The Best VPNs for Apple TV in (2024) – (Setup Guide)

The Best VPNs for Apple TV feature a variety of great shows and movies to enjoy. But, as with all streaming sites, their content differs from region to region. While you can enjoy your favorite shows, apps, and music reception, you won’t be able to access them from abroad.

However, a great VPN for Apple TV will bypass all geo-blocks and censorship that limit your access to specific content on Apple TV, iTunes, and, therefore the App Store. You can get one that helps you fully enjoy Apple TV no matter where you are.

Note that Apple TV does not have a built-in VPN associated with it, nor can you transfer one through the TV’s App Store. Fortunately, there are workarounds for area units, such as router installation and smart DNS configuration.

First of all, you want to induce a reliable VPN that works with Apple TV. Keep in mind that there are at least a dozen different VPNs out there and choosing a decent one could be a challenge. For that reason, we have listed the simplest Apple TV VPNs for you!

Top 5 Best VPNs for Apple TV in (2024)

How to Choose The Best VPNs for Apple TV?

If you want to watch content from different regions on your Apple TV, you need to get a VPN to get around geo-blocks. In addition to association speed and the ability to unblock streaming platforms, make sure the VPN has these key features:

  • It works on a Router. Apple TV doesn’t support VPN, so you want to associate an alternate method of association. One of these options is to install a VPN on your router. This method is difficult, but as long as the VPN you choose has a guide to help you do it (every VPN we suggest does), you should be ready to complete the process without too much fuss. You’ll also need to make sure your router supports VPN in the first place.
  • Smart DNS. Another option is Smart DNS. This clever feature allows you to access geo-blocked content on your Apple TV without even wanting to connect with a VPN. Note that you won’t get VPN edges, like crypto, with this technique. However, it’s a great resolution if you’re simply interested in a small amount of seamless streaming. And since you’re not on the VPN, you’ll get speeds back this way too.

The Best 5 VPNs for Apple TV – Our Detailed List:

There are several VPNs to choose from, so to make this list, we tested a variety of options on their features, price, ease of use, school tech support, and more. Check out the VPNs we’ve rated as the best for Apple TV.

Benchmark Test Speed: 300 Mbps download / 300 Mbps transfer

1. NordVPN

NordVPN for Apple TV Review-Itis


Based in:Panama
Servers/Countries:5400+ Servers in 60 Countries
Unblocks Netflix:✔️
Current Deal:Get 59% OFF NordVPN
+ 3 Extra months


  • Unblocks all the main content providers
  • Big, reliable server list
  • Guides available for router setup
  • Smart DNS feature
  • Very fast
  • 24/7 live chat support team


  • No LT2P/IPSec protocol for macOS connection sharing

NordVPN is a wonderful VPN for Apple TV. With a huge variety of servers (5,400 in sixty countries), you’ll always be ready to unblock content from most streaming sites, including Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer.

The speeds are also spectacular. Once we used the NordLynx tunneling protocol, the common transfer rate was 249 Mbps! Good for streaming HD and UHD content.

NordVPN originates from your router – the method requires a small amount of focus, but by chance, you might find guides on the NordVPN website to walk you through how to do it.

Using sensible DNS is another option, and it’s very useful if you’re just curious about streaming and don’t need full VPN crypto. NordVPN features a guide that shows you how to line this up too.

If you ever want to facilitate with any of those setups, you’ll be able to continually tune in to the NordVPN facilitation team via their 24/7 live chat.

A wide range of options, helpful equipment, and some of the most effective security and privacy settings found on any VPN make NordVPN the whole package. And once you consider the terrifyingly low price (just $3.99/month), you can see why it’s rated so highly. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark VPN for Apple TV Review - itis


Based in:The Netherlands
Servers/Countries:3200+ Servers in 65 Countries
Unblocks Netflix:✔️
Current Deal:Get Up to 82% OFF Surfshark + 2 months FREE!


