Best “Free Trial” VPNs Providers in (2024)– Ranked!

Best Free Trial, VPN trials are not worth your time. Find out which 7 provide a high-quality service with security features, streaming content, and lightning-fast speeds.

Top 7 Best “Free Trial VPN Providers

1) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Review-Itis

ExpressVPN is simple, fast, and easy enough for beginners to use without previous VPN data. In constant time, it is reliable enough for expert and advanced users to use gigantic amounts of information without regard to performance.

ExpressVPN allows you to use this VPN service on five secure devices with one account for families and tech-savvy individuals. This suggests that once the family arrives, there should be fewer arguments once everyone is watching something together or apart on their most popular device.


  • A simple interface
  • One-click connect.
  • Breakneck speeds for streaming
  • Servers don’t run on hard drives, so they are erased after each reboot
  • Features native apps for different operating systems

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms:
Android, iOS, Noble Nook HD, Amazon Kindle Fire.
No of Servers: 3000+Server Countries: 94Split Tunneling: Yes
Data Allowance: UnlimitedTorrenting: YesKill Switch: Yes
Able to unblock:
Hulu, Disney+, Spotify, ITV player, HBO, ESPN, YouTube, etc.
No-logging policy: YesIP Addresses: YesSimultaneous Connection: 6
Free Trial: Yes – 30-daysExclusive offer: Extra 3 months free on an annual subscription
Best “Free Trial” VPN Providers


  • Very fast streaming speeds during a streaming test
  • Easy to use interface
  • No-logging policy: ExpressVPN does not record any website or traffic information
  • Quick and reliable connections
  • VPN runs on RAM only for extra security


  • The paid version is a little higher than the average, coming to nearly $7/month

Why Should You Choose ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN has built a reputation for itself with its TrustedServer technology, running servers that don’t consider grueling drives like their competition, so data isn’t saved. Every day, once the servers area unit is restarted, the data is cycled, and the latest software package and updated area unit are also directly loaded, resulting in a more secure and reliable network.

Privacy Policy:

ExpressVPN does not keep any activity logs, browsing history, DNS queries, data science addresses, outbound data science addresses, session period, timestamps, or traffic destinations.

The only knowledge ExpressVPN includes is data associated with your accounts, such as aggregated app stats, app medical specialty (crash reports), and MediaStreamer logs (after consent).

How to Get ExpressVPN Free Trial

Start your risk-free ExpressVPN trial. You can easily cancel your subscription at any time, and there are no costs.

  • Free trial length: 30days
  • Credit card required for a free trial: Yes

2) NordVPN

NordVPN Review-Itis

NordVPN provides high-quality defense for your laptop that helps protect you against viruses, malware, and unwanted users accessing your non-public data.

NordVPN, you will be able to unblock Netflix to watch your favorite shows or notice new shows by accessing Netflix through servers in different countries to see their exclusive and region-locked content. It offers high-quality options, along with customizable data science addresses, server choice, and a one-click fast connection.


  • Additional tools to help enhance your privacy
  • Tor anonymization network
  • Multi-hop connections
  • Split tunneling
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Supports up to 6 devices simultaneously

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms:
iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android
No of Servers: 5000+Server Countries: 60Split Tunneling: Yes
Data Allowance: UnlimitedTorrenting: YesKill Switch: Yes – protects against insecure internet access
Able to unblock:
Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, DAZN, BBC, and many more
No-logging policy: yesIP Addresses: YesSimultaneous Connection: 6
Free Trial: Yes – 30/daysBest for: Connecting double VPN and onion over VPN servers.
Best “Free Trial” VPN Providers


  • Secure WireGuard VPN
  • Tor connections available
  • Various server locations
  • Easy for beginners to use as a first VPN
  • No-logging policy: NordVPN does not keep any logs


  • The premium option is at the high end of the price spectrum
  • The crowded interface can be unesthetic to use

Why Should You Choose NordVPN?

NordVPN is a wonderful possibility for people wanting extra security to confirm their privacy is not compromised. It is a strict no-logs policy and could be a sensible possibility for people searching for a VPN for a free trial containing a high-speed VPN for streaming services.

Privacy Policy:

The company does not use timestamps, bandwidth, data science addresses, data, or session data to violate users’ privacy. Instead, NordVPN retains the data with which you last accessed your session, but only for the better part of a quarter of an hour when you turn off the VPN during your browsing session.

How to Get NordVPN Free Trial:

Start your NordVPN risk-free trial. You may additionally cancel your subscription at any time, and there is no charge.

