were scanned. The only information they gave me was that Sophos found ninety-nine tracking cookies on my laptop. No different malware or threats were found on my device, and subsequent scans were quick, taking as little as five minutes to complete.

However, once I clicked “Delete All”, I frustrated to find that all but three cookies deleted. No reason given for the failure, even in the Sophos control panel. Luckily, this isn’t a big deal: Sophos successfully removed all of the following cookies when I ran a second scan. I’m not sure why Sophos didn’t remove the cookies the first time, but when I ran several test scans I had no more problems.

Sophos Antivirus Review Review-Itis
Sophos Antivirus Review

On the plus side, Sophos didn’t flag any file or application as malicious when it isn’t; for reference, the business average is sixteen false reports. This saved the US states time because it meant that they didn’t have to manually write any alerts or segregate safe things.

Interestingly, the “Scan” button is one of the only things in the desktop app that works without having to access the Dashboard. If you’d like to schedule a scan instead of starting one manually once you boot up your laptop. You’ll be able to do so through Control Panel. I found that compositing scans done mechanically every day and are extremely helpful as I knew Sophos was systematically looking for malicious files.

Real-Time Protection — Effective Defense Through Artificial Intelligence Threat Detection

In tests, Sophos detected 100% of the malware discovered in the previous four weeks. This demonstrates to the US state that Sophos stays up-to-date with the latest cyber threats, but it’s important to remember that new malware downloaded every day, so my test results may differ from yours.

Sophos period Protection supported by its AI Threat Detection. This technology is continually learning and augmenting its online threat intelligence to stay current with the latest malware. By relentlessly evaluating threat signatures, Sophos AI poised to accurately predict and discover the latest malware. This means that Sophos will protect your devices from zero-day attacks, and this AI technology is even available on the free plan!

Phishing scams and malicious downloads measure some of the best ways to infect your device with viruses. That’s why I’m happy to report that Sophos is very effective at detecting online threats. Better yet, this protection is available in both free and paid plans.

Web Protection Review-Itis
Web Protection

During my tests, I tried to transfer files known to contain malware. Sophos blocked each file before the transfer even started, so nothing harmful saved on my device.

Sophos Antivirus Review Review-Itis
Sophos Antivirus Review

When I visited a website known to harbor malware, I was blocked from accessing it when. I was unable to access any of the harmful sites.

Ransomware Protection — Restores Device if Ransomware Locks You Out

Some antivirus programs are unable to recognize the different threat signatures that add to the expanding attacks as ransomware becomes more sophisticated. These assaults prevent you from accessing your files and devices, and the only way to regain access is to pay a ransom. However, even if you do, there is no assurance that you will receive your data back.

To protect you from ransomware, Sophos regularly checks the processes that move along with your files and devices. This surveillance means that if a suspicious interaction occurs between a method and your valuable knowledge, the method immediately blocked. If the method starts writing your data to block you, Sophos stops the attack and reverts your device to a previous secure state before the encryption materializes. This suggests that you maintain access to your knowledge.

As spectacular as this technology, it baffles me that ransomware protection can only be obtained by upgrading to Sophos premium packages. However, this is not uncommon: Panda and Bitdefender’s free plans also do not include ransomware protection.

System Performance — Significantly Slows Down Desktop Devices

Sophos is cloud-based, so I expected little to no impact on my device. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the alternative case. I detected a lag in the act of my entire laptop downloading Sophos. Web pages took over thirty seconds to load (if at all) while booting up and working on my device was slow.

Sophos also does not have any tools to enhance the system or increase performance. This can be unsatisfactory as free options from services like Panda have options designed to optimize device performance. The Sophos archive also larger than I expected despite being hosted primarily in the cloud. You’ll want a minimum of 1 GB of RAM and 1 GB of free space to transfer and run Sophos.


In my tests, Sophos’ additional security features provide smart protection, especially for a free antivirus service. I am most concerned with its network protection feature because it systematically protected my device against attacks from malicious sites. I would have liked to see a wider range of options like those offered by Norton or TotalAV. For example, a secret manager or VPN would offer Sophos additional comprehensive security.