  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Fast servers proved to get around geo-blocks
  • One of the fastest VPNs with WireGuard
  • Guides for router setup
  • Smart DNS
  • The live chat runs 24/7


  • Doesn’t offer LT2P protocol

Surfshark is next on our list of the best VPNs for Apple TV, and there’s not much that separates it from NordVPN. It even features a standout feature that you’ll struggle to find in alternative VPNs: unlimited synchronous connections. This means that you will be able to connect as many devices to the VPN as you like, so it is good for sharing with the family. You can cover the entire family (and more) with a single subscription.

On the server front, Sufshark excels. With over 3,200 servers in 65 countries, it’s always ready to unlock content on Apple TV. We’ve tested it on all the massive streaming sites and never had any hassles on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, and Disney+.

Surfshark also boasts impressive speeds. The WireGuard tunneling protocol is probably the most effective you’ll be able to use, and the average speed was 263 Mbps, so you know the content can be fully transmitted.

Router setup is usually completed with the help of guides, and you can also use Smart DNS. Area unit guides also help you share a VPN connection from your computer, but this is not the cheapest way to move it. In addition to these guides, there is live chat available 24/7 if you need help from the technical school.

With costs starting at just $2.30/month, Surfshark is one of the best VPNs for Apple TV.

3. VyprVPN

VyprVPN for Apple TV Review-Itis


Based in:Switzerland
Servers/Countries:700 Servers in 70 Countries
Unblocks Netflix:✔️
Current Deal:Get VyprVPN now 50% OFF the 1-year plan!


  • The most affordable VPN option
  • Unblocks streaming content
  • LT2P and Chameleon tunneling protocols
  • Decent speeds with WireGuard
  • Step-by-step instructions for router installation


  • Not as many servers as other top VPNs

If Surfshark’s low price caught your eye, VyprVPN maybe even more appealing.

VyprVPN is small but mighty. There are fewer servers to choose from than some of its competitors (around 70 servers in 70+ countries), but we’ve tried several and have always been ready to unblock streaming sites like Netflix, DAZN, Youtube, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime. And HBO currently. It is excellent for Apple TV.

We are also affected by VyprVPN speeds. With WireGuard, average speeds hovered around the 242Mbps mark, which is ideal for streaming premium video.

VyprVPN is often found on your router, with step-by-step guides to help you follow it. The service also offers the LT2P protocol, which allows you to share a VPN connection from a Macintosh, so it’s a different way to connect to your Apple TV.

Some places, like China, limit the use of VPNs, but VyprVPN introduces a special trick in the form of the Chameleon 2.0 tunneling protocol.

Chameleon cleverly makes VPN traffic look like normal web traffic, which makes the service more practical against firewalls. Therefore, you will be able to positively use this VPN to bypass strong geo-blocks and stream content on Apple TV!

VyprVPN prices start at just $5/month, and the usual 30-day guarantee is also included. Advantages

4. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access VPN for Apple TV Review-Itis


Based in:USA
Servers/Countries:30000+ Servers in 78 + Countries
Unblocks Netflix:✔️
Current Deal:Grab 83% OFF
+ 3 Months FREE


  • Huge server list
  • Ten simultaneous connections
  • Known to unblock streaming services
  • Can set up on router with guides to help
  • 24/7 live chat


  • No Smart DNS

Private Internet Access size department, non-public web access (PIA) cannot be overwhelmed. That’s over 30,000 servers in 78 different countries to connect to, and we’ve used them to unblock Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, and Disney+ on Apple TV.

Speeds aren’t as impressive as NordVPN and Surfshark, but Over will still handle your HD/UHD streams.

PIA provides guides to help you set up a VPN along with your router, so you’ll use that methodology to connect to Apple TV. Unfortunately, there is no good DNS function.

Private Internet Access offers a generous ten simultaneous connections in one subscription, so you’ll share it across your family’s devices.

If you want to configure your applications very specifically, you will be pleased to know that personal web access has several customization options.