  • Free trial duration: Thirty days with a money-back guarantee
  • Yes, a credit card is necessary for a free trial.

3) SurfShark

Surfshark Review-Itis

SurfShark is a VPN associated with the flexibility to maintain connections, a full-service security suite that includes various privacy tools, and unlimited device support. It offers a safe possibility for anyone.

These free trial VPNs include various privacy tools, security protection measures, and extensive coverage. Surf Shark is not only easy to use but also secure, possibly the most important thing it seems like for once to use an MI VPN.


  • Compatible with mobile banking apps
  • Protects sensitive data on an unlimited number of devices
  • Uses camouflage mode to stay private
  • Provides 24/7 customer support.
  • Extremely fast VPN
  • Reliable connection for high-definition streaming and online gaming
  • Unblocks: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, Hulu, DAZN, Hotstar, YLE Areena, AbemaTV

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms:
Android, iOS, macOS
No of Servers: 3200+Server Countries: 65Split Tunneling: Yes
Data Allowance: UnlimitedTorrenting: YesKill Switch: Yes
Able to unblock:
Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, Hulu, DAZN, Hotstar, YLE Areena, AbemaTV
No-logging policy: SurfShark does not keep track of a user’s online activityIP Addresses: StaticSimultaneous Connection: Unlimited
Free Trial: Yes – 7-day free trialBest for: Gaming, Browsing, and Streaming.
Best “Free Trial” VPN Providers


  • Unlimited connections
  • Multi-hop” connections give you double the VPN
  • The reliable and steady connection even under pressure
  • It is one of the best for a free trial.
  • Well-designed and functional for easy use


  • Expensive
  • Middle-of-the-road speed test result

Why Should You Choose Surf Shark?

There are several aspects to SurfShark, along with the ability to customize where and how the VPN is used. This VPN program protects specific data, personal knowledge, non-public network access, and exclusive edges without obstructing your ability to access the data you want.

Privacy Policy:

SurfSharks Privacy Policy only collects and uses user data associated with the precise services they provide. for example, smart DNS options, subscription information, registration information, and email address area unit are required to verify information with the company.

However, SurfShark does not use any personal data without the user’s consent in terms of social media connections, advertising and payments, and legal processes.

How to Get Surfshark Free Trial?

Surfshark is offering a free trial. There are no cancellation fees if you discontinue your membership at any time.

  • Free trial length: 7-day free trial
  • Credit card required for a free trial: yes

4) AtlasVPN

AtlasVPN Review-Itis

AtlasVPN can be a high-speed but cost-effective option for those who don’t want to pay too much for security measures.

This VPN offers a money-back guarantee. It offers fast download speeds and matching connections across different devices for a free trial of its premium services or a free reduced rate.

With a wide variety of servers around the world, AtlasVPN is one of the premium VPN services. Make it easy to watch blocked content and switch between servers to explore multiple geo-blocked catalogs.

One of the simplest options of AtlasVPN is SafeSwap, which allows users to access the web from different computer addresses to increase security while browsing.


  • SafeSwap
  • Blocks malware
  • Monitors for data breaches
  • Global servers
  • Seamless streaming
  • Accessibility on any device
  • Owned by experienced Nord Security
  • Increased network functionality
  • Excellent customer support
  • Uses torrenting and split tunneling for secure internet access

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms:
Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
No of Servers: 750+Server Countries: 37Split Tunneling: Yes
Data Allowance: 10GB for the free planTorrenting: YesKill Switch: Yes
Able to unblock:
Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and BBC iPlayer
No-logging policy: AtlasVPN stores specific data to improve servicesIP Addresses: DynamicSimultaneous Connection: Unlimited
Free Trial: Yes – 30-daysExclusive offer: Special Offer: 3 months FREE on a 3-year plan
Best “Free Trial” VPN Providers


  • Built-in two-factor authentication login
  • Easy to use interface
  • No speed limits (high VPN speed)
  • Unlimited devices
  • Free servers
  • Data leak protection


  • Logs your location
  • It doesn’t unblock Netflix.

Why Should You Choose Atlasvpn?

AtlasVPN can be a cheap free trial VPN. You have no speed limits, unlimited device streaming, and access to Netflix with the paid version. A free version is offered after the trial ends with limitations of a maximum of three devices.

Privacy Policy:

Atlas VPN ensures that each user’s privacy and knowledge are firmly held and not shared with anyone else on the web. The company does not collect users’ computer addresses or disclose information to third parties or users’ browsing history.

