Bitdefender Antivirus Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

Bitdefender Antivirus Review: Bitdefender’s antivirus delivery is correct and reliable and fully packed with valuable bonus options. An amazing product that we tend to strongly suggest.

Bitdefender Antivirus Pros & Cons


  • Lots of options
  • Effective multi-layered anti-ransomware
  • Quick scans once the first one is run
  • Good value


  • VPN is restricted to 200MB/day
  • The free edition is running out
  • Minor ransomware cleanup issues

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When it comes to antivirus in 2022, Bitdefender has a powerful family of top-tier security packages and suites along with one of the most effective waterproof antivirus. It’s one of the best providers out there, and based on its top three plans. It should have something for every household.

The consumer range starts with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. As you might guess from the name. It goes beyond the regular malware you’re looking for with a stack of useful security and privacy extras: An extra layer of protection against ransomware, Wi-Fi security scanning to find network problems. Banking protection through a secure browser, secure file deletion, a vulnerability scanner, and a probation manager.

Antivirus and together brings you the free version of Bitdefender VPN. That’s restricted to a nominal 200MB per day traffic. However, it can be worse: Avira’s unregistered version of Phantom VPN restricts you to 500MB per month.

Bitdefender VPN also gets the newest convenience in the 2022 edition. It’s smart enough to automatically connect whenever you want (well, sometimes); split tunneling allows you to select which apps use the VPN and use your regular connection; there is a replacement bot app, and an ad and chaser block is built.

The area unit of Bitdefender’s other new options is more difficult to identify, although it is still welcome. Associate in Nursing iOS Security Assessment highlights risky security settings and suggests changes; bot app currently detects and blocks additional link-based mobile attacks; there’s ‘deep-level analysis’ to determine the reason for a Windows attack. M1 support, and faster waterproof scans, and, glee, dark and light modes for waterproof and Windows.

The other great novelty this year is that Bitdefender has born its free version. We don’t like to see any free antivirus disappear.

But Bitdefender’s delivery was extremely simple and it didn’t work very well with the other products. With Sophos jointly launching its free Sophos Home. There isn’t much incentive for the big antivirus vendors to offer their products.

Bitdefender Antivirus Review: Plans & Pricing

Antivirus and appraisal start at $14.99 for one year, and one device license ($39.97 on renewal). And there are significant unit-area discounts if you extend your subscription. An annual license for 3 devices costs $34.99 in the first year, as an example, $59.99 on renewal; a biennial license for 5 devices is priced at $39.97, and a three-year license for 10 devices is $69.98, or just $6 per device p.a.

Bitdefender web Security (opens in a new tab) extends the package with a firewall, spam filter, and parental controls. Digital camera protection lets you block unauthorized access to your digital camera and a microphone monitor lists apps that access your microphone.

An annual web security license for one device costs $24.99 in the first year, $59.99 on renewal. Five hundred times more expensive than Bitdefender Antivirus and. But again, the value premium fades as you add additional devices and years. An annual license for 3 devices is $34.99 for the first year, $79.99 for renewal; a 5-device biennial license is $129.99, and the 10-device three-year license is only $69.98, or $6.67 per device p.a.

At the top of the range, Bitdefender Total Security (opens in a new tab) adds device enhancement and cleaning tools, a simple anti-theft system. And introduces apps to hide waterproof, robotic, and iOS devices, in addition to Windows: a huge cousin.

Total Security’s pricing isn’t quite as flexible as the rest of the range (there are only area units of five and ten device options). But it’s so smartly priced that you’re unlikely to worry. An annual license for 5 basic devices is only $34.99, for example, $89.99 on renewal.

A three-year license for 10 devices costs $74.98 for the main term (an introductory discount so decent it’s cheaper than Antivirus and/or web security), and $99.98 ($7.67 per device year) on renewal.

Some of these general prices will look high, especially if there is no introductory discount. But they are usually reasonably priced in the long run. Kaspersky Anti-Virus costs just $79.99 to protect five devices for the first two years, for example, but it renews at $159.98. Bitdefender Antivirus covers the same hardware for $109.99 right from the start (it even covers ten devices for just $129.99).

