ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

ZoneAlarm stands out with its exceptional zero-day malware protection, undoubtedly one of the best in the market. Alongside this impressive feature, it offers a range of top-notch defenses against ransomware, phishing, and firewall threats. Even the free version includes a basic identity theft component, making it an excellent choice for frequent web surfers, online shoppers, or individuals who regularly connect to public WiFi networks.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review By Review - itis
ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review By Review – itis

While ZoneAlarm’s comprehensive protection is commendable, it’s important to note that the most advanced features are exclusive to the pricier package. The cheaper versions, unfortunately, pale in comparison. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the cheaper packages lack support for MacOS and Linux, which might deter some potential users. Moreover, the absence of a custom scanning option could be another factor that disappoints a few individuals.

In summary, ZoneAlarm offers a robust antivirus package, despite some minor limitations.

Overview ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review

With a remarkable history dating back to 1997, ZoneAlarm has established itself as a leading provider of malware and ransomware protection for PC users worldwide. Boasting an impressive track record of over 100 million downloads, this software excels in combating zero-day malware attacks. However, it’s important to note that ZoneAlarm is currently exclusive to Windows and lacks MacOS or Linux support in certain packages.

Catering to both home users and businesses, ZoneAlarm offers a free version that provides a taste of its capabilities. In this review, we’ll be focusing on the features offered by the provider’s home PC protection packages. Notably, ZoneAlarm’s acquisition by Checkpoint in 2004, a renowned multinational IT security and antivirus solutions provider, instills confidence that the product is backed by cutting-edge security technology.

Overall, ZoneAlarm’s extensive experience, coupled with its affiliation with Checkpoint, ensures a reliable and supported antivirus solution for users seeking robust protection for their home PCs.

How to set it up and uninstall

Embarking on the journey of setting up the software is an absolute breeze, requiring nothing more than a few effortless steps:

  1. Experience the full potential of our software by clicking the enticing download button on our website if you’re using the free version. For our valued paid users, a convenient link will be sent to you for a seamless download process.
  2. Windows will kindly inquire if you would like to grant ZoneAlarm permission to make changes to your system. Embrace the possibilities and confidently click “yes” to proceed.
  3. As the installer window gracefully appears, your next move is to simply click the “Quick Install” button. Allow the magic to happen as the software is swiftly and effortlessly installed on your system.
  4. For our esteemed paid users, a small yet essential step awaits you. Retrieve your exclusive license key, thoughtfully delivered to your email separately. This key holds the power to unlock the full potential of your product.
  5. Activating your product is a breeze! Navigate to your dashboard, where a world of possibilities awaits. Locate the esteemed “Tools” section and with a sense of purpose, click on “Enter License” to initiate the activation process.
  6. Remember, dear user, that neglecting to activate your product would mean remaining on the trial version. Unlock the complete set of features and benefits by ensuring you complete this crucial step.

Unraveling the process of removing the software is equally effortless, demanding nothing more than a seamless execution of the following steps:

  1. Let’s start by embracing the power of convenience. Reach out to your desktop and press the Windows button, initiating your journey towards seamless software management.
  2. Type the captivating phrase “remove program” into the search field, and watch as the possibilities unfold before your eyes. Windows will diligently present you with a list of programs to explore.
  3. Navigate through the array of options with ease, and gracefully locate the esteemed ZoneAlarm amidst the lineup. It stands ready to be discovered and managed according to your preferences.
  4. With a sense of purpose, select the program that captured your attention and choose the illustrious “Uninstall” option. This choice will initiate the process of gracefully bidding farewell to ZoneAlarm from your PC.
  5. Witness the magic unfold as ZoneAlarm is permanently removed from your system, leaving behind a digital landscape that is precisely tailored to your desires and preferences.


ZoneAlarm impresses with its versatility, offering an extensive range of features to enhance your security. Alongside a reliable built-in firewall, the software provides advanced anti-phishing capabilities and comprehensive mobile device security. A noteworthy perk for users based in the US is the inclusion of free daily credit monitoring reports for one year, ensuring you stay informed if any attempts are made to compromise your identity and misuse your credit report for fraudulent purposes. With ZoneAlarm, you can confidently safeguard your digital presence and financial well-being.


Money-back guaranteeYes, 30-day money-back guarantee
Free Version✔️
PlatformWindows and Android. Only certain products are available on macOS
Parental controls✔️
Email protection
VPN services
Smartphone optimizer
USD virus scans
Automated virus scans✔️
Game mode✔️
Safe browser✔️
Passive mode✔️

Threat Protection

Adware protection


ZoneAlarm offers users three scanning options: Quick, Full, and Full Scan With Archives. The Quick scan is a swift process, taking approximately 90 seconds, and provides a basic check for commonly encountered malware types. On the other hand, the Full scan is a more comprehensive and thorough examination, lasting around three hours. For those seeking an even deeper level of scrutiny, the Full Scan With Archives option goes the extra mile by scrutinizing all files, folders, archives, and even conducting rootkit scans.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that ZoneAlarm lacks the ability to run custom scans—a feature that is typically included as a standard offering in most antivirus software. This omission may prove inconvenient for users who wish to specifically scan a particular folder or drive, as the absence of this functionality restricts their scanning options.