Remote Management — Protect Your Devices From a Single Central Dashboard

Sophos designed to used remotely, so you can monitor and protect your desktop and mobile devices from anywhere. This may be why settings and options cannot be designed from within the app: Everything is controlled via the central panel. Which you’ll access in any app program (as long as you have your login details available).

Remote Managemen Review-Itis
Remote Managemen

I found remote management helpful in keeping my {laptop} security up-to-date without having to sit in front of the computer. Since Sophos scans aren’t mechanically regular. I was able to configure the settings and prepare regular scans for my laptop from my iPhone’s browser. This meant that I knew that every time I put down my laptop. Sophos would run a scan without ME having to open the desktop app.

Having all the settings in one very central dashboard is convenient, especially after you have multiple devices to look at. This will make desktop apps pretty redundant. But they need little to no practicality thanks to Sophos’ style of remote control.

Banking Protection — Secures Against Keyloggers and Unsafe Browsers

Everyone does banking and retailing online, therefore it is important to safeguard our sensitive money data. Sophos helps you keep your money information private by blocking keylogging malware and making sure the browser you use is secure.

Banking Protection Review-Itis
Banking Protection

Keylogger malware meant to record everything you enter on your laptop as well as bank passwords and your master card variety after you make purchases. Sophos detects keylogger malware and blocks it before it logs your keystrokes. Working in conjunction with its Safe Browsing feature, Sophos checks websites for hosted malware and exploits that would leave your devices vulnerable (even in secure browsers like Chrome).

I would suggest leaving this setting on if you have a Premium subscription; Unfortunately, banking protection is not available in the free version. However, the free setup will defend your device against spyware and keyloggers that are most often deployed as part of larger spyware attacks.

That said, I wouldn’t suggest using the free plan as your only protection if you often bank and search online. It is better to upgrade to an additional full antivirus resolution. You can even use premium brands like Norton 360 or McAfee for free for a limited amount of your time if you’re a new customer.

Parental Controls — Blocks Inappropriate Web Content for Kids

Kids area units associated with more tech-savvy and it only takes one or two wrong clicks for them to land on an inappropriate website. Sophos puts people in control by making it easy to decide exactly what content their children will access.

I found the parental controls within the Network Filtering settings in the Dashboard. Setup is easy with entirely different content censorship options such as adult websites and social media.

Parental Controls Review-Itis
Parental Controls

I chose a completely different set of configurations for Sophos to retain as an area of ​​my testing. I’m happy to report that after trying to access websites with gambling or vicious content, Sophos blocked them all. I’ve tried this with many different websites and browsers and had better luck with some than others. Gambling sites were effectively blocked in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Expedition; however, some adult content (such as violence and pornography) allowed the filter in Chrome.

Sophos Antivirus Review Review-Itis
Sophos Antivirus Review

I recommend using Sophos Network Filtering in conjunction with Windows Parental Controls or Waterproof to ensure full coverage.

Webcam Protection — Alerts You to Unwanted Webcam Access

Sophos‘ digital camera protection feature notifies you when an external supply accesses your digital camera. this could be a video chat app. A website, or possible malware designed to allow hackers to spy on you without your data or consent.

When I turned this on and visited a website that allowed Pine Tree State to take pictures using my camera. Sophos alerted me that the site was accessing my camera. However, positioning and access to the digital camera blocked. this can be a priority. As even with the feature active, unauthorized users can certainly access my digital camera.

While the alerts don’t go away until they’re clicked, I think they’re just not checked. Compared to Norton 360‘s Safecam and its ability to completely block unauthorized access, Sophos’ digital camera protection could improved for greater security.

Whitelist Feature — Allow Specific Websites to Bypass Sophos

If you have your parental management settings set to high, the Sophos website exceptions feature could be a good way to allow access to certain sites that will represent a restricted class. For example, after having the “Gaming” restriction active, gambling websites (even kid-friendly sites!) may not be accessible. by adding specific sites to the Sophos whitelist, my kids can visit those sites without accessing any inappropriate games.

Whitelist Feature Review-Itis
Whitelist Feature

You may notice Website Exceptions in multiple different settings, as well as Internet Protection and Internet Filtering.