If you’re still not convinced, no problem: each product has a 30-day trial version available. Master card details are not needed, simply sign up along with your email address and explore Bitdefender’s talents for yourself.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Installation of Bitdefender Antivirus is quick, easy, and for the most part automatic. We pointed, clicked, and within a minute or two an encouraging “Bitdefender installed successfully” a message told the US it was time to get started.

Bitdefender equipped our verification system with thirteen new background processes and Windows services. Some filter drivers, and various other low-level junk. That’s common for partner antiviruses. But it will be a drag if it messes with your system speed.

However, AV-Comparatives’ Gregorian calendar month 2022 performance test found no real issues. Putting Bitdefender at a very affordable seventeenth out of seventeen for system impact (lower is better).

Next, we tend to run our self-defense tests. Whenever we tend to check security apps to see if malware will disable them. Steps include trying to delete or replace files, suspend or close key processes. Stop core services, delete or edit regular tasks, download filter drivers, and modify key settings. However, Bitdefender has always been a well-defended product. And now it was no different: the package shrugged off our attacks and carried on as usual.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus



When you start Bitdefender Antivirus for the first time. A simple tour opens that clarifies the key areas of the interface and explains what they are doing. Experienced users can probably figure this out on their own. But it’s smart to have this guide available for those who need it.

Bitdefender’s well-designed control panel gives you quick access to the features you want most often. With quick scans and the VPN just a click away, too.


A left sidebar organizes the different Bitdefender tools into Protection. Privacy, and utility areas, and displays any of those lists with the various features they contain. Most have a sensible name, and if you’ve ever used another antivirus you’ll quickly notice what it means, but tooltips are available if you need a touch.

If the layout of the quality board doesn’t suit your wishes. You can customize it to get rid of the default options or add new ones. Not curious about the VPN, maybe? in one or two clicks, it will replace it with links to the full system scan,. The password manager, the disk cleanup module, or a bunch of other tools. If only everyone was this versatile.

Overall, Bitdefender Antivirus offers a qualified and sophisticated interface that delivers precisely in every area. It’s easy and convenient for beginners to use, but also offers the configuration and management capabilities consultants need.



Bitdefender Antivirus and 2022 support many scan modes. Fast Scan checks the most commonly infected areas, and System Scan examines everything. Additionally, the File Someone integration allows scanning objects from the Explorer right-click menu, and there’s a bootable rescue environment to help ameliorate more persistent threats.

A Manage Scans tool helps you create new scan types to view specific files and folders. As well as configure how the scan works and set it to run on a schedule or only on demand. There is also a custom scan, which scans at any location on the system where there might be potential threats. Also, a vulnerability scan, to visualize privacy risks in app settings, as well as for any essential software package updates.

This doesn’t offer the expert-level options we’ve seen from providers like Avast and Avira (you can’t outline specific file types to view or archive types you’d like to handle, for example). But there’s more than enough power here for many people. Unfortunately, you can’t pin your custom scan type to most dashboards, so it’s always a minimum of 3 clicks away.

Bitdefender’s antivirus settings also can’t match the geek-level configurability of some of the competition. But they are well-reviewed and specialize in the features you probably want most.

You don’t get daunting and overly technical options to scan RAR files at a nested depth of four. But not scan TAR, for example. There’s just a simple set of “scan files, yes or no?”.

Threat Timeline

Threat Timeline
Threat Timeline

During the review, Bitdefender sometimes showed off its new “threat timeline”. With what seems like a close clarification of how we almost got infected. This all looks terrifyingly spectacular, a flowchart with timings, app names, and massive icons, . But in our experience, it doesn’t mean much.

A timeline started with the release of Outlook, told the US then released Chrome, that software reporter tool. Exe died, and Bitdefender then detected a threat. Anyone who sees this can assume that they received a malicious email, clicked on a link, opened Chrome, and launched an associated app, which in turn ran a Trojan horse.

But in truth, we tend to run Outlook normally; Chrome launched solely because we clicked on a legitimate link; the link had nothing to do with software_reporter_tool.exe (which is a normal part of Chrome); furthermore, the supposed ‘threat’ (actually a false alarm) was never downloaded there or on the other network session.

