Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

Today, we’re exploring some amazing Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses. Whether you’re a long-time glasses wearer or recently joined the club, this article is here to help you enhance your natural beauty and make those frames pop!

Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your love for makeup. In fact, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities to play with different techniques and styles that complement your frames. We’ve got you covered, from finding the perfect balance between your eye makeup and glasses to embracing your unique features.

Join us as we delve into the realm of makeup for glasses-wearing gals. Get ready to discover some game-changing tricks that will take your makeup game to new heights and ensure you’re rocking a flawless look that perfectly complements those stunning frames. So grab your favorite pair of glasses, and let’s dive in!

Tips for Girls with Glasses

Get the Tools You’ll Need

Get the Tools You'll Need - Review-Itis
Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

One tool that will become your new BFF is the magnifying mirror. Whether you’re near-sighted like me or far-sighted, this handy mirror is a game-changer.

For those of us who are near-sighted, it allows us to actually see the makeup we’re applying, ensuring precision and perfection. And for the far-sighted folks, the magnifying mirror mimics the effect your lenses will have on your eye makeup, so you can achieve a flawless look that complements your frames.

Another must-have for glasses-wearing gals is a trusty travel-sized makeup brush set. These compact brushes are specifically designed to make your life easier. Their short handles decrease the weight you carry and take up less space in your bag.

Attention to More than Just the Makeup

Attention to More than Just the Makeup - Review-Itis
Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

It’s time to give our glasses the attention they deserve! Remember to underestimate the power of a clean pair of frames. Our glasses go through a lot, accumulating dirt, dust, and not-so-glamorous natural facial oils. Let’s not forget the basic rule: clean your glasses!

Grab some alcohol or antibacterial wipes and give those frames a thorough wipe-down. But remember, don’t go overboard with harsh chemicals that could damage the materials. Focus on the areas that come in contact with your face—the nose pads, lower sides of the frames, and stems. 

Now, let’s talk about the lenses. No matter how fabulous your eye makeup is, it won’t shine through foggy or dirty lenses. That’s why you need a trusty lens-cleaning cloth. Don’t rely on your hanky or a pack of tissues; they may do more harm than good. Invest in a cloth specifically designed for cleaning lenses and keep it handy. A quick wipe and your vision will be crystal clear, allowing your gorgeous eye makeup to take center stage.

Primer is an Essential

Primer is an Essential - Review-Itis
Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

We don’t want our carefully crafted makeup sliding and shifting around, especially where our glasses meet our face. That’s where face primer comes to the rescue! It’s the secret weapon to keep our foundation in place and combat unwanted oiliness. Smooth on some face primer before applying your foundation, and you’ll have a solid base that won’t budge throughout the day.

But we can’t always remember our precious eyes! Give them some extra love by using an eyeshadow primer. Apply it all over your lids and even under the eyes if you plan on rocking some eye makeup. With the added attention our eyes will get from those stylish spectacles, we want to ensure that every detail stays flawlessly intact.

Use a Lightweight Base if Possible

Use a Lightweight Base if Possible - Review-Itis
Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

When it comes to wearing glasses, we need to be mindful of how many layers we’re piling on our faces. We don’t want our glasses to play tug-of-war with our base makeup, causing clumps and unevenness. So, here’s the deal: opt for a sheer and lightweight base whenever possible.

With so many face bases, we recommend going for a matte finish to avoid any unnecessary competition with lens reflections. However, if you need more coverage, here’s a genius tip from the K-beauty vlogger, Pony: put on your glasses and press them gently against your face.

This will leave a mark where the frame touches your skin. Take a moment to remove any excess makeup in those areas, blend the edges seamlessly, and then lightly dust powder over the entire face for a flawless finish!

Apply Concealer to Brighten Up

Make Strategic Use of Concealers - Review-Itis
Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

We all know that glasses can cast shadows on our faces, making those under-eye circles look more prominent than ever. But fear not because I’ve got the perfect solution for you: a brightening concealer. This little gem will work wonders in making you look fresh and awake. In fact, some experts even recommend going a shade lighter than your usual concealer to counteract those pesky shadows.

And if you’re dealing with some extra dark circles, don’t worry—I’ve got a trick for you. Try using a corrector, like the ones from Suesh, to neutralize the darkness. And here’s a fun little secret: you can even try the red lipstick concealing trick for some extra magic!

let’sLet’s say you’re on the go and you’ve forgotten your concealer—no need to panic. I’ve got a quick fix for you. Simply grab some face powder and lightly pat it on the area to correct any discoloration. It’s a simple yet effective way to even out your skin tone and keep those under-eye shadows at bay. 

Adjust According to Your Lenses

Adjust According to Your Lenses - Review-Itis
Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

If you’re rocking far-sighted lenses, they tend to make your eyes appear more prominent. So, we want to enhance that effect and make those peepers pop even more! On the flip side, if you’re sporting near-sighted lenses, they may make your eyes look a tad smaller. But fear not, my friends, because I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to help you make your eyes shine, no matter what your prescription is!