AtlasVPN collects restricted data from paid account users to optimize your experience. They use email addresses to verify account security, operating system data to analyze services, and website cookies to personalize ads.

How to Get Atlas Vpn Free Trial:

AtlasVPN can be a completely free VPN. However, for advanced options like 4k speed optimized server, modifying your location, ads, malware, and hunter blocker, you would like to apply for a premium membership.

  • Free trial duration: Basic free version
  • No, a free trial does not require a credit card.

5) IPVanish

IPVanish Review-Itis

IPVanish is an especially secure option for users to protect their non-public data. It features blazing-fast speeds, detailed server options, and enhanced security to guard against potential intruders and cyber threats.

For people who want to focus on peer-to-peer sharing, IPVanish has plenty of options to try and do it safely. It also provides a safe environment for beginners testing VPN servers not used to knowing what they will do.

IPVanish makes it easy for you to click on the fastest server to complete your web searches, creating an honest option for novice VPN users. You have to travel to the List tab and opt for the lowest ping server and also the lowest load to find the fastest server in the space.


  • Fast processing speeds on both small and large servers
  • Large network of servers around the world
  • Enhanced military-grade security features
  • User-friendly app with an aesthetic interface
  • No-logs privacy policy for extra peace of mind
  • P2P sharing compatible

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms:
iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Amazon Fire TV.
No of Servers: 1900+Server Countries: 75+Split Tunneling: Only in the Android app
Data Allowance: UnlimitedTorrenting: YesKill Switch: Yes – varies based on the device
Able to unblock:
Netflix US, ESPN, Spotify, Vudu, Kodi
No-logging policy: Zero log policyIP Addresses: Yes – IPv6 leak protectionSimultaneous Connection: Unlimited
Free Trial: Yes – 30/daysBest for Streaming high-quality video content
Best “Free Trial” VPN Providers


  • No speed limits
  • No device caps
  • 24/7 live and phone chat support
  • Works with VoIP to reduce phone bills
  • The configurable interface encourages learning about VPNs
  • Allows 10 simultaneous connections


  • Inconsistent unblocking results with Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video
  • It doesn’t include a malware blocker

Why Should You Choose IPVanish?

IPVanish is one of the fastest VPNs to use on both long and short servers, making it a perfect choice for users who care about security, speed, and protection from unblocking streaming services.

It features intensive server networking that is easy to use, with military-grade security measures, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection. With its “protect everything” mentality, IPVanish can be a reliable and consistent live VPN to use while browsing online.

Privacy Policy:

Although IPVanish incorporates a no logs policy, the privacy policy is not the most simple or comprehensive compared to similar options. Ever since the privacy policy was changed a few years ago in 2016, there has been some dispute about corroborating the details of the privacy policy.

However, IPVanish states that it does not collect any user’s online activity. However, it will collect “anonymous data” to increase the effectiveness of the website’s applications and services.

The information collected by IPVanish will cover the length of sessions by users, protocol, interactions, response codes, analytics, and device models.

How to Get IPVanish Free Trial?

You can start your secure trial of full options for IPVanish and you can cancel your subscription plan at any time. There are no hidden prices.

  • Free trial duration: 30-days
  • Credit card required for a free trial: yes

6) CyberGhost

CyberGhost - Review - itis

CyberGhost is a VPN tool for streaming sites and the world of privacy that was originally spawned in the European country and Romania and thus became one of the most important VPN networks that make it easy to protect users’ information. users.

The main advantages of the mistreatment of this free VPN service for the free trial are that it protects your non-public information, secures your network, encrypts non-public platforms, and protects transactions. is one of the best VPNs for free trial VPNs has an intensive server network that will keep people all over the world safe and connected to the network.

For ease of use, CyberGhost offers the flexibility to choose a server by clicking “Best Location”, ensuring fast processing speeds and helping to ease the training curve for new users.


  • Dedicated IPs for secure connections
  • Adblocking for Android TV apps and torrents
  • Consistent 24/7 customer support
  • Malware blocking
  • IP leak protection
  • DNS leak protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access blocked websites without memorizing IP addresses
  • Unlimited bandwidth for all users
  • Speeds of up to 1000 MBps
  • Unblocks: Netflix, Youtube, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Viber, Spotify, Pandora, and many more

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms:
Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
No of Servers: 7000+Server Countries: 91Split Tunneling: Yes
Data Allowance: UnlimitedTorrenting: YesKill Switch: Yes
Able to unblock:
Netflix, Youtube, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Viber, Spotify, Pandora, and many more
No-logging policy: YesIP Addresses: StaticSimultaneous Connection: 7
Free Trial: Yes- 1 dayBest for: Accessing streaming websites
Best “Free Trial” VPN Providers


  • Doesn’t log the customer’s browser history
  • Quick customer support and live chat options
  • Simultaneous connections: Unlimited
  • You can be installed into a router for unlimited device support.
  • 256-bit AES encryption


  • Low OpenVPN speeds
  • Expensive pricing plans
  • Does not use a third-party audit

Why Should You Choose Cyberghost?