PlanPrice – AnnuallyNumber of devicesTop features
Extreme SecurityPrices range between $59.95 to protect one device and go up to $549.95 to protect up to 50.Between 1 and 50This is the full ZoneAlarm package and you’ll get real-time phishing protection for online shopping, antivirus, anti-spyware, the advanced firewall, threat extraction, and identity protection services.
Pro Antivirus and FirewallPrices range between $39.95 to protect one device and go up to $619.95 to protect up to 50.Between 1 and 50You’ll get fewer features than the Extreme Security package, and the ones you get are focused on web browsing protection, online privacy, and a two-way firewall.
Pro FirewallPrices range between $39.95 to protect one device and go up to $619.95 to protect up to 50.Between 1 and 50This is the firewall only option and has similar features to the Pro Antivirus and Firewall package.You’ll also get a feature that monitors suspicious behavior on your PC and shielding to your device during startup.
Anti-RansomwarePrices range between $14.95 to protect one device and go up to $94.95 to protect up to 10.1, 3 or 10This is ZoneAlarm’s anti-ransomware specific package. You’ll get file encryption and protection, a PC shield, and auto-restoration if any files are compromised.
Free versionFree1This is the most basic package, you’ll get a simple antivirus and firewall, and identity theft protection.


ZoneAlarm entices potential customers with substantial introductory discounts across most of its packages. The specific discount amount depends on factors such as the number of devices you wish to protect and the package you select. On average, you can expect a generous 50% discount on your first year’s subscription. It’s important to note that the prices listed in the above table represent the full amount you will pay once the introductory offer period concludes.

To provide peace of mind, ZoneAlarm offers a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the product, you can take advantage of this guarantee and receive a refund without any questions asked. This customer-centric approach reflects ZoneAlarm’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Privacy and security

Privacy – ZoneAlarm prioritizes privacy with a range of robust web protections, making it an excellent choice for individuals who frequently connect to public WiFi networks. The web monitor diligently scans websites before granting access and thoroughly examines all online file downloads. Furthermore, the software provides real-time phishing protection specifically tailored for secure online shopping, ensuring your privacy remains intact. With file encryption, protection against ransomware, and anti-hacking measures, ZoneAlarm fortifies your personal data against unauthorized access.

Security – ZoneAlarm’s comprehensive Extreme Security package encompasses an impressive array of protective measures. In addition to the essential anti-malware, anti-phishing, and anti-ransomware features, the software employs threat emulation for email attachments. These attachments are downloaded into an isolated cloud environment for meticulous malware scanning. To further enhance security, users can incorporate a Chrome browser extension that actively scans for malicious links and attachments, adding an extra layer of defense against potential threats. With ZoneAlarm, your security is prioritized, leaving no room for vulnerabilities.

Performance and protection

Independent testing of ZoneAlarm has been limited, likely because it utilizes the same antivirus engine as Kaspersky’s software. However, the assessments conducted by AV Test in December 2019 revealed outstanding protection outcomes. ZoneAlarm exhibited an impressive track record by successfully blocking 100% of zero-day malware instances and effectively detecting and neutralizing 99.99% of 20,428 other tested malware samples. Although further independent evaluations may be beneficial, these results underscore ZoneAlarm’s commendable performance in safeguarding against various types of malicious threats.

Malware protection

ZoneAlarm operates on the forefront of real-time threat tracking, continuously updating its database with the latest information on emerging malware. The credibility of its capabilities is reinforced by the AV Test results, where ZoneAlarm demonstrated exceptional performance by staying consistently up to date and effectively blocking 100% of zero-day attacks it encountered during testing. These impressive achievements solidify ZoneAlarm’s commitment to proactive protection, ensuring users can rely on its ability to combat evolving threats in real-time.

Ransomware protection

One of the standout features of this product is its exceptional ability to combat ransomware attacks. Ransomware incidents typically involve the theft, encryption, and deletion of files. However, ZoneAlarm shines by offering an automated data restoration process that can effectively recover any files that have been encrypted by malicious attackers. This robust functionality provides users with a reliable solution to counteract the devastating effects of ransomware, ensuring their valuable data remains protected and accessible.

