The Best Beauty Advice I’ve Ever (Received | Given) (2024)

As a beauty journalist, I spend about ninety-nine percent of my time reading, researching, and writing about the world of hair, makeup, and skincare that smells so good.

And during that point, I’ve gotten a lot of best beauty advice… Facial wipes usually eventually = breakouts (as well as being harsh on the environment). Apply your richest product at night once your skin is doing more work, and cleaning it completely (but gently) can be a non-negotiable step to keep the skin clean and bright.

Those are recommendation items that I will honestly say I follow every day, and my skin (at least in that way) thanked ME.

But that advice usually comes from a whole host of sources. In recent years I’ve been progressively learning a few tricks from product formulators, journalists, and YouTubers who see most of the recent products on their faces daily. Before sharing their knowledge with the rest of the world.

And since I managed to come up with some pretty great recommendations at the time. I thought I’d share some of my favorite beauty tips I’ve learned from alternative beauty blogs here.

Skin is Skin

The Best Beauty Advice I’ve Ever (Received | Given)

Ah, the wise words of Harley Street specialist and blogger Dr. Bunting, surface-to-air missile. Dr. Sam’s skincare philosophy is simple: thoroughly cleanse, lighten skin, and consistently use SPF…Yes, American status, and don’t be too picky about merchandise.

That means not spending too much on a lot of individual products when just a few would do, and it means you don’t necessarily need a separate eye cream.

Yes, Dr. SAM may be a firm believer that “skin is skin,” and what works for the rest of the face (barring something too harsh) also works for the lower eye area.

I must say that I have often found an equivalent to be true as well, and I will certainly join any recommendation. This means I don’t have to be forced to pay an extra £50 on another product. This means most days, I just rub my traditional face moisturizer up to and around my eyes instead of using a separate cream. My current favorite is Bybi’s Night Nutrition Super Molecule Night Cream*.

Your Face Stops at Your Boobs

The Best Beauty Advice I’ve Ever (Received | Given)

Possibly my favorite beauty journalist, poet Zoe Foster, has crafted these half-dozen simple words as a mantra when it comes to protecting the fragile skin on your neck and chest, even as much as your face.

Since we have fewer oil glands (the oil-producing glands that contribute to breakouts but also facilitate our skin’s natural moisture) in our neck and chest (and show signs of aging faster), it’s wise to keep any skin care of the skin. Down to the level of the breasts. And since tech school neckline is also a thing. This is a recommendation I’ve been following for years, especially when it comes to hydration and SPF.

To double the effort, I also want to make sure that any cream. I use on my body is also applied up to my neck (meaning I have the most moisturized chest I’ve ever had, and I’m getting closer to my ultimate goal of aging in reverse).

Wear SPF

The Best Beauty Advice I’ve Ever (Received | Given)

Direct recommendation, however, the man is necessary. Right in the footer of any King of England Hirons journal post or video. A reminder to wear sunscreen is some of the things you can never have in excess.

Yes, UVB rays (the rays responsible for tanning, burning, and most skin cancers) cannot tolerate windows and are partially (but not completely) blocked by clouds. However, UVA rays (the rays responsible for visible aging, as well as skin cancer) can penetrate all clouds and windows. This involves all the fun of fine lines, wrinkles, physiological conditions, loss of skin tone, and cancer risk. Whether or not you’re sitting at your desk on a descending Gregorian calendar day of the month or sunbathing somewhere beautiful.

Not only will sunscreen help prevent that. But the sport has also been shown to actively undo some signs of aging (I guess they decide everyone wins). so get sporty SPF.

I think part of the problem that keeps so many people from using sunscreen every day is the sheer inconvenience of so many formulas available. Whether it’s greasy, white powder, or breakouts.

So, choose a fancy formula, and use enough (half a teaspoon for the face and neck). And reapply (at least every few hours throughout the day).

My Favorites Are:

The Best Beauty Advice I’ve Ever (Received | Given)

For Oily Skin: Ren’s Clean Screen Mineral SPF thirty. So smooth, has a properly matte finish, no greasy feel, and nothing during this that will make it pop – a huge favorite.

For Traditional Skin: without any white components and with some spectacular ingredients like niacinamide to even out skin tone and prevent breakouts, Dr. Sam’s Daily Sunscreen SPF 50 is, therefore, easy to use and unnoticeable once it’s on.

For Sensitive Skin: If, like me, you have less sensitive skin, or perhaps a pregnancy mask or acne rosacea. The mineral sunscreen is the one for you. Serving to deflect and absorb the sun’s rays, mineral sunscreens use ingredients such as chemical compounds|zinc flowers|philosopher’s wool oxide} and iron oxide to create a touchable protective layer on the skin without irritating or sensitizing it. Check out the latest product from natural care company By, Day Defense SPF 30 Day Cream.

To Reapply: Bioderma Photoderm goop Compact SPF 50. a very good compact. This offers SPF 50 and can be reapplied over makeup/in the back of a taxi/in a hurry in the office bathroom. So the skin should never be left unprotected.

Hair or Makeup

The Best Beauty Advice I’ve Ever (Received | Given)

I’m the ultimate fan of looking natural as the next woman (most presumably because I’m ridiculously lazy when it comes to any kind of three-step makeup routine). But even I know there’s a fine line between looking natural and “I just out of bed” with a healthy look and a, well, sloppy touch.

And sadly, since my hair is monumental and almost untamable. If I ever try to go too naturally, I find myself falling into the latter camp.

However, Allana Davison, my favorite beauty YouTuber, offers a great tip for finding the balance between natural beauty and the I haven’t combed my hair in three days look: select between your hair and your makeup.

Yes, in the same way that they tell you “legs or cleavage, not both!” once you’re a young adult (very critical), Allana recommends straightening, curling, or styling your hair if you plan on not wearing makeup. While on days when you’re shaving your hair off in a live outfit. She suggests making sure to add at least a little bit of concealer under your eyes. Like some sort of tinted balm (for a quick two-way makeup routine). Minute, take a look at mine here).

I love this recommendation as she stays true to my overall attribute of natural beauty. Yet she adds just enough effort that I don’t feel too lewd. She has also positively saved Maine on quite a few occasions when I rushed out to get milk/tea/snacks and ended up bumping into every person I’ve ever met in my life.

The Takeaway

There you go; four beauty recommendation items I’ve spotted over the years that have carried Maine through many beauty-related mishaps. I hope they will also bring you the maximum amount of beauty-related joy!

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