To achieve the illusion of smaller eyes:

  • Enhance definition by applying darker eyeliner all around your eyes. This technique will effectively “constrain” the appearance of your eyes from seeming overly large.
  • Skillfully blend your eyeshadows and liners to create a seamless look. This meticulous blending will magnify your makeup expertise and contribute to the overall effect.
  • Choose matte shadows to soften your eyelids without introducing excessive intricacies such as glitter, allowing for a more subdued appearance.

To create the illusion of bigger eyes:

  • Employ two shades of eyeliner, a darker shade on the upper lash line and a lighter shade on the lower lash line. This dual-toned approach will effectively “open up” your eyes.
  • Apply nude, white, or light pink liner on your waterline. This technique further amplifies the “opening up” effect, making your eyes appear larger.
  • Opt for lighter shades of eyeshadows on your lids to introduce more light to the eye area. Additionally, using shimmery eyeshadows can add an extra touch of allure to your look.

Emphasize with Mascara

Don't Use Excess Mascara - Review-Itis
Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

If you want to make your eyes look smaller, we need to focus on the definition. Reach for a lash-separating mascara to give each individual lash its own spotlight. Remember, with far-sighted lenses, any clumps caused by a volumizing formula can be quite noticeable.

So, let’s avoid that and choose a mascara to give you beautifully defined lashes without any unwanted clumps. If you need extra volume, comb through your lashes after applying mascara to prevent buildup. And if you’reyou want to add some thickness to your lashes, consider using a lash serum to boost them.

On the other hand, if you want to make your eyes look fuller and more intense, it’s all about that volume, baby! Reach for a volumizing mascara that will take your eye-opening makeup to the next level. We want those lashes to be bold and dramatic, my friends. Check out our staff picks for some reliable and jaw-dropping mascaras that will give you the ultimate lash transformation.

Your Eyebrows Need Grooming

Align Brows With Your Face Shape - Review-Itis
Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

To start, grab an eyebrow pencil and work some quick magic. Use it to define your brows, filling in any sparse areas and giving them a clean shape. Remember, we want those brows to be well-defined but not overpowering. Now, if you have dark-colored frames, we must be mindful of balance. Opt for a lighter-colored brow mascara to avoid any competition between your brows and your glasses.

We want your brows and glasses to beautifully frame your eyes without overshadowing each other. And if you’re looking to keep those brow hairs in place, a clear brow mascara is the way to go. It’s like a little magic wand for your brows, ensuring they stay perfectly groomed throughout the day.

Compliment with Your Cheeks & Lips

Compliment with Your Cheeks & Lips - Review-Itis
Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

Just because your glasses partially cover them doesn’t mean your cheeks have to miss out on the fun. Grab your favorite powder blush and give them a light dusting of color. A cheek stain can do the trick if you prefer a more long-lasting option. Just be cautious with heavy cream blush formulas that might smudge or move around with the gentle prodding of your glasses.

Now, let’s talk about those lips! The choice from neutral shades to vibrant neon hues is yours, especially during the summer. You can go for a preppy look by color-coordinating your lips with your glass frames or make a bold statement by letting your eyes, glasses, or lips steal the show with a pop of color.

Whether you prefer a natural lip shade for an effortless look or want to rock a vibrant pout, let your personality shine through with the perfect lip color to complement your glasses.

The Last Tip We Offer: Experiment & Enjoy Yourself!

The Last Tip We Offer: Experiment & Enjoy Yourself! - Review-Itis
Expert Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses: Clear Vision, Stunning Look (2024)

Whether it’s rocking a fabulous makeup look or flaunting your glasses, success in anything comes down to one key ingredient: confidence. Embrace the adventure of experimenting with different makeup colors to discover which shades make you feel the most fabulous or genuinely capture your unique personality.

While it’s important to consider using work-appropriate makeup, don’t be afraid to add a playful twist by incorporating colored eyeliner into your routine. It’s a fantastic way to inject some fun and excitement into your look. And why stop there? Take it a step further by trying out colored mascara for an unexpected burst of color that peeks through beneath your glasses, giving your eyes an extra touch of allure.


In conclusion, my fellow glasses-wearing beauties, don’t let your frames hold you back from achieving a stunning makeup look. With the expert tips and tricks shared in this article, you now have the knowledge to enhance your features and embrace your glasses as a fashionable accessory. Remember, it all starts with a clean and polished canvas, so keep your glasses and face clean and primed for makeup application.

Next, focus on your eyes, adapting your makeup to complement your specific lens type. From eyelashes defying gravity to perfectly groomed eyebrows, ensure your eye makeup stands out and harmonizes with your frames. Be bold in experimenting with different colors and techniques to find your signature look.

Now armed with these expert makeup tips, go forth with a clear vision and a stunning look that showcases your personality, creativity, and undeniable beauty. You have the power to rock your glasses with pride and make a bold statement wherever you go. So, put on those frames, grab your favorite makeup products, and let your inner beauty shine through with every step.

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