Windscribe VPN Review In (2024) Features, Pricing & More!

Windscribe VPN Review! Windscribe can be a solid VPN. For anyone who wants to ensure high speeds while staying safe.

Overall, we predict that Windscribe may be a good fit for those who want to start using a VPN or migrate from an existing associate-grade service.

While Windscribe is pretty sensible, it doesn’t beat alternative competitors like Nord VPN, which offers more double secret writing, lots of servers, low-cost pricing, and live support.

Let’s Take a Look

In this review, we will dig deeper into the Windscribe VPN service to better understand its technical school, transfer speeds, working policies, and rating.

As well as having a cool name, Windscribe is a VPN service that packs a punch while seemingly being 100% clear about its operations.

Transparency and VPN services have not always gone hand in hand. We discovered Windscribe refreshingly.

Generally, here at Privacy Australia, we tend to shy away from free VPNs. Windscribe is completely different as they even have a premium option and a neat way to keep your costs down if you want to.

In the free version of Windscribe, the VPN offers average but usable speeds with a monthly allotment of ten GB. Its premium possibility comes with a bunch of tools and faster speeds.

Side note: I even have to say how great your website home page is. These weird geometric shapes follow your pointer and seriously distract ME from testing the service itself.

Windscribe Overview

Windscribe is a Canadian-based company, offering a decent alternative for US-based customers. They offer a free VPN setup with ten GB of data metering per month on top of their premium plans.

They offer 256-bit AES write secret and also the usual OpenVPN tunneling protocol. The premium possibility is fast and features a multitude of available tools.

Usability:Easy to use
Logging Policy:No Identifying Logs
Server Size:480+ servers
Server Distribution:63 Countries
Support:Automated chat support
VPN protocol and encryption:OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard protocol / AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key encryption
Price:From $5.75/month
Official Website:

Key Features

  • Servers in sixty-three countries and one hundred and ten cities
  • Unlimited matching connections
  • Unlimited data measurement
  • DNS leak protection
  • off switch
  • stealth mode
  • ad blocker


  • No leak/safe to use
  • Ability to bypass Netflix restrictions
  • Square size torrents allowed
  • It works on multiple devices and platforms.
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Good privacy and secret writing options.


  • The first line of defense for support can be a chatbot
  • No live chat 24/7
  • Canadian VPN Service

Should You Trust Windscribe VPN with Your Data?

We commend Windscribe VPN for putting their privacy policy in plain language that everyone will understand. they are doing a good job dispelling any issues a potential client might have.

As we said at the beginning, Windscribe operates outside the North American country.

As a result, they are subject to the 5 Eyes online police work program. A variety of reports have clearly shown that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (Canadian Counterintelligence Service) has been in the Q.T. online data collection of your voters.

However, US ISPs (not VPNs) have little to no power to keep their user logs secret. they have to go with the anti-piracy legislation resulting from Bill C-11.

Now a VPN is not an associate degree ISP. If the government wanted data from a VPN company, they may not currently understand it unless they pass a replacement law.

No Logging Policy

If a Canadian-based VPN keeps records of its buyers, Canadian authorities may be trying to get that knowledge out of the service.

To be fair, countries like China and Russia are not part of the 5 Eyes Alliance and would create a much bigger threat once it comes to data theft.

It’s just sensible to have all the facts. You should also understand that Windscribe vehemently denies that this is a problem for its users. How many eyes you have doesn’t matter to them!

Remember, the American nation also has some strict copyright laws. This is usually something to keep in mind if you are using a VPN to download torrents.

This is where you need to trust the company you are receiving a service from. If an organization has no recorded knowledge of its customers, the government cannot take that knowledge away from them.

Other companies like PureVPN and IPVanish claim to be VPN services that do not log. Each of them has provided customer data to their governments. You can’t just see the words “no” and “registration” and immediately trust the company you are targeting.

No Sharing Policy

Windscribe has a detailed rationale associated with how the job works and what they’re doing behind the scenes. we tend to applaud them for always being upfront about what they’re doing.

One of the positive aspects of Windscribe is the indisputable fact that it allows users to use its service on an unlimited range of devices.

However, they do reserve the right to look at each VPN subscription to ensure that there are not multiple people using a VPN subscription package.

The only way Windscribe will accomplish this is often by analyzing the number of devices you have connected.

Windscribe Quote About Account Sharing

A single Windscribe account should only be used by one individual, and I’m not only talking about the account’s legal status. It’s quite rare for people to be connected to 50+ computers and 100+ phones at the same time.

The use of the information measure along with the association counts are employed by our period observation system that shows up on the “worst offenders” and chooses whether or not this user is likely to be abusive.

A personality then decides to ban the account or whitelist “abuse” in the event of a false positive.

If you share the account with your wife or brother, it’s probably fine, but it will end in a “chain reaction of sharing” every time they share it with someone, and the UN agency will do the same. this is usually a positive thank you for getting banned.”

A fair policy.