Giving users additional information about the source of associated infections might be a smart plan, but at least during our review, Bitdefender’s threat schedules confused as to whether they answered any questions.


Bitdefender Antivirus and scan speeds are good, with quick scans taking between 15 and 30 seconds on our test computer. Regular scans started at fifty minutes to view our target files (209,000 of them, 50GB total). That’s a bit slow and, for example, Trend Small Antivirus + Security took a quarter of an hour to scan the same information.

However, Bitdefender only checks for new and changed files in subsequent scans, which makes a big difference. Antivirus and it took only fifty seconds to scan our test files on run n. 2, compared to 9 minutes for Trend Small.

The scan engine is also smart enough to manage simultaneous scans delicately. If you’re running an extended full system scan, for example, you’ll still be able to run an associated on-demand scan from a recent transfer, or whatever you want. A window appears to display the results of your second scan, while the main scan continues to run in the background.

The total addition to this is often a sophisticated set of malware search tools that go well on the other side of the basics, but remain easy to use for not-so-technical varieties. consultants may need one or two additional tuning options, but Bitdefender usually strikes the right balance between configurability and usability.


Bitdefender has a good name to cover itself, and its products have frequently graced the hit lists of most of the big independent test labs.

The results measure an extra touch of midrange right away. AV-Comparatives’ July-October 2022 real-world protection test placed Bitdefender eighth out of seventeen, for example, with a protection rating of 99.7% ( Trend small, Panda and Norton blocked 100% of threats).

AV-Test’s Windows 10 Home tests use a different rating theme, evaluating out of six for coverage, speed, and usability. expecting to come back over the past year (December 2021 to the Gregorian calendar month of 2022), Bitdefender scored an ideal score of 6/6 for covering all six tests mentioned – good news.

No individual reviewer will expect to compete with the test labs for awareness, but we were keen to verify their verdicts by seeing how Bitdefender Antivirus and I handled a ransomware threat or two.


The first, a real-world ransomware specimen, was quickly removed, and Bitdefender removed the method before it could do any damage.

The second was a custom ransomware machine of their own. It’s as simple a malware sample as you’re going to get, but it’s also something Bitdefender has never seen before, allowing the US.

We ran our test software within exactly a fraction of a second. The Bitdefender engine kicked in and displayed an alert. Not only did our test method detect and remove it. But Bitdefender’s ransomware fix technology successfully fixed all 10 files that our software suite had managed to write.

While this was a good performance, it left the US with several small problems.

The Ransomware Repair feature is not enabled by default, for example. Bitdefender Antivirus prompts you to change it.

But if it’s not listening. You’ll lose at least some files in an associated attack.

The package also didn’t quarantine our machine, even though it was detected to be acting like ransomware. We tend to run it multiple times, and after scanning the viable one later, Bitdefender marked it as “clean”.

The company told the US that threats are removed on the condition that they are detected by the signature layer. Ours was picked up by the behavior layer, which is capable of removing the associated offensive method, but not attempting to remove it.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus went further, quarantining our viable test to prevent it from running again, and ultimately that’s the approach we like. However, this is not a serious problem, as Bitdefender’s softer approach does not seem to have any significant impact on system security. As if we could repeatedly run a similar threat, Bitdefender blocked it every time.

That’s a big improvement over several competitors, who either lose the machine entirely or can’t stop it from destroying at least a few files (Norton Antivirus lost fifty-seven). In the end, we predict that Bitdefender offers terrible capacity and effectiveness -rounded ransomware protection.


Blocking Malicious Sites

Blocking malicious sites
Blocking malicious sites

Bitdefender’s Internet Protection module monitors your network access and blocks malicious and phishing links.

Bitdefender tested AV-Comparatives for its July 2022 anti-phishing certification test. The results were unsatisfactory, with Bitdefender’s detection rate eighty-seven behind Avast (96%), Trend Small (96%), Fortinet (95%), Kaspersky (94%), and ESET (91%).

Previously, we tested Bitdefender against 139 current suspicious URLs (malicious and phishing) provided by independent security testing company MRG Effitas. So these were new, some said only hours ago, that hadn’t been verified yet, making them a real challenge for prey.

