How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

How to Make Lashes Look Longer? Ah, the quest for longer lashes can be quite the challenge. While slapping on a thick strip lash might seem like a quick fix for achieving long and voluminous lashes, it doesn’t always result in a natural look. But fear not, my friends, for there is another way to boost your natural lashes. Let me enlighten you on the secrets of making your eyelashes look longer without compromising authenticity.

To achieve the desired effect, we must tread a different path. It’s all about enhancing your natural lashes, my friends. Embrace the art of subtlety and follow a few simple steps to unlock the potential of your own lashes. With the right techniques and products, you can effortlessly create the illusion of longer lashes that will leave everyone wondering if they’re naturally blessed.

So, let’s dive into the world of lash-lengthening secrets and discover how you can take your lashes to new lengths. Get ready to bat those beauties with confidence.

Tips on How to Make Lashes Look Longer:

Apply Primer

Apply Primer - Review-Itis
How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

This little magical product can make a huge difference in the appearance of your lashes. Imagine a mascara-like formula, but it comes in white or translucent instead of the usual black color. Prepare to be amazed as you witness the transformation of your lashes right before your very eyes!

Before you reach for your trusty black mascara, take a moment to apply that fabulous eyelash primer. This step is the key to unlocking the full potential of your lashes. The primer acts as a base, preparing your lashes for the mascara that will follow.

Coat your lashes with this white or translucent liquid, then proceed with your regular mascara application. Prepare yourself, my friends, for a lengthening effect that will mesmerize you with your fluttery lashes. It’s like a magic trick but without the smoke and mirrors.

Apply Eyeliner

Apply Eyeliner - Review-Itis
How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

Whether you opt for a subtle smudge or go all out with a bold winged look, using eyeliner on your lash line works like magic to fill in any sparse gaps between your lashes.

Think of it as connecting the dots, my friends. By delicately tracing your lash line with eyeliner, you create a seamless flow that enhances the density and fullness of your lashes. No more worrying about those tiny spaces or sparse areas that can hinder the overall look. With a few strokes of your favorite eyeliner, you can achieve a cohesive and mesmerizing lash line that will have everyone wondering how you managed such perfection.

Don’t Use Excess Mascara

Don't Use Excess Mascara - Review-Itis
How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

You see, often, especially when you crack open a fresh bottle of mascara, the wand tends to be overloaded with product. But fear not! Before you dive into applying that mascara, here’s a pro tip: wipe the wand to remove at least 80% of the excess product.

It may seem surprising, but you don’t need a boatload of mascara on that wand to achieve stunning lashes. More products can lead to clumps and messy applications. So, let’s master the art of product control and unlock the true potential of our lashes!

A Trusty Eyelash Curler

A Trusty Eyelash Curler - Review-Itis
How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

This nifty tool can work wonders in making your lashes look longer and fuller in a flash. Here’s the scoop: I typically curl my lashes before applying mascara (never make the mistake of curling your lashes AFTER applying mascara, as it can result in some unintended lash casualties).

However, I still reach for the trusty eyelash curler on those lazy days or quick errands when I don’t feel like applying mascara. Why? Because it not only adds length to my lashes but also gives my eyes a bigger and more alert appearance.

Apply Mascara Slowly and Steadily

Apply Mascara Slowly and Steadily - Review-Itis
How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

Ah, the morning rush. We’ve all been there, folks. Sometimes we’re too groggy or in a hurry to have the patience for a meticulous mascara application. But here’s the deal: rushing through it will only lead to a messy, clumpy disaster. Trust me; I’ve been there. Instead, take a deep breath and give yourself a few extra seconds to apply mascara slowly and with precision.

This little act of patience will ensure that each and every lash gets coated while avoiding any unfortunate sticking together. The result? Softer, cleaner-looking lashes will make your eyes pop like never before. My friends, it’s all about taking those extra moments to perfect your lash game.

Try Out a Growth Serum

Try Out a - Review-Itis Growth Serum
How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

here’s a radical idea: make them longer and fuller! Believe it or not, some folks swear by their homemade hair growth serums for eyelashes. Now, I can’t promise you’ll have miraculous results, but it never hurts to give it a shot, right?

There’s an array of healthy oils out there that you can try on your lashes, and who knows, you might end up with lashes so thick and luscious they’ll look straight out of a Hollywood makeup trailer! So why not embrace the power of experimentation and give those natural remedies a whirl? 

Baby Powder is Surprisingly Effective

Baby Powder - Review-Itis
How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

Here’s a little secret: Baby powder is like the thrifty cousin of eyelash primer. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore eyelash primer, but if I’m being honest, I’ve used the baby powder trick way more often than I’ve reached for an actual primer. It’s simple: grab a Q-tip, dip it in some baby powder, and gently apply it to your lashes (don’t forget to close your eyes, folks!).

Sure, you might look a bit spooky at first but fear not because once you apply your mascara, it will completely cover up any traces of baby powder. The best part? Baby powder gives you almost the same result as a primer—longer, fuller lashes! It’s like magic, but without breaking the bank! So why not try this budget-friendly hack and see the amazing transformation for yourself?

Keep a Gentle Touch

Keep a Gentle Touch - Review-Itis
How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

How to Make Lashes Look Longer? Here’s a crucial tip: when washing your face and removing makeup, always remember to be gentle. Just like you shouldn’t snooze with mascara too frequently, washing off your eye makeup delicately every night is essential.

Why? Because if you’re too rough, those precious lashes of yours might start bidding farewell one by one, weakening your lash line with each passing day. So, take a moment to pamper your lashes and give them the care they deserve. Trust me; they’ll thank you for looking longer and more fabulous than ever!

Try Tightlining

Try Tightlining - Review-Itis
How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

here’s a neat trick: tightlining! It’s all about applying eyeliner to your upper waterline, preferably waterproof and in pencil form. This nifty technique works wonders by creating the illusion of a fuller lash line. When tightlining, be sure to choose an eyeliner that matches the color of your mascara.

For instance, if you rock a brown or blonde hairdo and prefer a more subtle look, opt for brown mascara and pair it with matching brown eyeliner. It’s all about harmonizing those hues for maximum lash-enhancing impact!

Don’t Sleep With Makeup on

Don't Sleep With Makeup on - Review-Itis
How to Make Lashes Look Longer for an Attractive Gaze (2024)

Here’s a pro tip to keep your lashes in top shape: avoid sleeping in your mascara! While a one-time slip-up won’t cause much harm, making it a habit can lead to lash fallout over time. Think of your delicate lashes as tiny heroes who need their beauty sleep. They can’t handle being smothered in old, clumpy mascara overnight. So, if you want to maintain those healthy, long, and luscious lashes, remember to bid adieu to sleeping in your makeup! Your lashes will thank you for the rest they deserve.


In conclusion, mastering the art of making your lashes look longer is a game-changer for achieving an alluring gaze. By incorporating these tips and tricks into your beauty routine, you can unlock the potential of your natural lashes and enhance their length and volume. Every step plays a crucial role in achieving the desired effect, from using an eyelash primer to curling your lashes and applying mascara with precision.

Remember, it’s essential to be gentle when removing your eye makeup and to avoid sleeping in mascara to protect your delicate lashes from damage. Additionally, experimenting with homemade hair growth serums and utilizing baby powder as a cost-effective alternative to eyelash primer can yield impressive results. So, embrace the power of longer, fuller lashes and make your gaze truly captivating.

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