We found that Windscribe is not keen on keeping knowledge that the app can use at a later time.

You can trust Windscribe as much as you can trust the other leading VPN provider on the market. The only thing that should give you pause is if you don’t trust the Canadian scheme.

Windscribe Pricing and What’s Covered

Windscribe Pricing and What’s Covered Review-Itis
Windscribe Pricing and What’s Covered

Pricing starts at $9 per month. this could make Windscribe look expensive. However, if you get the annual plan, which is $69 a year, you’ll pay $5.75 a month. That’s a good deal, and Windscribe would prefer you to sign on for the long haul.

This puts the value on par with what you would get for comparable VPN services. An awesome option is offered to apply for a discount on Windscribe.

Windscribe incorporates a Build a Concept option where you can add a location for a dollar a month. If you recognize where you’d like to attach, this could be a nice cost saver. All amounts are expressed in USD.

Four things differentiate the free VPN offered by Windscribe from the paid service:

Windscribe VPN Review Review-Itis
Windscribe VPN Review


When you use the free service, you are restricted to ten GB of data measurement. With the paid service, you have unlimited information measures.

Server Locations

With the free service, you have access to eleven locations. The paid service gives you access to one hundred and ten locations.


We found that paid VPN servers were faster than free ones.

US-Based Streaming Services

You will not be able to connect to Netflix taking advantage of the free service. it will only work with payment.

Outside of those variations, the software system is identical. Once you upgrade, you will see that there are linked servers that are offered to be used, and also the information measurement limit that appears in the application window disappears.

You can log in to Windscribe completely anonymously. you should not provide your name or associated email address.

The only downside to doing this often is that if you lose your password, you won’t have any thanks for getting it back. Credit cards, PayPal, Paymentwall, and Bitcoin are all accepted forms of payment.

Windscribe VPN Review  Review-Itis
Windscribe VPN Review

The option to register for a free account is available. The free account provides access to a restricted range of servers. The free account is proscribed at ten GB per month of usage.

One annoying factor is that after you sign in to the free account, you are constantly pressured to sign in to the pro account.

That’s pretty traditional for any service that offers a free version. Stop worrying once someone gives you free stuff!

Windscribe VPN features a refund policy that you just need to take a close look at. There are a few points you need to keep in mind before getting a subscription:

  • First of all, you only have 3 days to reqauest a refund.
  • The refund policy only applies if you obtain it directly from Windscribe
  • Finally, if you use ten GB of data in intervals of those 3 days, your refund is null.
Windscribe VPN Review Review-Itis
Windscribe VPN Review

In part, we tend to perceive the short refund window. They encourage people to try their products for free before getting a paid subscription.

Connecting Multiple Devices with One Account

Connecting Multiple Devices with One Account Review-Itis
Connecting Multiple Devices with One Account

Whether you’re running a free service or a paid service, you have the flexibility to connect a wide range of devices at the same time to your VPN using a single account.

This is an amazing feature that is distinctive to Windscribe.

Most VPN services can only allow five or fewer synchronous connections.

Windscribe might be a good fit if you have a large family or run a small, low-end business. With just 1 account, multiple people can enjoy the service.

Disclaimer: Windscribe does not want you to share your VPN credentials with others. {They do|the area unit they’re doing} investigates accounts that are directly connected to a ridiculous number of devices. If you’re trying to cheat the system (we don’t recommend it), look elsewhere.

Windscribe doesn’t seem to care if you keep him in your family. we tend to get the feeling that they just don’t want to view a hundred devices on one account.

You are able to configure a VPN on your router using Windscribe Pro. This protects every device on your network by exploiting an external affiliation.

Windscribe Professional has VPN infrastructure in sixty-three countries and nearly one hundred and ten cities. you will check the status of your servers on your status page.

Installing Windscribe

Windscribe is easy to download and install.

Installing the application on your computer is as simple as following the steps. Once the program is installed, you may be prompted to enter your account details or create a replacement account.

Once your username and parole area unit has been accepted, you may see the Windscribe notice. Windscribe can mechanically connect you to the best compatible server for your current location.

You can modify that server if you want at any time.

Customer Support

Windscribe has six customer support options on its website.

These include:

  •  Setup guides
  •  FAQs
  •  Knowledge bases
  •  Subreddit
  •  Talk to Gary
  •  Submit a ticket
Customer Support Review-Itis
Customer Support

When we saw the possibility of seeing Garry, we were excited. we tend to think that Windscribe had a live chat with a person named city World Health Organization and just felt like adding an extra ‘r’.

After asking a question or two, it became absolutely clear that we were criticizing a program designed to allow machine-controlled responses. after typing the compulsory question:

Are you a real person? we tend to get the critical response: “You caught me, you should be a detective. Continuing, what is your question? That was frustrating and aggravating in constant time.

Garry will answer simple questions for you. lots of time, that’s enough. If you must communicate with a real person you are doing, have a live chat and price tag system available. Live chat is not 24/7 like other VPN corporations.