Alerts Log — View Alerts, Threats, and More From the Central Dashboard

If you have many different devices in your Sophos setup, you can stay up-to-date with alerts, potential threats, and alternative activity by taking advantage of the Alert Log feature. I particularly like that I can filter activity based on what I’d like to find out: there are square measure options for threats, website alerts, and segregated stuff.

I found this particularly useful for keeping an eye on what my alternate devices were accessing. Because Sophos built for devices, everything is visible from the dashboard. Multiple antivirus plans can used on multiple devices, however, they lack a centralized dashboard. This can be a Sophos hallmark and useful if you have a device to protect and monitor.

Ease Of Use

Sophos House is compatible with Windows (7, 8, 8.1, and 10) and Mack (10.12, 10.13, 10.14, and 10.15), Android, and iOS. I found Sophos easy to line up because it did all the work for me: I just clicked the “Free Download” button and followed the prompts to install it on my devices. It only took five minutes to complete the installation. Although the on-screen prompt indicated that it could take up to ten minutes.

I also discovered that Sophos is incompatible with almost all alternative antivirus programs on the market today. during installation, Sophos detected that I had alternative antivirus programs on my computer and instructed me to uninstall them, claiming that it might “reduce my overall security”.

Unfortunately, the free version does not provide enough protection on its own. There’s no malware removal, no ransomware protection, and no advanced internet security. Want to try the free Sophos version with another comprehensive antivirus, or you’ll be exposing your device to security risks.

Desktop Apps — Windows and Mac Apps are Simple but Redundant

As soon as I downloaded Sophos on my Windows laptop, I had to run a scan on my device; there was no option to cancel or schedule the scan. This isn’t a huge deal, however, I’d like to opt to do it after running a scan rather than being forced to (although you’ll be able to cancel the scan when it starts).

I soon discovered that the desktop app is essentially unnecessary. It is hardly possible to change any settings, check recent activity, or add a tool within the Sophos app. Every clickable button redirected Pine Tree State to the Sophos control panel in my browser. the only exceptions are purchasing Premium, running a scan, or accessing the support section.

Desktop Apps Review-Itis
Desktop Apps

The reason for this may be that Sophos is specially designed for remote use and that the central web-based control panel is the only place where you can manage each possibility. I found this both great and frustrating, particularly as it usually took around thirty seconds for the web page to load. If you want to change a setting while sitting on your laptop, it will be time-consuming and tedious. I’d rather see the dashboard in the app than have it open in a very separate window.

That said, the Sophos Dashboard well designed and intuitive to use. All options are clearly labeled and easy to customize, even if you are a novice user. There are no settings or menus too advanced to navigate: you’ll be able to confirm that your devices are safe, check your recent activity, and edit Internet filtering and general protection settings.

Mobile Apps — Strong Android Offering, But Lacking Features on iOS

Sophos includes a mobile app known as Intercept X. This app offers some basic security, sort of word security, and Wi-Fi security controls. It is available for robots (5 or higher) and iOS (11.0 or higher).

At first glance, both the robot and the iOS apps look very similar. However, while Sophos has additional full robotic protection, it lacks options for iOS users.

Mobile Apps Review-Itis
Mobile Apps

For robot users, Sophos has the following features:

  • Authenticator – This feature generates time-based and/or one-time passwords for accounts using multi-factor authentication, giving you a secure thank you to evidence your account logins.
  • Password Safe: A kind of word manager, Sophos Word Safe securely stores all your words, so you can quickly log into accounts with a single master password.
  • QR Code Scanner: This allows you to access QR code data, as well as Internet addresses, local area network settings, and new contacts.
  • App Protection – Protect apps, you simply need to stay personal by asking for a word when you open the app
  • Privacy advisor – clearly details which mobile apps have access to your microphone, camera, personal details, and more

The mobile app also protects your robot device with Internet filtering, which blocks malicious links in non-browser apps, checks local area network security, and scans your device for existing malware. While I’d like to see parental control options and a spam decision blocker like Norton, I’ve found that Sophos’ bot app offers smart coverage and plenty of options.

On iOS, Sophos lacks App Protection, Privacy Advisor, and malware detection. this can be quite common for iOS apps, as they tend to be “sandboxed,” meaning one app can’t access important data about another. However, Internet filtering remains closed, so Intercept X can block suspicious links and websites. The app also checks the security of the device: as soon as I downloaded it on my iPhone, I received an alert about a new system update and asked to update as soon as possible.