However, the results were very positive, as Bitdefender blocked seventy-three of our test links. For comparison, Avast Premium Security stopped fifty-fifths of a similar set of links, while Windows Defender detected only half an hour.

Don’t be distracted by low percentages: it’s often about how quickly a vendor responds to new threats. Not about your overall protection against dangerous links. The biggest reason for this test is that Bitdefender was giving the US much better protection than others, even against the latest malicious sites.

When you access a legitimate website, Bitdefender’s Anti-Tracker browser extension aims to discover and block the most intrusive Internet trackers and then displays a count of them in the address bar icon.

We point our browser (which opens in a new tab) to the newspaper website and also to the extension based on the block of thirty-five coarse crawlers in 2 categories: Advertising (29) and Website Analytics (6 ). (Other classes cover social media, customer interaction, and ‘Essentials.’)

To compare Anti-Tracker’s abilities to the ad-blocking competition, we revisited a similar website with the awesome uBlock Origin enabled, and at this point, Anti-Tracker blocked only five trackers. So you can get a lot of the same functionality for free.

But it’s like Bitdefender Anti-Tracker gives you some extra privacy perks. (And after all, as we often do in our tests, you’ll be able to run Anti-Tracker on your existing ad blocker to power the best of all worlds.)

Password Manager

Password Manager Review-Itis
Password Manager

The wallet is Bitdefender’s parole manager. Besides regular website logins, you can store master card details, wireless network passwords, application logins and license keys, email server details and credentials, and various personal data (name, date of birth, address, email, phone number(s), and more). the case is ready to create multiple probation databases and configure them on all your Bitdefender-equipped devices.

Bitdefender Antivirus automatically installed the box extension on Internet and Firefox, and gave America the option to install it on Chrome, but paid no attention to Edge or Opera in the slightest.

We found the case wasn’t as user-friendly as big competitors like Dashlane – didn’t add icons to text fields, didn’t perpetually capture username and probation fields like we tend to enter them, usually no I was not filling out the forms correctly and I was not able to submit forms mechanically. However, it almost got the basics under control and can be a worthwhile addition to the pack.

Online Banking Protection

Online banking protection Review-Itis
Online Banking Protection

Safepay can be a secure and isolated browser that protects online banking and alternative transactions from snoopers. Or even malware that has somehow installed itself on your system.

Many alternative security vendors claim to have similar secure browsers, but Bitdefender goes further than most. Safepay goes to great lengths to isolate itself from alternative processes on your laptop. Running on a separate desktop and preventing screen grabbers and keyloggers from recording what you’re doing.

We verified this by fixing a custom keylogger of our own and employing an industrial screen capture tool to request snapshots of our activities every fifteen seconds. Safepay worked perfectly, no keystrokes logged and just blank screenshots.

Bitdefender has also given long-term storage some care. Safepay erases all temporary files as the session ends, leaving no record of our actions.

Like the safe browsing competition, Safepay does not support installing third-party extensions as they expose you to a lot of privacy issues. You will, however, have some useful comprehensive extras. Including a virtual keyboard as an added defense against keyloggers and a pop-up blocker to protect you from Internet hoaxes.

Safepay isn’t just another piece of junk, then: it’s a real highlight of the suite, and exploiting it for the most sensitive internet tasks can take a long time to keep you safe.

More Features

More Features Review-Itis
More Features

A vulnerability scan checks your system for missing application updates and demanding Windows patches. As well as weak Windows account passwords, and easy Wi-Fi network issues, which currently include many checks for tampered and poorly designed system configurations.

We turned on autorun, a risky setting that can automatically run system software once you insert a removable drive or media, and also Vulnerability Scan alerted America and offered to fix the problem. It also noted some much more obscure options (our system didn’t prohibit access to website management policies for security zones, for example) and, very helpfully, noted missing Java and Firefox updates.

This is a basic tool, with one or 2 usability issues. There is no “Fix All” button, so you must select an associated grade action for each item. You also cannot tell Vulnerability Scan to ignore a selected issue; while they are completely proud of having unrestricted access to the website’s administration policies. Their goal is to alert you to the “problem” at all times.