This VPN service will connect to seven devices at the same time from a variety of operating systems. However, the true location feature of CyberGhost is its commitment to its users’ privacy. Located in Romania, where laws dictate zero data retention, this free VPN service ensures that what you’re doing alongside your VPN stays with you.

Privacy Policy:

CyberGhost’s privacy policy states that it does not track once a user accesses a specific website, which connects users to a person’s VPN service or laptop IP address. The company operates with a policy of personal purpose as long as no data is controlled, stored or manipulated at any time.

How to Get Cyber Ghost Free Trial?

Start your secure trial of CyberGhost. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and there are no more prices.

  • Free trial duration: seven days, however, it provides a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • No, a free trial does not require a credit card.

7) ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Review-Itis

ProtonVPN has built a reputation for itself by attracting different types of people with a generous free plan and plenty of unblocking options. Novices and specialists alike can appreciate that they put information protection first with increased security measures, full-spectrum options for Windows and golem, and straightforward ease of use.

For beginners, the World Health Organization measures new safe VPN services against abuse, this provider could be a smart springboard to abuse more complicated options later thanks to the variety of options with many smart default options to help you begin.


  • High-quality streaming services with free servers
  • Decent processing speed
  • Fast VPN speed for online gaming
  • Specialized servers for added flexibility
  • Secure core servers with the plus tier to protect sensitive information
  • Block website traffic
  • Unblocks: ESPN+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Peacock, Paramount, ITV4 Hub, All 4, SyFy, 7plus, 9now, fuboTV, 10 Play, NOW TV, PlutoTV, RAI Play, Hotstar, DAZN,, and F1TV

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms:
Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows
No of Servers: 1500+Server Countries: 60Split Tunneling: Yes
Data Allowance: UnlimitedTorrenting: YesKill Switch: Yes
Able to unblock:
ESPN+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Peacock, Paramount.
No-logging policy: ProtonVPN uses a strict no-logging policyIP Addresses: YesSimultaneous Connection: Unlimited
Free Trial: Yes – 7 daysBest for: High-quality streaming services with free servers.
Best “Free Trial” VPN Providers


  • All core servers are owned and operated by ProtonVPN for added security
  • Tor over VPN options
  • Ad-blocker with NetShield
  • Open-source and audited
  • 10 Gbps capable servers


  • It Fairly expensive after the free trial for VPN
  • Small server network
  • VPN speed slows down after long distances

Why Should You Choose ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN is a widespread VPN server serving users in over sixty countries for his/hers and her members and twenty-four for free basic members. While several VPN services drastically reduce the number of servers available to free members, ProtonVPN still includes enough for everyday use.

When it comes to security, ProtonVPN has numerous security options, as well as encrypted tunnels and enhanced security mechanisms.

They also give access to blocked websites at work or in countries where governments censor the web. Its secure connections and fast processing speeds mean you don’t have to sacrifice security for ease of use.

With a zero-logs policy, audited apps, a high-speed process, and a free trial, this VPN service make it easy to protect your information from online cyber threats.

Privacy policy:

ProtonVPN’s privacy policy states that it does not collect or keep any important user information secure. The only information that the company can select from its security system is information that has already been provided by the user, such as email address or master card information.

ProtonVPN does not store network communications, IP addresses, website content, or online searches. The only information ProtonVPN can share might be a username and email address if requested by a government establishment.

How to Get Protonvpn Free Trial?

Proton VPN could be a free VPN service provided. However, you can purchase their paid plans if you want high-speed membership, P2P/BitTorrent support, and Adblocker.

  • Free trial duration: the basic version is free
  • Credit card required for a free trial: No

How Do I Cancel My Free Trial?

You’ll find that canceling your free trial subscription to various VPN providers is less of a hassle than you might think.

How to Cancel your VPN for Free on your iPad or iPhone?