I like that the iOS app is easy to use and monitors my device and network for suspicious activity; however, just like the robot app, you can use some extra features to make it stand out a lot against the competition.

While Sophos Mobile Protection is adequate if you’re simply exploiting the free version, I’d suggest exploiting Norton 360 for advanced robot and iOS security. In addition to powerful malware scanning and temporary protection, it also includes full versions of Norton’s word manager, VPN, and parental controls. You’ll be able to check out these options for free with Norton’s 60-day money-back guarantee.


Sophos customer support is good but could be better. Live chat and email area units are available, but only for Premium subscribers – if you are using the free service, you are restricted to the support website. However, the Sophos support website is comprehensive, with various troubleshooting and installation guides plus FAQs available. Most of the queries you have will be answered by verifying the location.

Unfortunately, the live chat and email options are not 24/7. Instead, the support agent area unit is available Monday through Monday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 8 p.m. m. ITS T. this is often frustrating because it suggests that even if I have a problem on the weekend, I still have to attend to induce facilitation. To make matters worse, there is no phone support available for many urgent issues, and repair is only available in English.

Live Chat — The Best Way to Contact Sophos

I was affected by Sophos’ live chat, which connected Maine with a partner agent in just a couple of minutes. I asked about an issue about accessing data through the app instead of on your Dashboard because it opens in a very new browser window. The agent who helped Maine responded quickly, elaborated on her responses, and made sure I was very happy before ending the chat.

Live Chat Review-Itis
Live Chat

After I finished my live chat, a replica of the transcript was sent to my email address. this often a useful feature, especially if you have a technical question and want to refer to the solution at a later date. Unfortunately, Sophos’ live chat support is only available to Premium subscribers; if you are using the free version, you should check the support website for help.

Website — Comprehensive FAQ and Troubleshooting Sections

The Sophos support website includes a large number of articles covering topics such as installation, troubleshooting, and how to manage your account. For basic queries (such as a way to change the language of your desktop app), I’d recommend visiting the support website. It is easy to navigate and has clear sections that specify the articles attached. There’s also a search bar so you can group a few keywords and figure out what help you’re trying to find.

Website Review-Itis

If you can’t find the information you want or want to request a feature. You have the option of submitting a price ticket request. I tested it to determine how long it took to induce a response and asked once again about setting up the desktop app instead of the Dashboard. I was happy to know that I had an answer to my email question in less than three hours. Like live chat, email support is only available to Premium subscribers.

Social Media — Free Advice and Prompt Responses on Twitter

Sophos has a strong social media presence, particularly on Twitter. The team is usually available during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 am-8 pm EST) and answers inquiries via direct messages (DM). Responses come back quickly, however, queries are not continuously resolved. I received a reply to my DM on Twitter in just ten minutes but was directed to a page on the Sophos support website instead of receiving the solution.


Here’s a tip: Sophos‘ free plan comes with a 30-day trial of their premium subscription, and you can get another 30 days of risk-free use by taking advantage of Sophos’ money-back guarantee for every customer!

Like other free antivirus vendors like Avira and Panda, some of Sophos’ options area units are only available once you purchase their premium version. The free version isn’t the most comprehensive option on the market (even the premium version has few features). But Sophos makes up for its shortcomings with ease of use and excellent temporary antivirus protection.

That said, I wouldn’t recommend paying the premium rate – you’re short on options. Especially when compared to other paid antivirus providers. for example, NortonMcAfee, and TotalAV have a larger set of options and even better performance at a similar (or lower!) price.

Sophos Home (Free) — Best for Basic Coverage

You can use Sophos Home free of charge for an unlimited amount of your time. You don’t even have to be required to provide associated payment details or create an account if you don’t want to. With this selection, you get time-based virus protection, parental controls, Internet security, and remote management for up to three devices.

This fix excludes ransomware protection, malware removal tools, or other options like banking and digital camera protection. However, its cloud-based protection provides strong security against the most common threats. Unlike other free antivirus competitors, there were also no endless pop-ups asking Maine to buy a premium rate.