Private Internet Access is also one of the cheapest VPNs around; you will sign up for a subscription for less than $2.03/month. Give the weed a try and if you change your mind for any reason, claim a refund due to the 30-day money-back guarantee. Advantages

5. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN for Apple TV Review-Itis


Based in:Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Servers/Countries:3000 Servers in 91 Countries
Unblocks Netflix:✔️
Current Deal:Get ExpressVPN now 35% OFF the 1-year plan!


  • Great at unblocking streaming sites
  • Very fast Lightway tunneling protocol
  • Smart DNS MediaStreamer feature
  • LT2P protocol for macOS sharing
  • Really good support team with 24/7 live chat


If you’re watching content on Apple TV, ExpressVPN has everything you need to get the most out of your stream.

With over 3,000 servers in ninety-one countries, ExpressVPN is one of the most reliable services available when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted streaming content. You’ll watch all the shows on Apple TV plus Netflix, DAZN, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, and Disney+.

Using the Lightway protocol, we tend to get transfer speeds of around 226Mbps. it will also use the LT2P/IPSec protocol if you are thinking of sharing a VPN affiliation from your Macintosh.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs to align with a router. It will have a special router app and provide a computer code if you need to try and do the process manually. For a simpler methodology of unblocking streaming content, you will go with the Media Streamer feature, which is ExpressVPN’s version of good DNS.

Of course, there are detailed guides to help you with these processes and 24/7 chat support.

ExpressVPN is last on this list for a great reason: it’s worth it. You will need to pay a minimum of $8.32/month for a subscription. However, you have thirty days to change your mind and get a full refund. Advantages

How We Selected & Tested These Apple TV VPNs

We only propose the most dependable VPNs for uninterrupted content viewing. The Apple TV VPNs in this list have been thoroughly tested and chosen based on the following criteria:

  • How Straightforward is it to Set up Apple TV? We chose VPNs with alternative options such as router installation, Smart DNS, and PC connection sharing because you can’t install a VPN directly on your Apple TV.
  • Speed. Because Apple TV is all about streaming high-quality entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of consistently fast VPNs to ensure you receive the greatest quality without buffering.
  • Is it Streamable? Not all VPNs can ban streaming sites, and not all VPNs can connect to streaming devices. The VPNs in our top 5 list have all been confirmed to unblock Apple TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video reliably.
  • Customer Service. Because no service is perfect, our suggested VPNs offer great customer care in the event of technical difficulties.
  • Price. It’s one thing to provide excellent service, but the price must also be reasonable. In our opinion, our top-rated VPNs for Apple TV are all reasonably priced.
  • Security. Protect your online privacy with a VPN that has advanced security features like encryption, a kill switch, and complete anonymity.

How to Set Up a VPN on Apple TV

As we’ve mentioned, you can’t install a VPN directly onto your Apple TV. Don’t worry. You’ll still build it happen by following one of the strategies listed below. Here’s the lowdown on the way to start a VPN on Apple TV.

Using Smart DNS With Apple TV

Smart DNS will have completely different setup directions reckoning on the VPN you’re exploiting. That said, they’ll sometimes look one thing like this:

  • Pick a VPN (you can’t fail with NordVPN) and install it on your device)
  • Find the sensible DNS settings in your VPN and bear in mind the DNS code.
  • Then, attend Apple TV Settings and navigate to Network.
  • Select Wi-Fi or LAN, depending on your Apple TV’s net association choices.
  • Click your home network and favor to piece DNS.
  • Select the Manual and enter the DNS address.
  • Hit Done, and restart your Apple TV, so you’re all set!

Sharing a VPN Connection Over Wi-Fi

Alternatively, you’ll also start a VPN on your laptop, so share it with your Apple TV over Wi-Fi (or even exploit the Associate in Nursing LAN cable).

Below, you’ll realize elaborated directions for each Windows ten and macOS.

Sharing VPN Connection on Windows 10

  • Download a VPN for your laptop. NordVPN may be a nice alternative.
  • Go to Settings > Network & Net> Mobile Hotspot.
  • Click On
  • Then, Settings > Network and Net, currently choose modification adapter choices.
  • Go to the VPN’s adapter, right-click, and hit Properties > Sharing.
  • Press enable different network users to attach through this computer’s net.
  • Find your hotspot association at intervals and attend the Home Networking association.
  • Open your VPN app, then connect with a brand-new server.
  • Now connect your mobile hotspot to your Apple TV, and you’re able to stream!