Still, it’s worth it here, especially with the checks for missing updates and overall Vulnerability Scan can be a worthwhile addition to the suite.


Last but not least is the VPN. With the free installation limiting you to just 200MB per day, it’s only appropriate for the lightest of uses, checking emails or finishing some confidential internet transactions over public Wi-Fi. But it’s easy to use, has servers covering fifty-one countries, and support for Hotspot Shield’s Catapult Hydra protocol ensures tight speeds. It’s worth having, even in its restricted type (but check out our full Bitdefender Premium VPN review if you want to go further).

Final Verdict

This is a powerful all-around antivirus tool that will do an honest job of keeping even current and undiscovered threats out, and it also includes some useful extras. Bitdefender is a necessary associate degree for your laptop security place.

Bit Defender Internet Security

Bit Defender Internet Security Review-Itis
Bit Defender Internet Security

Bit Defender Antivirus is much more practical than most antivirus applications. However, it is still missing some key options from the security suite. And that’s where Bitdefender net Security comes in, adding necessities like a firewall, spam filter, and parental controls.

A privacy layer protects you from digital camera hijacking by preventing unauthorized applications from accessing your digital camera, and an electroacoustic transducer monitor identifies all applications that exploit the electroacoustic transducer.

As we said at one point, Bitdefender net Security 2022 is fairly priced and only slightly more expensive than Antivirus and. For example, an annual net security license for 3 devices costs only $5 more in the first year ($29.99 vs. $24.99), and $20 more at renewal ($79.99 vs. $59.99). you’ll pay that alone in an ad-supported parental controls package or spam filter.


Firewall Review-Itis

Bitdefender’s firewall works exactly as you’d expect, automatically blocking incoming attacks, and displaying intelligence that decides which apps are safe to allow online, and which apps aren’t. most people will leave the firewall to try to get it to work, without seeing any prompts or having to change a setting.

If you’re experienced with networking forms, you’ll be able to do a lot of low-level administration, drilling down to the rule level and fine-tuning settings for protocols, ports, IP addresses, and much more.

However, Bitdefender exposes this practicality rigorously, therefore newbies are not hit with all the gory details right away. A well-designed interface starts by allowing users to block or allow network access for individual applications, for example, with a simple on/off switch. The Rules Editor allows you to configure custom native and remote IP addresses, ports, and much more, but again, you don’t find all that quality unless you look for it, and it’s comparatively easy to use in any case.

Spam Filter

Spam Filter Review-Itis
Spam Filter

The basic spam filter that comes with Internet Security should, in theory, have a separate tab in our Outlook settings. When we examine further, we typically discover an Outlook associate degree alert report stating that “Bitdefender Antispam…caused Outlook to collapse.” This did not occur in the US. It had been disabled as a result.

Enabling it manually, we tend to find that the filter only has minimal blank options. Very little of Outlook’s spam filter (blacklists and whitelists, Is Spam and Not Spam options to flag misidentified emails, easy message interference with Asian or Cyrillic characters).

However, this lack of control doesn’t seem to affect practicality. As our temporary tests suggest that the filter blocks almost 90% of spam. While it is mistakenly tired but classified as legitimate emails as spam. This was just a very quick test. But it suggests that Bitdefender’s filter matches the best of the professional anti-spam competition.

Parental Controls

Parental Controls
Parental Controls

Bitdefender’s Parental Controls feature includes an affordable set of options to monitor and master your children’s digital activities. It’s ready to block websites by content, ban app usage, block device usage by periods (like bedtime), or set a daily screen time limit that incorporates desktop and mobile devices.

After creating a profile for each child in Bitdefender Central (your account space on the Bitdefender website), its rules apply to Windows, Mac, Automata, and iOS buyers. Come back to Bitdefender Central at any time and you’ll see reports on your child’s activities: device usage, applications launched, websites visited, your child’s last phone contacts, and more.

Parental Controls
Parental Controls

The web dashboard shows your child’s location on a map (assuming it’s an iOS device or victimization associate degree automaton). Geofencing support allows you to mark a location as restricted and raises the alarm if your child goes where they shouldn’t.