Garry will have his uses, he gave the North American nation some good data on the servers from which you can access Netflix.

Does Windscribe Work with Netflix? (You’ll Need Pro Version)

When someone asks if the service works with Netflix, what they need to know is whether Windscribe will bypass Netflix’s geo-restriction of content streaming in the North American country.

Netflix and alternative streaming services have become excellent at distinguishing between VPNs and blocking VPN users.

When you visit the Windscribe home page, it says nothing about Netflix. This is usually surprising because most VPNs that allow area drive can bypass Netflix or other streaming services. Geo-restricting content places it on your home page.

Don’t worry, there’s more to the story.

We tried to join the free Netflix exploitation Windscribe service.

And we were greeted with the frustrating transmission error message you get with various VPNs on the market these days.

However, it is a unique story after using the professional version of this service. Windscribe includes a “WindFlix Location” option that allows you to access Netflix America content seamlessly.

It should be noted that Windscribe is ready to unlock your u-restricted content. s., UK, Japan, and Canada.

Privacy and Encryption Features

Privacy and Encryption Features
Privacy and Encryption Features

Windscribe has wonderful VPN protocols. They consist of IKEv2, OpenVPN, and the SOCKS 5 protocol. The IKEv2 protocol is the default protocol.

However, OpenVPN is the industry standard. We tend to bring this up because you’ll want to switch to an open VPN once you start abusing the products.

With Windscribe VPN, you have access to AES-256 ciphers with SHA512 authentication and 4096-bit RSA key encryption on desktop and AES-128 GCMcipher encryption with P-256 key exchange and TLS one.2, ECDHE_RSA for your extensions. navigation.

These squares measure some spectacular technical details. There have been no attacks at either end of this encryption spectrum.

Torrenting Is Allowed

Torrenting Is Allowed Review-Itis
Torrenting Is Allowed

Many VPNs prohibit torrenting. they are upset that they are getting into trouble with DMCA complaints.

Others that allow torrenting may only provide it on one or two of the servers.

Windscribe allows torrenting, technically.

They also offer tutorials that show you how to approach different torrent buyers. However, they do not support torrenting on all of their servers.

The reason for this is that in some of the countries where they need servers there are strict digital copyright protection laws.

So, if you’re wondering how to mistreat Windscribe for torrent sessions, you should first check their servers and make sure you find one that supports P2P and is relatively close to you.

Server Speed

The goal of our speed control is to be as empirical as we can. To accomplish that task, we tested a server in Canada and connected it to servers in the Americas, UK, Germany, Australia, and Port.

With each location, we tend to use a fifty MB test file and download it from the server inside u. s. This was done several times a day at intervals of six hours. We tend to take the average transfer speed for each check and then collect the combined information.

The graph above gives you an idea of ​​how Windscribe performed compared to other modern VPNs. As you’ll see, Windscribe wasn’t the fastest, but it was still fast.


Windscribe could be a VPN that offers tons.

Who wouldn’t choose a VPN service that allows them to connect an infinite variety of devices?

What about a VPN that includes a special server reserved for connecting to Netflix from the United States of America?

For people living abroad, this seems to be a given. Windscribe VPN can be a solid VPN. We recommend them to anyone trying to access Netflix with fast speeds.

The appearance of the support page is nice. Having six options to solve problems seems ideal. However, not having a 24/7 live chat will provide a slight problem for your network.

Thinking that you are reaching out to live chat with someone and then receiving automated replies is not an honest sentiment. Emailing a support team will feel frustrating once all you want to try to do is refer someone who is chatting.

Windscribe is a simple VPN service that seems to keep growing. We have done our job of informing you of its advantages and disadvantages. Everything depends on you currently.

If you still want to learn a lot, explore our guide to the best VPNs for Aussies.


How Good is Windscribe?

Windscribe can be a solid VPN option that provides fast speeds and a variety of tools. The only problem with Windscribe is its dedicated Netflix servers that allow you to watch the US and UK Netflix content.

Is the Free Version of Windscribe Good?

As for the free versions of Windscribe, it’s pretty good. When it comes to VPNs, it is very simple to check the service before paying for the premium version. With restricted data, restricted speeds, and restricted servers, it’s a decent region.

Is Windscribe Encrypted?

Yes, it is. As a VPN service, that is the main purpose of its offerings.

Is Windscribe a Safe VPN?

Yes, with their encryption options, they are a secure VPN. the only caveat is that the business is based in Canada. The WHO has been known for listening to its voters. Windscribe doesn’t keep records that the Canadian government couldn’t steal Windscribe customer data unless they notice a few suspicious things.

Does Windscribe Have a Kill Switch?

Yes. The app can disconnect you from the web if your VPN membership is canceled. This is a tool to protect your membership no matter what, even if a random server goes down.

Does Windscribe Support P2P?

Yes, for the main half. Square torrenting is allowed on most, but not all servers. The service does not block, monitor, or throttle torrent downloads.

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