Sharing VPN Connection on Marcos

  • Get the account credentials of your VPN.
  • If your VPN has the L2TP/IPsec protocol (not all do), set it au fait your macOS device.
  • Open System Preferences > Sharing
  • Go to the web Sharing menu.
  • In the drop-down, click your VPN
  • Check the “To computers using” Wi-Fi choice.
  • Come up with a Wi-Fi word and enter it in the Wi-Fi choices.
  • Go to Net Sharing, and Press modify.
  • Fire up the VPN
  • Next, connect your Apple TV PlayStation to your raincoat on Wi-Fi, and you’re done!

Setting Up a VPN on a Router

Since you can’t transfer a VPN app onto Apple TV, setting a VPN on your router may be a sensible choice. This is often a result of all devices on your router’s network and Apple TV, which can then get the advantages of the VPN.

Installing a VPN on a router is often an advanced method, and if you don’t follow the steps properly, you’ll risk damaging your router. The steps also can disagree counting on your variety of routers, for instance, virtual router or pre-configured router.

Luckily, assistance is at hand. We’ve created some extent of solely recommending VPNs that supply careful directions on the way to complete the installation method.

You’ll be able to realize the piecemeal router installation directions on the support page of your chosen VPN. For a small amount of a concept of what you’ll need to do, the steps sometimes follow this process:

  • Noting down the router model and microcode
  • Finding your router’s scientific discipline address
  • Opening the router’s configuration settings
  • Installing microcode on the router
  • Entering the server data from your VPN

Remember, all the VPNs we’ve suggested during this article have easy-to-follow directions to assist you thru this method.

How Do I Get Netflix Through a VPN on Apple TV?

Getting Netflix connected to a VPN on Apple TV may be a nice plan, as you’ll unblock content libraries of all its completely different regions. This means you’ll see what’s on Netflix USA, Netflix Japan, and Netflix Kingdom wherever you’re placed. Below, you may realize careful directions on the way to fuck.

However, before you begin – decide on the simplest Netflix VPN, as not all VPN services square measure able to bypass the strict location restrictions of this common streaming platform.

  • Install a VPN on your router. NordVPN works wonders with Netflix
  • Connect to a replacement server
  • Connect Apple TV to your router.
  • Download the Netflix app from the Apple app store.
  • Sign in along with your Netflix account and begin streaming!

Can I Use a Free VPN With Apple TV?

There square measure several free VPNs on the market. However, they’re not as nice as they sound.

If you decide on a free VPN, brace yourself for apps crammed with ads, weak options, hardly any smart server location, and probably even nasty surprises like hidden malware. The free VPN supplier won’t simply offer you the service out of kindness either; it’ll build cash from mercantilism on your information to 3rd parties. Our advice? Don’t trouble with this selection in the least.

Alternatively, there are square measure free versions of paid-for VPNs, known as ‘freemium’ versions. Whereas they’ll be a lot of respect than utterly free VPNs, freemium VPNs square measure primarily simply regular VPNs while not most of the great options. There won’t be several servers on the market, and your users are capped with restrictions. One smart possibility is Windscribe, a VPN with a genuinely smart freemium version. Windscribe’s free providing encompasses a big choice of options and a generous 10GB information cap.


Next time you turn on your Apple TV, get the simplest streaming expertise by connecting a VPN too. You’ll open up a new world of content on all your favorite streaming services. Geo-restrictions are a factor of the past!

Not solely that, however, you’ll conjointly get a variety of security and obscurity options. You’ll keep shielded from cyber threats, and your ISP won’t be able to see what you’re doing online.

The top five VPNs we’ve suggested during this article all provide sensible options at terribly cheap costs. Sign in for a subscription, get connected, and you’ll before long marvel at how you lived while not one.

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