When you sign up for the free plan, you will automatically be enrolled in a 30-day free trial of the premium plan. When the 30-day window is up, you automatically go back to the free setup. This changes the experience I normally have with free antivirus trials. Which try to sell a subscription or pack up once the trial is over.

Sophos Home (Paid) — Powerful Malware Protection But Light on Extra Features

With the Sophos paid plan, you have the option to protect up to ten devices with the following features:

  • Malware remover
  • Real-time antivirus
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Bank Protection
  • Privacy protection
  • Website security
  • Internet filtering for parents.
  • Remote management

The paid subscription provides great comprehensive coverage. As it includes options that are missing from the free arrangement, such as privacy, banking, and ransomware protection. Compared to similar plans from different providers, Sophos is reasonably priced.

However, Sophos Home (paid) does not offer the same level of robust protection as a service like Norton 360. Norton’s suite outperformed Sophos in the period protection tests and has premium options not available from Sophos ( such as Cloud Backup and a VPN). Best of all, you can try Norton 360 risk-free for up to sixty days.

Sophos Endpoint Protection — Business Solution for Total Antivirus Security (Price Available by Quote)

For business users, Sophos offers Terminus Protection to hide multiple devices through a centralized control panel. Known as Intercept X endpoint, this service provides comprehensive protection against malware, ransomware, and spyware, along with vulnerability defenses and managed threat response. This is often designed to protect your business against online threats from all angles, using AI to mitigate malware risks.

As part of Terminus Protection, Sophos offers cloud protection known as Cloud Optix. This is often designed to provide up-to-date analysis and information for your business for period security. You’ll be able to see at a glance if there’s a problem and address it now so your information isn’t compromised.

The Intercept X term includes a free trial for business users and costs are provided upon request.

Sophos Mobile Security — Intercept X Apps Always Free for Android and iOS

Like its Home Free system, Sophos mobile apps are always free. There is no charge to use the attached options and you don’t have to open an account – you can transfer them to as many robots or iOS devices as you like. Just confirm that you are transferring them via links from the Sophos website. As there are reports of malicious file movement as legitimate software bundles.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee — Simple Refund Process

Sophos offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with every paid subscription plan. This is usually fairly typical, with corporations like McAfee and TotalAV providing similar trial periods. This guarantee suggests that you will be able to check out Sophos’ premium antivirus plans for up to thirty days and get a full refund.

To make sure the money-back guarantee is genuine. I tested it for myself by subscribing to the Sophos Home Premium offer. Once I’d been running Sophos for several weeks and running tests. I contacted customer support to request a refund. Once I submitted my order details, I received a response in less than an hour. The support representative confirmed my request that my refund processed, I had my refund in my account within nine days.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Review-Itis
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Free Trial — Try Sophos Premium Risk-Free

Sophos offers a 30-day free trial of its premium plan with every free transfer. This gave Pine Tree State plenty of time to build the software package without having to enter any personal or payment details. This free trial meant to entice you to upgrade once you’ve seen how much “better” the premium set is. However, the free version offers smart antivirus protection at no cost. If you’re looking for a basic, essential set up with an easy setup, Sophos’ free service is worth a try.

Final Verdict

After extensively testing all of its options, I can say with confidence that Sophos’s free setup could be a high-quality antivirus package. Its lightweight nature and remote management tools are unique. Making it a decent option if you have a lot of devices to monitor and protect. While you won’t have ransomware, banking, and camera protection. I don’t think the added value is worth upgrading to the premium package.

However, you must not take my word for it. If you prefer to try the premium version yourself, I advise you to transfer the free version, as you will automatically get a 30-day free trial of the premium version. You can even continue to exploit it for another thirty days with the money-back guarantee: simply certify that you request a refund before the thirty days are up to induce your refund without problems.


Is Sophos Antivirus Any Good?

Yes, Sophos Antivirus offers smart protection for your devices. In my tests, Sophos antivirus provides high-quality protection against online threats. Sophos achieved a 100 percent malware detection rating and accurately blocked malicious sites, phishing scams, and viruses.

Can I Use Sophos Antivirus For Free?

Yes! Sophos has an associated antivirus system that is completely free. Once you transfer the free version from Sophos, you don’t even need to enter the associated payment details or create an account. You will be protected in the period from all types of malware except ransomware.

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