It’s a decent feature set, especially for a security suite, where you’re usually only left with the basics. Not much has changed in recent years, though: The iOS app hasn’t had a big-name new feature since 2019, and the app store ratings are 2.2 (Android) and 1.8 (iOS), which advises users. . they’re not happy. If parental controls are a priority for you, do a lot of extensive testing during your Bitdefender trial before you plan to spend any money.

Webcam and Microphone Protection

Webcam and Microphone Protection Review-Itis
Webcam and Microphone Protection

A digital camera protection module gives you control over which applications will access your digital camera. This has more options than usual, with settings to block access to all or any of the apps you choose, block just browsers, or disable the camera for everything. We tested this with our custom program line capture tool, and Net Security successfully notified the United States that it was trying to access the camera and blocked it when prompted.

Webcam and Microphone Protection
Webcam and Microphone Protection

Mike Monitor takes a rather extra basic approach, generating alerts for apps that access the microphone, but not allowing you to block them, or creating rules to block all future access to the microphone.

This isn’t as useful as it could be, but it’s vastly better than most competitors, the UN agency usually doesn’t have microphone-related options in the slightest. We’re happy to see it a part of the pack and hopefully, it’ll get options in future releases.

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security Review-Itis
Bitdefender Total Security

The high-end Bitdefender Total Security extends the range with a well-known set of laptop maintenance tools, including modules for detecting massive files, removing disk-hogging junk, and optimizing boot. method.

Total Security’s cleanup tools found 1.2GB of junk files on the Winchester drive on our test laptop. Meanwhile, the free Cleaner had 3.4 GB, and even the quality Windows Disk Cleanup could throw in 1.53 GB.

Privacy Cleaner aims to clean your network history, but it only ranked Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and deadly net on our system. Cleaner will do much better, this time, by jointly removing privacy-related traces from Edge, Brave, Windows, and other apps.

Bitdefender embeds a superior archive tool to firmly delete sensitive files, but again, there’s nothing you can’t notice elsewhere for free.

Bitdefender Total Security Review-Itis
Bitdefender Total Security

The cool thing about upgrading to Bitdefender Total Security 2022 is that you get apps for auto, mack, and iOS devices, as well as PCs. And while the new apps can’t match the ease of Windows Edition, they’re worth having.

The mack app looks and feel checks for malware and adware and includes machine protection to keep your backups safe from ransomware. High-quality antiphishing blocks access to malicious links, and therefore the 200 MB daily version of Bitdefender VPN is included.


Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS generally refers to malicious police work websites, but it will do just fine, which alone could prevent real problems. As a bonus, the Associate Degree Account Privacy Tool generates an Associate Degree Alert if your Internet accounts are involved in an extreme privacy violation.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Automaton includes everything you get in the mack and iOS builds and adds on-install scanning for dangerous apps, associate-grade app locker to prevent others from accessing your personal information. And anti-theft to find, lock or delete remotely a device not found.

You can get tons of this convenience everywhere else for free; For example, there’s no shortage of locker or anti-theft apps, but as we often mention above, Bitdefender’s Uniform Resource Locator’s malicious interference trumps most of the competition. and it will justify the installation on its own.

If you’re still not sure, check the costs. A basic license of Bitdefender net Security protects up to 3 PCs for $30 in the first year and $80 on renewal. Upgrading to Bitdefender Total Security protects up to five devices. Which can be any combination of Windows, MacAndroid, or iOS, but it’s only $35 for the first year, and $90 on renewal.


Covering up to ten devices with Total Security is still only $40 for the first year and $100 for renewal, and you’ll save additional money by adding years to your license.

There are also better deals out there, counting on the options you want. Avira Prime can be a little more expensive at $100 a year to protect 5 devices. For example, and there’s no introductory discount. but it also gives you unlimited access to Avira’s Phantom VPN on all your devices, a very valuable extra.

However, if you want strictly antivirus and security, Bitdefender Total Security 2022 is a powerful package that is packed with valuable options and practicality. If you’re trying to find a replacement all-platform antivirus, it’s a must-see.

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