  • Go to the “Settings” app on your phone and click on “Subscriptions.”
  • This will take you to any apps related to your free iCloud account, free trials, or paid services.
  • Tap on your VPN service and click ‘Cancel’ to bypass the free trial.
  • Go to the Google Play Store to cancel your VPN free trial VPN.
  • Click ‘Subscriptions’, opt for the VPN you are using and click ‘Cancel Subscription’ to bypass the trial.

How to Cancel your free VPN service on a Mac computer?

  • If you are using their free VPN service on a Mac computer, click on its name in the Mac app store.
  • Click ‘View Data,’ ‘Subscriptions,’ and then ‘Manage’ to find your list of subscriptions in your Apple Store.
  • Click the ‘Edit’ button next to your free trial VPN app and choose ‘Cancel Subscription’.

How to Cancel your free VPN service VIA PayPal?

  • Afterward, go to ‘Manage Automatic Payments’ and choose the free VPN service you use.
  • Finally, opt for ‘Cancel Automatic Payments’ to avoid creating automatic monthly or annual payments to your VPN service.

You must ensure that you cancel your subscription service at least twenty-four hours before the free period ends to avoid charges.


Why Do I Need a VPN?

A VPN provides many enhanced security measures while streaming, such as:

Protection against hackers stealing your data

Cyber ​​Security Threats

Block access to your browsing history

Prevents chasing cookies and ads from targeting you

Keeps your knowledge on a secure public local area network network

Encrypt your location and prevent someone from tampering with your location.

Everything you search online is protected.

Geo-blocked or blocked content on your favorite streaming services

Websites and content blocked by external sources

Is It Legal to Use a VPN?

If you are using a VPN within the US, then it is completely legal. Several companies even use them to provide secure access to their workers while browsing online or handling private customer data.

However, other countries may have slightly different rules related to VPNs, so it’s important to know the legality of your country if you reside or operate outside of the US.

Can I Get a Vpn Free Trial Without a Credit Card?

Yes. Anytime you sign up for a free trial online, whether it’s a gym membership, music subscription, or streaming service, it’s a commonplace to present a registered payment method to “secure” your free trial.

In this way, a VPN provider can charge you through that payment method if you miss the free trial cancellation or if you enjoy their service and want to create a quick transition to becoming a paying customer.

However, if you don’t need to enter your master card details, you can choose from a few options once you search for the simplest VPN for free trial services. ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN, and CyberGhost have opportunities for you to secure free trial services without a master card.

Will a VPN Affect My Internet Speed?

Using a free trial VPN comes with a higher chance of slowing down your web when paired with a paid subscription service with faster processing speeds.

However, in most cases, the holdup is not very noticeable. Running a simple free VPN speed test is the best thing to do thanks to seeing, but a free VPN test service can affect your web connection and download speeds.

A speed test helps you see how much data measurement you have to deal with and see if VPN protection slows down your processing, playback, and download speeds. The easiest way to run a speed test is to follow these steps:

Close your VPN
Search for “Internet speed test” in your computer program
Run a web speed check and see the results
Activate your VPN and run a constant speed check
Compare the findings to see how the VPN speeds differ.

If you find that your VPN is fast on your web, consider the following troubleshooting solutions:

Try a single server.
Using WireGuard Protection
Use VPN speed boost to reduce load

VPN Free Trial Vs Money-back Guarantee: What’s the Difference?

Finding a VPN for free trial services means you don’t have to plan: instead of worrying about how you’ll pay the upfront fee, you can use trial services to figure out if you prefer that pop.

A free VPN trial does not require any commitment or direct payment to secure VPN services and is an opportunity to do so before you buy.

On the other hand, the cash-back guarantee for a VPN free trial means that any money you pay directly to use the service is returned to you if you want to cancel or don’t seem to be proud of the services.

Why Should You Not Go for a Completely Free VPN?

A completely free VPN usually has reduced services, slower speeds, and various performance-oriented drawbacks to encourage you to sign up for premium VPN services.

Along with probably slower VPN service, other drawbacks will compromise your security and knowledge.

Free VPNs are less secure than paid options, leaving the door open for hackers to steal your data.

Using a free VPN service exposes your online browsing history and data to hacking by third parties.

A free VPN is usually unable to unblock your favorite streaming services because the range of optimized streaming servers needed is usually not available.

If you want to use a free trial VPN service for multiple devices or need an unlimited measure of data, you’ll feel defeated imagining that almost all free VPN services have a limited amount of data you’ll be able to use or might not support your device at all. Appearance.

The last drawback of using a free VPN service is that it will slow down your internet connection and increase the speed of processes, which will impede your online capabilities.

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