Phishing detection

ZoneAlarm’s anti-phishing detection tool proves to be a valuable asset in safeguarding your online activities. With this feature in place, every website you visit undergoes thorough scanning for potential phishing attempts. If the tool identifies any suspicious elements, it takes proactive action by blocking you from entering any personal data on those websites. This proactive approach ensures that you are shielded from potential phishing threats, minimizing the risk of falling victim to deceptive schemes aimed at stealing your sensitive information. With ZoneAlarm, your online security is fortified, granting you peace of mind during your web browsing experience.

Spyware detection

ZoneAlarm takes a unique approach to spyware detection by not having a dedicated component for it. However, the software compensates for this by providing robust protection through its anti-keylogger and anti-ransomware features. While traditional spyware detection may not be explicitly mentioned, ZoneAlarm’s emphasis on countering keyloggers and ransomware ensures that your sensitive information and data remain secure. By targeting these specific threats, ZoneAlarm effectively mitigates the risks associated with spyware and offers comprehensive protection against unauthorized access and data breaches. With ZoneAlarm, your digital privacy and security are prioritized, even in the absence of a standalone spyware detection component.

Firewall protection

ZoneAlarm equips you with a powerful two-way firewall that acts as a vigilant gatekeeper, actively monitoring and identifying any suspicious programs attempting to infiltrate your device. Not only does it thwart potential data removal attempts by attackers, but it also fortifies your device’s security right from the startup phase, surpassing the protective capabilities of many other antivirus programs. This early and comprehensive defense mechanism ensures that your device remains shielded from threats right from the moment it boots up, offering an added layer of security and peace of mind. With ZoneAlarm, your digital fortress is fortified with proactive and robust protection.

Lab test results

While the number of lab tests conducted specifically on ZoneAlarm is somewhat limited, the available results showcase its exceptional performance. Notably, in the assessments carried out by AV Test, ZoneAlarm consistently surpassed the industry average in terms of protection, impressively blocking 100% of zero-day attacks. It received the highest score of 6/6 in every test, reaffirming its effectiveness.

However, when it comes to performance, ZoneAlarm tends to exhibit slightly slower speeds compared to the industry average, often matching or falling slightly short in various tests. Nevertheless, this minor drawback should not discourage users, considering the robust level of protection the software provides.

While additional independent tests for comparison would be beneficial, AV Test has established its reliability in the past, making their recommendation of ZoneAlarm a reassuring factor. Despite the limited number of tests, ZoneAlarm’s outstanding protection results and the endorsement from AV Test lend credibility to its effectiveness and make it a reliable choice for users seeking top-notch security.

Ease of use & interface

The user interface of ZoneAlarm, while straightforward and user-friendly, may appear outdated compared to the sleek designs of modern antivirus software. However, this doesn’t hinder its functionality or effectiveness.

Initiating scans is a breeze, requiring just a couple of clicks. ZoneAlarm neatly organizes its protective features into three tabs within the main menu. These tabs encompass your antivirus and firewall settings, web and privacy features, as well as mobile security options. Navigating through each tab provides a clear overview of your active features and offers insights into any detected attacks. Despite its slightly dated appearance, ZoneAlarm’s interface remains intuitive, ensuring ease of use and enabling users to efficiently access and manage the software’s protective capabilities.

Customer support

If you encounter any issues, rest assured that ZoneAlarm offers various avenues for seeking assistance. The most convenient option is initiating a chat directly through the customer support page, providing you with immediate access to support staff. Alternatively, you can log into your ZoneAlarm account and send an email for further assistance.

Before reaching out to customer services, it’s worth exploring the knowledge base area on the website. This resourceful section contains a wealth of articles, FAQs, and product support tips that may address your concerns. However, navigating this area can be slightly confusing, and finding the specific information you need might require some time and effort. In such cases, it might be more efficient to opt for the live chat option and obtain direct help from the knowledgeable support team. With multiple support channels available, ZoneAlarm ensures that users can access the assistance they need to resolve any potential issues efficiently.


  • Large range of features
  • Excellent zero-day malware protection
  • One year free credit monitoring for US customers
  • Identity theft features included on all packages
  • Free version available
  • Discounts on sign up
  • Uses the Kaspersky antivirus engine
  • Free trials are available on all products


  • The user interface is very outdated
  • Limited independent lab testing has been carried out
  • You can’t run custom scans


This comprehensive ZoneAlarm Antivirus review has shed light on the impressive array of features, pricing options, and more. We explored the simple yet effective setup process and highlighted the straightforward steps for uninstallation. The review covered various aspects, including threat protection, scanning capabilities, pricing plans, available discounts, privacy and security measures, performance and protection levels, as well as the software’s effectiveness in detecting malware, phishing attempts, and spyware.

Additionally, we delved into its reliable firewall protection, examined lab test results, assessed the user-friendly interface, and evaluated the quality of customer support. With its robust feature set and commitment to user satisfaction, ZoneAlarm Antivirus proves to be a compelling choice for those seeking comprehensive security solutions.

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